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Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 – The post-apocalyptic world is always the setting, the endless source of inspiration for any entertainment product, the game world is no exception, the number of excellent post-apocalyptic world-themed games. can only be counted on one hand, with Interplay’s Fallout series being one of them, but quite a few know that Fallout is Wasteland-inspired, the game released more than a quarter ago period century (sequel, Wasteland 2 also just released).

With Brian Fargo, the creator of the franchise, timing doesn’t seem to diminish the desire to make a Wasteland sequel.

Starting from a project through Kickstarter, after nearly three years of development, on September 19, Wasteland 2 was officially released, the story of the Desert Rangers has added a new chapter.

Unique storyline, diverse skin, attractive gameplay, and deep dialogues are the “bright spots” in this famous game series.

Battlefields in Wasteland 2 are quite interesting, players must grasp and make the most of the environmental factors to win.

From here on, the formation of the combat formation became quite crucial, if not the most important in the game.

Now, the “risk” to rush into the battle without proper formation is no different than suicide, a sniper can not run to kill the enemy, or a close combatant (melee) cannot remain on the backline forever.

Wasteland 2 still has the unique turn-based gameplay that used to make many gamers fall in love with Fallout every day, we can feel this familiarity from the first hours of gameplay.

Nearly every activity is determined by the number of AP (Action Points).

From shooting, running, healing, switching shooting … all of it takes a certain amount of AP.

Manage your number of APs well, you will have a huge advantage on the battlefield and of course, the number of AP points for each character is not the same depending on how the player character builds.

Not only that, but Wasteland 2 also added the option “Ambush” with the same way of operation as the function “Overwatch” of the XCOM game series.

Characters in this state will automatically shoot all enemies moving in their range, thereby, the player’s tactical choices will be more diverse, the way to solve a match also increases up.

The enemies that the player faces are also very challenging.

From “cowardly” street robbers to fully gunmen, deadly mutant creatures of all shapes.

The artificial intelligence (AI) of the machine is also very commendable when the action is always quite reasonable, making Wasteland 2 even more challenging.

Indeed, if you have ever loved the battle system of the two series Fallout and XCOM, Wasteland 2 is the perfect combination!

A unique and diverse dialogue system in handling situations

Referring to the Fallout game series, it must be mentioned that the dialogue is very in-depth and has a very strong influence on the game progress, this is done by Wasteland 2 is also quite excellent.

Besides the usual responses, your character now can “soften his mouth” through the skill trio Smart Ass / Hard Ass / Kiss Ass. Depending on each specific situation, the game requires different amounts of skills. Who knows, just being a little skillful in dialogue will also bring you a lot of useful information.

However, the influence of dialogue in Wasteland 2 is not only limited to the above tips, but it also has a certain impact on the NPC (uncontrollable characters) around. Therefore, you have to be careful in each “word of mouth”, know “tough-like” to suit each situation if you do not want to encounter an unwanted fight, or “offend” an important figure.

To help Wasteland 2 players, in the dialogues, important “keywords” are always highlighted, helping you pay more attention to the key content, thereby choosing how to respond in the most reasonable.

You can also easily track conversations, tasks to be done through the logbook as well as the record in the right corner of the screen.

Besides the conversation, you completely decide what to do and face a specific situation, you will have many ways to deal with it instead of just one direction.

For example, you encounter a locked door? Normally, you would try… to find the key around or try to break the key. But why not kick the door aside or blow it away with explosives?

Similarly, when encountering clashes on the map, you can run away completely (based on the skill “Outdoorsman” available) or as mentioned above, in dialogue, you can be “solid” a little bit more to crush the opponent, thereby gaining your advantage.

In general, players are at their discretion to decide what to do and at this point, you will probably have to consider “is it worth doing it?”

Character building is quite detailed

Western role-playing games are often known for their highly detailed character creation with “dozens” of options, allowing players to freely customize their characters and Wasteland 2 is no exception.

The unique feature in Wasteland 2 is that you can create up to … 4 characters in the same team right from the beginning of the game, so balancing the abilities between team members is also a challenge “difficult” for gamers.

There will be times, you will sit for hours just to … distribute points, try through the options to create a team like the best.

In addition to the 6 traditional CLASSIC points, players can also choose from a lot of other skills such as the use of guns, melee weapons, unlocking skills, handling explosives … These skills have the most important role in traveling in Wasteland 2.

Players will often “bump” against a locked door, an item box with pre-installed … explosives … and that’s when the above skills take effect.

Of course, there is no character “perfect”, you can only customize 12 skill points respectively. Therefore, please choose carefully.

Wasteland 2 possesses attractive gameplay, however, the game still has some minor bugs in terms of both technical and gameplay.

First of all, jamming occurs quite often to the point of absurdity, although the probability is very small (about a few%).

Unless attaching additional accessories to reduce the level of bullets to 0%, players still quite often have to “suffer” when aiming at enemies.

Just a few days after the game’s release, inXile Entertainment released a patch to reduce the frequency of jamming to make it more reasonable.

Besides, Wasteland 2 has a few other errors such as the fact that the dialogs sometimes “freeze” for a few seconds, when rotating the camera, there are errors related to the image … but overall, these errors are not significantly and does not significantly affect the enjoyment of the game.

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