Top 6 best cheap webcams today that you should choose in 2024

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On the market today there are many types of PC webcams from famous brands in the world. To choose the right webcam line for yourself, please refer to the 6 best webcams for computers below.

Logitech C310 720p webcam

Product highlights


Webcam Logitech C310 is a webcam product that is receiving attention recently. With the ability to record 30fps images at 1280 x 720 pixels quality, the product always creates smooth sharpness when recording.

Logitech C310 PC webcam has a built-in microphone and speaker with the ability to record noise within a range of 1 meter. Helps improve sound quality when making video calls, minimizing outside noise.


Logitech C310 computer webcam supports unique RightLight 2 technology, which automatically adjusts light according to the environment, increasing image contrast. Helps you look more rosy and brighter during video calls.


The design of the Logitech C310 webcam is extremely compact, weighing only 71g, harmoniously linked to the laptop/PC screen, making live video recording more convenient.

In addition, the Logitech C310 webcam is also equipped with a USB connection port with a 1.5m cord. The webcam can be mounted anywhere in the work area without worrying about image transmission issues.

The limitation of the Logitech C310 webcam is that it can only record in 720p HD mode, which cannot create 100% authenticity when recording.

However, only providing 720p quality video is not necessarily a big drawback. I see that most laptops and PCs today respond well to 720p webcams.

When using a webcam with a higher resolution, it requires our device to be strong, not to mention the network speed being used.

Therefore, I quite like the smoothness of use of the Logitech C310 webcam, which satisfies my need for quick video calling, and the price is quite affordable in the same webcam segment.

ResolutionHD 1280 x 720p
Camera angle60 degrees
Device supportWindows, MacOS
2-way conversationDual microphones
Adapter includedNot included
ConnectUSB 3.0 & 2.0
Size7.1cm x 3.1cm x 2.6cm

Logitech Hd Webcam C310 – Usb – Emea: Buy it now

Logitech C310 Webcam – Black – USB 2.0-1 Pack(S): Buy it now

Webcam 1080P Asus C3

Product highlights


Webcam C3 from Asus provides video quality up to full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels. Combined with a wide viewing angle of up to 90 degrees and a flexible joint that rotates 360 degrees, providing a video frame with a wide angle and coverage of details.


The Asus C3 webcam conveys sound quite well and clearly thanks to Beamforming Mic technology that combines dual microphones inside the webcam. A microphone selectively receives sound, a mic plays the role of blocking noise, focusing on recording the user’s voice in the most accurate way.


With a simple black design and fixed clamp bar, Asus C3 1080p Webcam easily attaches to laptop screens, LCD screens on PCs, etc., helping videos to always be transmitted smoothly, without shaking.

The limitation of this webcam line lies in its quite heavy weight – 104g. Attaching to the screen as a desktop webcam is fine, but if attached to a laptop screen, especially today’s ultra-thin laptops, it can affect the laptop if used for a long time.

What I like most about this webcam line is that it has a fairly wide viewing angle and can easily adjust the desired recording direction, suitable for many needs such as personal calls or video calls with many people at the same time.

ResolutionFHD 1920 x 1080p
Camera angle90 degrees, 360 degrees rotation
Device supportWindows, MacOS
2-way conversationYes
Adapter includedNot included
ConnectUSB 3.0 & 2.0
Size8cm x 4.8cm x 5cm

ASUS Webcam C3 1080p HD USB Camera – Beamforming Microphone, Tilt-Adjustable, 360 Degree Rotation, Wide Field of View, Compatible with Skype, Microsoft Teams and Zoom: Buy it now

Webcam 1080P A4Tech PK-920H

Product highlights


Webcam A4Tech PK-920H has resolution up to FHD 1080p, image scanning speed reaches 30fps, easily captures all user movements, video latency is almost non-existent.

The rotation angle of the A4Tech PK-920H is average – 70 degrees, suitable for personal use. When you need to record a wide angle, you can leave it far away and the webcam will still ensure the sharpness of the video during calls.

A4Tech PK-920H PC webcam has a digital microphone for high-fidelity voice, automatically handling noise during video calls.


Quality PC webcam A4Tech PK-920H has an integrated anti-glare layer on the lens surface to help minimize light reflection.

Along with exclusive Intelligent Multisampling technology, the product provides smooth, clear video and bright colors even in low light conditions.


A4Tech PK-920H PC webcam has a simple design with a sturdy base that can be attached to a desktop screen for direct use.

The disadvantage of the A4Tech PK-920H PC webcam lies in its rather large weight, up to 156 grams. If your desktop screen is thin, you should mount the webcam somewhere else to limit the webcam’s weight on the screen.

The A4Tech PK-920H webcam makes me quite happy to use it thanks to its high compatibility. The product is suitable for most operating systems I am using: Windows 10/8.1/8/7, Linux and MacOS. Suitable for use at home, to bring to the company or to lend to others when needed.

ResolutionFHD 1920 x 1080p
Camera angle70 degrees
Device supportWindows, MacOS, Linux
2-way conversationSingle microphone
Adapter includedNot included
ConnectUSB 2.0
Size7.4cm x 8cm x 2.8cm

Rapoo C260 1080P Webcam

Product highlights


Rapoo C260 is a new webcam line from Rapoo, with the ability to provide full HD 1080p quality video, bringing a realistic feeling when chatting online via video.

With a wide 80-degree rotation angle and flexible 360-degree rotation, the Rapoo C260 webcam helps expand the image area, making it convenient to choose the desired recording angle without using another webcam.


Rapoo C260 quality PC webcam is equipped with dual microphones that eliminate unwanted noise, capturing clear, clear voice even when used in noisy environments. Limit interruptions during video calls with friends, colleagues and partners.


The Rapoo webcam has a stand design with an integrated clamp, allowing the webcam to be used fixedly on a computer screen, laptop or desktop. The rectangular camera cluster with delicately curved edges is extremely compact at only 97.5g, suitable for carrying when working outside.

The limitation of the Rapoo C260 webcam is that the image appears a bit red when the surrounding environment is exposed to sunlight. You should use the webcam in room lighting conditions to get images with the most accurate colors.

Rapoo C260 webcam makes me quite satisfied when it connects to the Android operating system, helping me to use it with a tablet easily – something that few webcams on the market have.

ResolutionFHD 1920 x 1080p
Camera angle80 degrees, 360 rotation
Device supportWindows, MacOS, Android
2-way conversationYes
Adapter includedNot included
ConnectUSB 3.0 & 2.0
Size7.5cm x 4.7cm x 4.5cm

Webcam 720P Genius 1000X

Product highlights


Webcam Genius 1000X delivers beautiful, clear 1280 x 720p video resolution along with a flexible 90-degree rotating camera angle to help make the display space wider.

Genius 1000X belongs to the webcam line with a noise-reducing microphone, not too much but enough to help users chat easily with the person on the other side of the frame.


With impressive autofocus technology, the Genius 1000X V2 webcam has a resolution of only 720p, but the image is sharper than other PC webcams. Face recognition also helps images on video be displayed smoothly, avoiding out-of-focus situations when we move a lot.


Genius 1000X V2 is the most suitable desktop webcam thanks to its sturdy stand design and quite compact weight – 130g. When used to attach to a computer screen, it will be a bit inconvenient because it is quite heavy.

In addition to the limitation being quite severe, the 720P Genius 1000X webcam is easily affected by the internet connection during use. You should ensure a stable network when using this product for the best video call quality.

What I like most about the Genius 1000X webcam is its affordable price, suitable for students to use to study online at home.

ResolutionHD 1280 x 720p
Camera angle90 degrees
Device supportWindows, MacOS, Linux
2-way conversationYes
Adapter includedNot included
ConnectUSB 2.0
Size21cm x 16cm x 4cm

Webcam 1440P Rapoo C280

Product highlights


The Rapoo C280 webcam is one of the webcams with the highest resolution among products in the same price range. With image quality reaching 2K, 2560 x 1440 pixels plus a frame rate of 30fps, making videos more vivid and realistic than ever.

The 85-degree rotation angle along with the flexible 360-degree rotating camera axis helps the frame expand and make every detail clear. The webcam’s dual microphones are also equipped with a noise-canceling layer to help reduce noise during the conversation.


Rapoo C280 is known as the PC Livestream webcam thanks to its ability to display sharp images, bright colors, and smoothness down to every small detail.

In addition, the Rapoo C280 webcam is also equipped with advanced anti-shake technology, making video communication always seamless and blur-free. Extremely suitable for crowded video calls or livestreams.


Rapoo C280 1440P webcam has a compact, modern design, with a stand that integrates 2 convenient ways to use. It can be placed on a desk or clamped to a computer screen without affecting the webcam’s rotation angle because the device has a fairly wide rotation angle.

The disadvantage of the Rapoo C280 quality PC webcam is also its large resolution. If the network being used is not strong or the computer configuration is not good, it will not be able to record 1440p video.

What I like most about the Rapoo C280 1440P webcam is that the product has a plastic bar covering the camera to ensure privacy. When not in use, just slide the plastic bar to cover the camera.

Resolution2K 2560 x 1440p
Camera angle85 degrees, 360 degrees rotation
Device supportWindows, MacOS, Android
2-way conversationYes
Adapter includedNot included
ConnectUSB 3.0 & 2.0
Size6.5cm x 9cm x 5.2cm

Rapoo 1440P Business Webcam with Dual Microphone & Privacy Cover, USB FHD Web Computer Camera, Plug and Play, for Zoom/Skype/Google Hangouts/Face Time for Mac, Laptop MAC PC Desktop: Buy it now

Experience choosing a pc webcam

When buying any equipment or product, you should also find out important factors in advance to evaluate whether they are good or not and whether they suit your needs or not. And the same with webcams, the following criteria will help you make the perfect choice for yourself.

  1. Beautiful image quality

The number of pixels is the most important factor of a webcam. Similar to digital cameras or mobile phone cameras, the more pixels a webcam has, the better the image quality.

When choosing a digital camera, we need to learn about the image sensor, but because this is a webcam, not all models note this parameter. Therefore we should pay attention to the number of pixels as best as possible.

Especially if you want to observe small objects via webcam, you need high-quality images. Therefore, choosing webcams with a high number of pixels in this case is quite reasonable.

The more pixels and the better the image, the more data transmitted over the Internet also increases. Therefore, this does not mean that if the pixel count is high, you should choose this type of webcam.

Because in video calls, image quality depends not only on the technical specifications and network connection on your side but also on the network environment of the other side’s computer.

Research shows that online chat software such as Skype, etc. needs 1 million pixels or more to see a person’s face. If there are 2 million pixels or more, you will see characters and detailed information.

  1. High resolution

Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are made up of many small points of light called pixels. Each pixel will display color on the screen. Resolution is the number of pixels in each dimension of an image. Therefore, the higher the resolution of the webcam, the smoother the image.

  1. What is the frame rate?

Frame rate is the number of images captured/transmitted in 1 second, this is a measure of the smoothness of the video. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the video and the more vivid the displayed image. However, similar to the number of pixels, the frame rate is also affected by the network connection.

According to estimates, the frame rate for watching video on a phone screen is 15 frames per second (fps) or higher. When more detailed information needs to be transmitted, the frame rate can be 30fps or more.

  1. What is the viewing angle like?

The viewing angle indicates the width of the image that you can see. The wider the viewing angle, the more visible the area. Therefore, if you want to buy a webcam to observe children or pets, you should also imagine that there will be movement in the room, so choose one with a wide viewing angle.

  1. Easy to install

Unlike laptop webcams, with PC webcams, you can flexibly install them. Therefore, it does not have to be placed above the screen, you can install it anywhere you feel comfortable, as neat and convenient for work as possible.

Some types of webcams do not need to install drivers the first time you use them, so it will be more convenient for you because then you just need to connect to the webcam to use it immediately.

In addition, some types of wireless webcams are also quite convenient for installation because we can easily choose where to place them, but we also need to check their compatibility with the home’s wireless network modem.

  1. Extensive features

When buying a webcam, you need to pay attention to the device’s extended features to help users use the device truly effectively. Some included features of modern webcams:

Equipped with infrared LEDs for recording and filming in low light conditions.

Home security surveillance recording and management features.

The built-in microphone on the webcam for video and audio recording capabilities for full sound quality.

Features focus and natural facial recognition, upgraded computer device protection. Ability to zoom and adjust focus manually or automatically.

The webcam is equipped with effective water and dust resistance, improving the longevity and durability of the device.

What is a pc webcam?

A webcam is simply a type of digital recording device connected to a computer (or laptop) via the Internet to easily transmit image information directly from the area from region to region regardless of geography.

Benefits of using a pc webcam

In addition to the basic function of making video calls, you will be more surprised by the other benefits that a PC webcam brings, which are:

  1. Good image quality, meets livestream needs

It can be said that one of the reasons why PC webcams are becoming hot in the current period is the explosion of the streamer world.

Whether live streaming games, vlogging, or reviewing products, you will always need a device that delivers good quality, high-resolution images. Therefore, a mid-range or higher PC webcam will perfectly meet your needs.

  1. Monitor security in your home

You can turn your PC webcam into a remote security system. There is a lot of software available online that can do this.

Once installed you can configure the features according to your needs, it can stream live video set up alerts, or record when motion is detected in the viewport, and the great thing That is, you can access this content remotely.

Besides, the flexibility of a PC webcam will help you customize the angles you want, placing them in the most convenient positions for monitoring your room. This is an absolute plus point of the PC webcam device before the built-in webcam on the laptop.

  1. Barcode scanner

If you don’t know, barcode scanning is not only done on smartphones, nowadays, you can also do the same thing with an extremely simple and clear PC webcam.

People just need to install free software or applications to use this feature faster than ever.

  1. Optical character recognition

Now you can convert handwritten images, typewritten or printed on your computer, into Word documents using just your webcam. To do this, you can use software such as Microsoft Document Imaging, Google Docs, and ABBYY FineReader online.

You can still use the webcam on your laptop to do this. However, poor image quality will affect accuracy quite a bit. Therefore, installing an additional pc webcam device will help you complete your work significantly more smoothly.

  1. Webcam helps film and record audio

Webcam is also considered a miniature video camera and audio recorder for your family, using the webcam to help you store beautiful images with family and friends.

The quality of images recorded from a PC webcam is not bad at all, so you can use them as a substitute for smartphones or specialized camcorders.

However, with this feature, you need to have more experience and tricks to avoid being controlled by hackers, leading to unexpected consequences.

  1. Play entertaining games

If you are a fan of Sony Playstation because it allows you to command to make in-game moves with the wireless sensor bar, then you can also do this with the webcam. As simple as 3D Target Shooting uses a webcam to determine your location and displays a 3D effect near your location.

In general, to be able to exploit all the great and convenient benefits of a webcam, users should buy a separate PC webcam instead of the one integrated into the laptop.

What is the best PC webcam to choose in 2024?

When talking about webcams for PCs that are both quality and affordable, you must immediately choose Logitech’s C310 webcam product. For the following reasons:

  • Features: Logitech C310 Webcam meets all the necessary elements to serve users’ video chats.

Although the resolution is only 720p, thanks to the combination of RightLight 2 technology that increases contrast and automatically adjusts brightness, Logitech C310 helps produce more realistic and brighter images than webcams with higher resolutions.

  • Application: With an integrated design of an ultra-compact clamp base, only 71g, making Logitech C310 more convenient when attached to a computer screen without putting pressure on the screen.

Plus, the cable connected to the device is up to 1.5m long, allowing you to comfortably use the webcam anywhere without affecting video transmission when calling online.​

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