Newmen GM1000

Newmen GM1000

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Newmen GM1000

Product information

– Full-size layout with new design form 100 keys neater

– There are 2 compatibility modes for Windows and macOS operating systems (Fn+F11 and F12)

– Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, Wireless 2.4Ghz, Wired (Type-C)

– Switch: Kailh Box Red/White and Gateron Pro Yellow/Silver optional.

– Hot-swap easily replaces custom switch at will.

– RGB LEDs with 16.8 million colors

– Sound-absorbing foam pre-lined for a more unique experience

– Keycap PBT Double-shot.

Open the product box

Opening the Newmen GM1000 box, still a very complete style from the company, we will have a keyboard with necessary accessories such as Cable, Keypuller cum switch, replacement Crane keycap kit, 4 replacement switches, and a very smooth velvet carrying case. Overall, it’s still very complete for the needs of users.

Design of the keyboard

After versions with previous compact layouts, Newmen GM1000 has a Fullsize style design but is minimized by narrowing all the distances of the key rows together. This makes the GM1000 only slightly longer than Tenkeyless keyboards. This 96% layout is not too new, but also very popular in the keyboard market today. The disadvantage of this layout is that because the rows of keys are close together, it is quite easy to press the wrong button, but after a while, this is not too difficult, not to mention this layout playing Keycap is also quite beautiful.

GM1000 is designed with a very sturdy and sturdy plastic frame with a black tone with the orange Newmen logo as a highlight. The highlight is that the metal plate is painted white very prominently with the main effect of making the LEDs brighter. The back is quite simple with a 2-step stand and a socket for a USB receiver.

The appearance is so, about the “interior”, we will have the PBT Doubleshot Cherry profile keycap set with the same dark blue tone as the GM840 Pro keyboard. This keycap set is printed with DoubleShot technology with a relative thickness the quality of this keycap set is at a good level compared to the current common ground, but using dye-sub printing technology with an increase of one little thickness would be much better.

The upgrade of the GM1000 is shown with the use of a 5-pin Hotswap switch support circuit, instead of the 3-pin like previous versions, which means you can optionally change any type of switch you want without No worries about compatibility. GM1000 is sold with Kailh Box Switch and Gateron Pro switch versions. The keyboard in this article is the version using Gateron Pro Switch. Gateron Pro at a glance – This is an upgraded version of the switch with improvements in stem quality, springs, and improved sound quality when pressing. Most especially, with Gateron Pro, the manufacturer also has Lube (lubricated) ready at the factory, ensuring smoothness for users when it comes to hand without having to tweak anything.

Led is also a bright spot of GM1000. Equipped with 16.8 million color RGB LEDs with LED bulbs embedded in the circuit board. The brightness of the led is quite good, and the additional resonance with the white plate makes the keyboard extremely outstanding.

Main function

Another upgrade can be mentioned, GM1000 is a 3-mode version – 3 connection modes USB / Wireless 2.4Ghz / Bluetooth 5.0, this is very convenient for those who use multiple devices at the same time. The lever on the back edge of the key helps users easily switch between different modes, Bluetooth mode, and can connect to 3 different devices at the same time.

In parallel, GM1000 is fully integrated with Multimedia functions, in addition, this keyboard is quite compatible with MAC and has a shortcut to switch MAC mode with FN + F12 key combination, Modifier key cluster is also Printed with full MAC functionality for ease of use.

Typing feeling

The main part of a mechanical keyboard is still the typing experience. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, GM1000 is equipped with sound-absorbing foam the sound when typing is also very quiet, the sound is more opaque. Switch Gateron Pro Silver brings quite fast typing speed due to its short stroke, smoothness from the table due to being lube ready, and still retains Gateron’s characteristics. The long keys are also quite smooth, but if you pay close attention, the smoothness is not uniform, of course, for ordinary users, that is acceptable.

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