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Top 5 best laptop radiator soles are popular office workers today

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Why should you use laptop radiator soles?

  1. Help you have posture scientifically typing.

Thanks to the heat sink base, your computer will have a certain tilt to make your typing easier and more efficient. That will help you limit the joint diseases that office workers often suffer. Also, when looking at the computer screen does not cause eye strain.

  1. Protection of computer components

When the computer operates at a constant frequency, it often overheats the machine, thereby affecting the components of the computer. The device will reboot or shut down in some cases, causing damage, even burning internal devices. Using a heat sink base will bring cool air into the machine and fix this.

  1. Improve the performance of computers

When your machine has to work too much for a long time, the heater will experience reduced performance and signs of “freezing.” Using a heat sink base will fix this. They will help keep the machine cooler for faster performance.

  1. Temperature conditioning

For those who often use computers and run programs requiring a large configuration, the CPU will be very hot. So when using a heat sink, your CPU temperature will drop by about 3 to 5 degrees in just a few minutes.

  1. High flexibility

The laptop cooling base is medium-sized, so you can easily carry it on the go. You will be able to use them wherever you want.

  1. Increase the aesthetic for computers

On the market, there are many designs, models of radiator sole with unique design. Therefore, when using them will increase the aesthetics of your laptop. Especially the products equipped with LED lights soothe the eyes when you use them for a long time.

Some experience choosing to buy the most standard laptop heat sink

  1. Choose an effective heat sink base material.

Currently, two main lines on the market are made of plastic and aluminum. If your laptop is large and heavy, you should choose the heat sink material from aluminum metal. This material will support your computer, hold them firmly, and have higher durability than a plastic base. In addition, this alloy also has better heat dissipation capability and, of course, a higher cost.

  1. Prioritize thin-heat base models

The cooling base is located below the computer so that the viewing angle will be more or less changed. Of course, the height of the keyboard also adjusts, and the typing method is also more or less affected. Therefore, you should prioritize choosing a slim thermal base for a sense of comfort and ease of use.

  1. Learn how the device works

The heat sink has two main operating modes: active and passive. However, commonly used today is the functional sole. This base is frame-shaped and has multiple holes located under the body, and has many fans of different sizes. They work from the laptop’s power source via USB and create a blast of air to cool the computer.
Passive heat sinks, in particular, are less durable and operate based on an organic salt compound. The cooling time is very long, from 6 to 8 hours, and affects the laptop if used for a long time. Therefore, in my opinion, you should choose the line to the active cooling is appropriate.

  1. Rotation speed of heat sink base

When buying a heat sink, you should also refer to the product’s rotation speed. The greater the rotation speed, the faster the ability to dissipate heat and achieve greater laptop performance. In my opinion, the rate of rotation at about 1400 rpm is the most stable.

  1. Select the base with an additional USB connection

For connected heat sinks, a laptop USB port is required to work. That will cause your laptop to lose a USB port to use for its heatsink. Therefore, to overcome this, you should prioritize the type of heat sink with a USB backup port.

  1. Choose product lines that make less noise

Choosing to buy heat sink base, you should choose the heat sink base series does not make noise when cooling. Therefore, you should consult the noise limit of the sole when deciding to buy. In which, the limit of 15-21 dBA is fine.

  1. Choose the right size cooling radiator.

In the process of buying a laptop heat sink, you should choose the product that fits the size of your computer. If you choose the right type of base to reduce heat dissipation efficiency, even no effect when used or too large, it is wasteful and space-consuming. Therefore, you should check your computer size and choose the appropriate heat sink.
In addition, you should also choose products that can change the angle of the heat sink to increase flexibility when used.

  1. Select a laptop cooling base that can adjust the cooling level

In choosing a cooling base, you should prioritize the product line capable of adjusting the cooling mode. Thus, you can save energy and reduce unnecessary noise.

  1. Choose the right position and number of fans.

If you want a heat sink base with a fan, you should prioritize a large fan and cover the surface below the laptop. Conversely, if you have a multi-blade base, you should choose one with propellers placed at every computer position to increase cooling efficiency.

How to use laptop heat sink correctly

For laptop heat sinks to fully use their effects, you should use them properly. Here, I will only guide using a passive radiator base only because this is the most commonly used product line. First, you should prepare a laptop charger, long power socket. Next, flip the lever underneath the heat sink base and place the base high. That will allow for better airflow and heat release.
Next, plug in your laptop’s cooling cord and USB port or connect it in the case of using electricity. After that, you need to put the computer on the heat sink base and start using it as usual.

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Top 5 best laptop heat sinks on the market today.


– Eye-catching design, fashion suitable for gamers
– LED effects, helping you feel comfortable and comfortable
– The impeller is made of high-grade hard plastic, thin for fast speed, smoothness, and dust resistance
– The base is made of durable and strong aluminum and synthetic resin
– Equipped with USB utility so that it can be connected directly
– There are four fans for high heat dissipation performance
The first product I would recommend to you is the 17-inch Coolcold laptop cooling pad and external fan. A friend only used this product.
The first impression about it is eye-catching; it is suitable for gamers. The specific size of the product is 40 * 27 * 2.9 cm and weighs 850g, so it is a bit inconvenient to carry around on the go. In return, the entire heat sink base is made of aluminum and synthetic resin, so it is very durable and rugged.
Just use it, but I like this base model thanks to the four fans for four corners, so high cooling efficiency. In my opinion, the propellers are designed with thin hard plastic, so the heat dissipation speed is good and resistant to dust adhesion. The fan runs fast, but it doesn’t make any noise, so I’m pleased.
I have nothing to criticize; the blue light feels very fashionable and very gentle. Like other products, this child is also equipped with a USB utility to be connected directly.
Although the 17-inch Colorful laptop cooling pads and external fans are priced higher than other products, the material is not in dispute.

where can you get a COOLCOLD K24 online

Docooler COOLCOLD K24 Laptop Cooler Ultra-Thin Portable Adjustable Folding Ventilator USB 2 Cooling Fans Notebook Radiator: Buy it now

  1. Cooler Master L1 Cooling Base

– Modern design with dimensions 390 x 310 x 20 ~ 47 (mm), and the base is made of aluminum, so it is quite solid
– Effective cooling speed
– The fan runs smoothly, does not make noise
– USB port connects utility
– The surface of the sole is covered with non-slip rubber and will not cause scratches to the computer
My first impression of the Cooler Master L1 Thermal Heatsink was its rugged design with 390 x 310 x 20 ~ 47 mm dimensions. Because it is made of aluminum, this product is quite durable and has good thermal conductivity.
I evaluate the border around the sole is made of rubber so keep the computer pretty solid. Because the sole is quite wide, the mesh design is slightly low, so my 14-inch machine is somewhat wide and concave. With this type of base, whichever 15.6 ” device you should choose. I’m a little disappointed because the mesh under the sole or rust after a while of use, the base of the soles are higher than other types of radiator soles, so typing is a bit uncomfortable because not used to it.
Regarding fan speed, I feel good. I made a design, so I have to use the device for many hours, so I find the radiator okay. In my opinion, before buying this product should check if your laptop has air vents; if any, then the dock will work better.
I use the base to support the laptop to be easy to press, and the screen is very good when I feel very cool. The fan runs smoothly, does not make noise, so I do not complain. The USB connection is also very responsive. Because the base uses a 5V power source, I usually plugged it into a backup charger instead of plugin it into a laptop to avoid damaging the computer’s battery.

where can you get a Cooler Master L1 Cooling Base online

  1. COOL COLD K16

– Modern, luxurious design with dimensions of 330 x 240 x 24 mm easy to carry on the go
– Connect to a laptop easily via USB
– Sound smooth, does not make noise
The next product that I want to mention to you is COOL COLD K16 Heatsink. My first feeling is the modern and luxurious design with a moderate size of 330 x 240 x 24 mm.
It is made of aluminum alloy, so it is quite solid. Particularly the surface is made of plastic pipe, so the cleaning is simpler. I like the design of the blue LEDs, which looks pretty interesting, and the base also includes a laptop compartment for them not to slip.
But I find that the sole is not stable but quite precarious, so it does not guarantee to keep the laptop firmly. In addition, the base is a bit thin, the surface is wide, so it is only suitable for 14-inch laptops. The sound of the emitter is also acceptable. A USB port is not very stable.
Regarding the ability to cool the computer, I’m not satisfied. When my laptop runs some highly configurable programs, it still gets hot. The middle fan also only runs at a normal level with cooling support but not effective. So when using, you should deviate a bit better. But in return, the machine runs quite fast, without interruption.

where can you get a COOL COLD K16 online

  1. Laptop cooling fan N99 is suitable for 17inch laptops

– The soleplate is in the form of a mesh painted on the outside, so rust does not occur
– The sole can adjust the tilt, increase the usability
– Convenient and plug-in USB port device with eye-catching blue LED.
N99 Laptop cooling fan is suitable for a 17-inch laptop with a pretty appearance, size 36x26x30 cm. However, in my opinion, this girl is not soft, and durability is inferior to the two above models. In return, the sole is designed in the form of a mesh, and the alloy is painted outside.
As I see it, the sole has two fans in the center, so the base helps the heat sink quite quickly. I refer to it; some people comment that the machine was only cooling about 2-3 degrees. But with this price, I do not ask too high. The fan, when operating, is a bit noisy and vibrates, so I’m a little uncomfortable.
I have found out that the fan can adjust the fan speed and control on and off the led, but it is not disappointed. The machine has a large tilt design and a blocking leg in the middle of the sole, so it is quite safe to fall when I adjust the tilt. USB plug-in device is convenient, and when it comes, there will be eye-catching blue LED. However, the extension cord attached to the base is faulty, so I have to retrofit it.

where can you get a N99 online

  1. DeepCool N19

– Compact, modern design with a moderate size of 30X250X24mm
– Convenient USB connection
– Good fan performance
– The stand has a 7-degree tilt angle for easy operation
At first, I got a little confused between the DeepCool N19 Thermal Sink and the Cooler Master L1 Thermal Sink. However, DeepCool N19 is somewhat more compact with size 330X250X24mm, but the luxury is not equal.
This model is compatible with many different types of computers, but in my opinion, the maximum screen size of 14″ is suitable. I habitually use the device continuously with many programs at once, so the device is quite hot. But when using is quite impressive with the heat dissipation effect of the sole. Although the sole doesn’t cool, it does improve a bit.
I’m still not satisfied when the fan makes quite a loud noise and often gets dirty. I lost a lot in cleaning. In return, the base has a large tilt angle for your typing operation much easier. Products are powered directly from the computer via USB. However, the connecting cable is quite short and unstable.

where can you get a DeepCool N19 online


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