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AudioSense T800

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amazon AudioSense T800 reviews

audiosense t800 graph headfi is 8 ba z-reviews 3d printing amazon revie pro review 评测 balanced cable fiio fa7 vs fh7 gaph vented driver filled

The AudioSense T800 is the flagship model from the emerging Chi-fi audio brand AudioSense. Crafted with 3D printing technology, high-class hand-finished, equipped with up to 8 BA Knowless drivers in each ear. This headset model is receiving constant praise from headphone forums and users around the world. Then the truth about how the AUDIOSENSE T800 will bring the experience will be found through this detailed review.


AudioSense T800’s box is very simple with hard paper material and a dominant black tone. The front of the box has an illustration and product name with the Knowles logo next to it.

Inside, instead of being packed in foam and divided into compartments like conventional headphones. The AudioSense T800 and all accessories are placed in a Pelican-style shockproof case. AudioSense equips a lot of accessories that come with the T800:

– 1 silver-plated copper wire knitting four cores

– 1 earphone cleaning tool

– 1 set of silicone ear tips

– 1 set of sponge ear tips

It’s rare for any company to be as generous with up to 2 cables with headphones in this price range as AudioSense. Although the boxed design does not feel very luxurious, the company offers a serious concern for the customer experience.


AudioSense T800 has a housing with a Semi-Custom design. This form is currently being used on many IEM models from China and is proven to have very good ear grip and comfort.

The AudioSense T800 is quite large because it must contain up to 8 BA drivers inside. Sound ducts are of medium length. Therefore, the AudioSense T800 is probably not for people with small ears.

Although only at the price range of $ 300, the AudioSense T800 has the same perfection as high-end products. The housing of T800 is made using 3D printing technology with very high precision. The outer surface is coated with bio-resin and finely manual-polished.

The transparent body allows you to see all the drivers and hardware inside the ear. The faceplate part of the ear is decorated with black carbon grain, and the AudioSense logo looks very mysterious but a bit less prominent.

AudioSense T800 uses an MMCX connector instead of a 2-pin. The conductor comes in addition to the silver-plated copper wire inside the box.

I find the silver-plated copper wire to have a better finish than pure copper wire. Anyhow, both cables have a good finishing and use OCC material for high transmission capacity. Nothing to complain about at this price range.


AudioSense T800 is a partner of Knowles – the world’s number 1 BA driver manufacturer, so all drivers on AudioSense T800 come from this brand.

Two BA 31736 drivers take care of the treble range, frequency from 5120Hz to 20 kHz

Four drivers customized by AudioSense take care of the Mid-range

Two large sizes BA 31618 drivers take care of the bass range

These drivers are coordinated with each other by a high-precision crossover circuit. The driver assemblies are guided by three specially designed guide tubes thanks to 3D printing technology to limit acoustic resonance, producing accurate sound and clear images.

As a result, the sound is produced smoothly and smoothly across the entire tonal range.

Configuration parameters

– Frequency response: 10-22000Hz

– Sensitivity: 90dB/mW

– Impedance: 9Ω


AudioSense T800 feels extremely good on the ear. Feel almost like this headset will stick to your ears. Comfort is at a good level when using the included ear tips. However, for a more comfortable and pleasant experience, you should use high-end 3rd party ear tips such as Spinfit or Ortofon.

One thing to note is that the audio experience is severely degraded if the wrong ear tips are worn. If we use too small ear tips, we will tend to insert our ears deeper, causing the sound to lose bass and increase treble. So choose really good and standard ear tips so that AudioSense T800 can maximize its capabilities.

AudioSense T800’s sound insulation is very good. Once wearing the AudioSense T800, almost no outside noise can enter the ear anymore. And, of course, there is absolutely no sound from the headset that can leak out when in use.

A very special point on the AudioSense T800 is that this headset has low impedance and equally low sensitivity. Some headphones have low impedance and high sensitivity, making it difficult to find the right source because they are too sensitive to sources with hissing and prone to distortion when opened at high volume. Therefore, AudioSense T800 will need to have a dedicated source such as a music player or DAC / AMP strong enough to pull out the full capabilities of this headset.

where can you get a AudioSense T800 online

AUDIOSENSE T800 Knowles 8 Balanced Armature Driver HiFi IEMs with Detachable MMCX Cable 3D Priting Resin Shell: Buy it now


At first, I thought that with 8 BA drivers, the AudioSense T800’s sound would be very technical, dry, and lifeless, but the reality is quite the opposite. It is extremely detailed while preserving the naturalness of the timbre. The sound is thick, the bass range is heavy, the response is round, but it never feels artificial. Everything is pushed up gently, delicately, separately in a way that only BA multi-driver headphones can create.

When listening to complex orchestral, choral music with many instruments, you will be overwhelmed by the clear, separate, lively sound of each instrument in that choir.


Extremely impressed with a full-BA driver headset. The sound is thick, has a lot of weight, firmly, and responds quickly. It creates a playful feel for a balanced and neutral overall sound of the entire tonal range. That is also a full-BA driver headset with the strongest bass I own without being overdone in the basshead style. The sub-bass part goes deep but does not feel connected to the mid-bass part. That makes the bass full of vibration but produces a sound that lacks clarity and naturalness. Mid-bass is emphasized and sometimes overshadows the sub-bass a bit. This type of sound will perform very well on electronic music with a fast and strong tempo.


That is the best range of AudioSense T800 because every note is full, lively, and very natural. The sound is impressively thick from low-mid to high-mid, making both male and female voices very soulful.

With most headphones in this price range, there will almost always be a bright spot in the good range, especially vocals. But the AudioSense T800 lights everything up, feeling like you can enjoy any instrument with the same vibrancy and realism in all genres of music, from Jazz to Rock. In addition, the mid sound of the AudioSense T800 is very smooth, and there is no annoying sibilant phenomenon.


This tonal range is completely proportional to the other two bands. It has a lot of details, especially the small details in the music. Crisp sound, fast melting, extremely fun. The treble sound feels airy, full, not dry or dazzling.

Stage space

Wrapped around the head, recreating a clear sense of the stage’s height, breadth, and depth. Exactly, the AudioSense T800 creates the experience of a full-size headset in its tiny form factor.


The clarity and separation of layers are extremely impressive. No matter how complex the music is, the AudioSense T800 keeps the instruments separate in space. Interestingly, the separation of the instruments does not cause excessive technical sensitization because the sound is not attenuated in their frequency range. All sounds are balanced, not just focusing on emphasizing details to sharpen the image.


AudioSense revolutionized the world of IEM headphones with the T800. Why a headset that costs just over $300 can show so much. Its performance can surpass many IEM models under $1000.


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