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amazon TRN TA1 reviews


TRN is a China-based brand that specializes in budget-friendly audio equipment. Their previous IEMs, such as TRN V80, V90, or VX, were all loved and selected by the audio player community.

This article will learn about TRN TA1 – an in-ear model that costs less than $50 and is equipped with a genuine BA Driver from Knowles. TA is currently receiving a lot of attention from the Audiophile world on various international forums.


TRN TA1 has a fairly simple but no less luxurious packaging. The front side is prominently printed with the image of the headset on a dark background, accompanied by the TA1 brand logo.

Inside the box, we get the shiny TRN TA1 headphones with the connection cable already attached. Below is an extremely complete and quality set of accessories.

Package includes

Headphones TRN TA1

1 cable mmcx-3.5mm

Headphone ear tips set.

Warranty Card & Instruction Book


TRN TA1 made an immediate impression with its stunning looks. The headphones are made up of high-quality magnesium alloy material that feels solid and durable. In addition, the glossy silver finish gives the headphones a great look.

The faceplate is decorated with simple but no less luxurious motifs.

The sound pipe on the headphones is made of metal and is of medium length. Although this design brings a more comfortable wearing feeling to the user, the headset will not be inserted too deeply into the ear, causing discomfort.

The TRN TA1 is completely detachable via the standard MMCX plug. The most popular plug standard on the current headphone market. So you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking the wire or breaking it for some reason. Just buy a new cable of the same standard and plug it back in.

The cable that comes with the headset is of very good quality. The wire uses silver-plated OFC copper and is knitted with four cores to provide the most complete and realistic sound signal.


– Hybrid driver includes 1BA Knowles 33518 and 1 dual-core 8mm DD

– Housing is made from high-quality Magnesium alloy.

– Impedance: 16 Ohms.

– Sensitivity: 107dB.

– Frequency response: 10Hz-40kHz.

– Connection standard: MMCX


The TRN TA1 has a low impedance of 16 ohms and a high sensitivity of 107dB/mW. As a result, headphones today can listen well with smartphones without specialized music devices such as DAC / amp …

I use Samsung S8 and iBasso DC03 as the source, test file quality 24bit/96kHz. Below is my personal opinion about the sound quality of TRN TA1.


TRN has equipped the TA1 with a two-driver hybrid configuration that includes an 8mm dual-core driver with a BA Knowles 33518 driver. The 8mm dynamic driver handles the low frequencies, and the BA Knowles 33518 driver handles the mid and high frequencies.

Knowles is an American brand known for producing high-quality Triple drivers for mid and high-end headphones. TRN TA1 is a rare in-ear model in the price range of $50 equipped with this very good Driver BA Knowles.

Overall, the TRN TA1 has a warm and full timbre, bringing a lot of emotion when listening. Able to play a variety of music genres at a good level.

Bass sound

Thanks to the 8mm Dynamic Driver, the TRN TA1 has a pretty good bass reproduction. The bass hits fast, deep, powerful, accurate, textured, and well-controlled. However, the amount and intensity of bass will not satisfy the basshead.


TRN TA1 has a very warm and full midrange, smooth, bringing emotional dimension to listeners. The singer’s voice is made slightly forward but does not cause fatigue when listening for a long time.

Instrumental sounds give good detail and give an airy feeling. No glare or sibilant appears.

High voice

The TRN TA1 highs represent a smooth, comfortable, fatigue-free quality. The cymbal or shaker sounds in the tracks are shown at a moderate level, showing enough detail but being rolled off at extremely high frequencies. That minimizes harsh, harsh notes, bringing a relaxing feeling when listening.


TRN TA1 has a medium-wide soundstage but still lacks enveloping when immersed in the space of the stage. Instead, it provides ample space for different musical genres to shine with just the right amount of clarity and detail.


Sleek, beautiful design, complete and quality accessories, full and warm sound quality bring many emotions. The TRN TA1 is a good start for audiophiles. But, who is just getting into the world of audiophiles without wanting to spend too much?

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Linsoul TRN TA1 1DD+1BA Dual Hybrid Driver in-Ear Earphone with Magnesium Alloy Housing, Detachable MMCX Cable for Audiophile/Musician (with mic): Buy it now

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