Farming Simulator 15

Farming Simulator 15

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Farming Simulator 15

First introduced in 2007, Farming Simulator was a complete flop for Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive. The game has new elements but is a sloppy product that shows the investment of both sides.

Entering Farming Simulator 15, players will be immersed in a genuine farmer according to “American standards”, activities in Farming Simulator 15 will require players to run around on the farm and take care of the farm.

From the perspective of a farmer who owns a fairly large farm, players will experience a variety of jobs, from heavy-duty as driving to harvest agricultural products, cutting wood to expand the farm, to gentle like, raising cattle, feeding animals … And those jobs are repeated from morning tonight. All jobs in Farming Simulator 15 are simulated very realistically, so it requires “patience” in all activities from the player’s side. The player will have to step onto the wheat harvester, lower the harvester, and start driving.

When the harvest is finished, you have to drive it to the truck carrying rice, drop the wheat, then drive it to dump it in the warehouse or to plant seeds, you have to drive the plow truck.

Farming Simulator 15’s physics system also creates a fairly authentic feeling for the player. The feeling of “heavy” when driving the plow on each large, firm hand when holding the chainsaw to saw each log … All are done very well, making the player seem like … “farmer”.

Not only doing jobs or tasks is enough, if you want to grow your farm, you also have to use a lot of mind. The player needs to calculate how to harvest the farm as quickly as possible as well as save money, because an experienced person will harvest and be more productive than newcomers.

However, the decisive condition for the success or failure of the whole season lies in how players increase productivity in everything. There are many ways to do it, be it hiring workers, upgrading farming tools, exchanging and delivering orders … Farming Simulator 15 has “scored” on the most important part and also the focus of the game.

Farming Simulator 15 drops players onto a very large farm to freely explore, work and enjoy the peaceful countryside views. But that experience will be more wonderful if Giant Software takes the trouble to invest in graphics.

The image in Farming Simulator 15 even loses even the early games on the PS3 or Xbox 360. Although the natural scenery is still quite beautiful, when approaching, the player will probably “surprise” by jagged very lack of detail on the surface.

The only point that makes the writer happy about the graphics of Farming Simulator 15 is that the colors are soothing, creating the softness of a peaceful countryside.

Sound array “pretty good” a bit better than the graphics. The sound of the vehicle, the tractor, the raking sound, the sounds generated by physics are all well done, but unfortunately Farming Simulator 15 lacks the catalysts of the background music.

A picture of the countryside with beautiful scenery will leave more impression. If there are more musical notes, especially country music, it will adorn that picture.

Just like the out of the rhythm of the sound image, if Giant Software properly invests in Farming Simulator 15’s gameplay a little more, the experience that players have with the game will be much better.

Hiring people to work in Farming Simulator 15 is one of the important things for players to have their hands free to perform other jobs, but if only a minute of neglect is needed, the hired person suddenly acts “weird” like: Driving a tractor and crashing into a fence but can’t reverse the car, driving a lot but plowing is not much, or most importantly, driving until the gas end but the whole field has not yet been harvested …

For the “newcomers”, the first option will probably be to go to the tutorial first, but here instead of being familiar with the gameplay, the player will get acquainted with … the first error, because there are some requests when the player has followed suit, but Farming Simulator 15 still does not give another request, forcing the player to reload the game several times.

Besides, driving farm vehicles in Farming Simulator 15 will give you the feeling of “excited” when you miss a fence or a civilian car is running.

The wooden fence and the car are very heavy but… nothing happened except the car crashed and stood still!

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