Final Fantasy XIII 2

Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Final Fantasy XIII 2

Final Fantasy, Square Enix’s popular franchise, is an unfamiliar name for RPG enthusiasts.

Among the Final Fantasy versions, perhaps the trilogy in the Final Fantasy XIII series are the titles that bring the most mixed opinions and are always the hot topic, causing controversy when it comes to discussion.

Through the opening battle, players will quickly realize that the core elements of the combat system in the early version are still preserved. Final Fantasy XIII-2 still uses the “Command Synergy Battle” system, along with allowing the player to assign attacks to the “Active Time Battle” (ATB) bar.

Besides, the “Paradigm Shift” mechanism allows the player to change the role of the characters in battle, enhancing the tactics of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

But not only that, but the combat system in Final Fantasy XIII-2 also has a lot of new and interesting improvements, overcoming the limitations from the previous version, making the game more attractive and attractive. The first new is the “Mog Clock” mechanism, which allows the player to gain an edge before each battle, as well as avoid unwanted encounters.

The little Moggle that joins Serah’s journey will “sense” the monsters before they appear.

Instead of chasing the character like in the first version, the monsters will now standstill, giving the player some time to perform the attack and gain the advantage of battle.

Aside from that, the player can also dodge aggressive monsters by moving out of their active range. Another interesting point in Final Fantasy XIII-2 lies in the third “character”. Players can play (apart from Serah and Noel) throughout the game’s main content.

After each battle, the player has a chance to recover monsters just defeated, allowing them to summon them up as a third character participating in battles.

Players can change the Leader of the party right in their battle. Captain authority will be changed automatically when the team leader is defeated, allowing players to maintain and change their attack strategy in-game, instead of starting over.

The intense boss battles also feature a “Cinematic Action” system, allowing players to take advantage of the “Quick Time Event” phases that appear in mid-battle cutscenes.

Contrary to the lengthy instructions of the previous installment, the tutorial screens in Final Fantasy XIII-2 are fully summarized and concise through early game battles, helping players not be confused and quickly grasped get a new combat system.

In stark contrast to the original game’s boring linear plot, the time travel system Historia Crux in Final Fantasy XIII-2 allows players to freely choose the places and times that Serah and Noel can explore on their journey.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 also no longer forces the player to take certain paths. Instead, throughout the adventures of Serah and Noel are countless open worlds for players to explore. In each world, apart from the main goal is to find “artifacts” to stimulate In Time Gate, players can also participate in a multitude of side quests as well as track down treasure chests hidden on the map.

The sidequests in Final Fantasy XIII-2 vary from quests to defeat monsters to find lost items. Through completing sidequests, the characters in the game will receive valuable and useful rewards to support throughout the journey.

Despite the addition of detailed graphical customizations to Final Fantasy XIII-2 as a “corrective” action from Square Enix after the original game, the game still encountered some annoying graphics issues. The erratic increase in frame rates, especially in battles, will decrease the enjoyment of the game.

Besides, Final Fantasy XIII-2 graphics look quite “pale”, even when running at 1080p or higher resolution.

Also, Final Fantasy XIII-2 doesn’t provide players with sound settings. This has brought many complaints from players when they have to “endure” the background music is too loud and sometimes drowns out conversations.

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