The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD Your View Your Choice

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD

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The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD Your View Your Choice

Wind Waker HD – Nintendo is not a strange name in the game world, if you do not want to say that this is the most famous “giant” – can almost be considered a pioneer in the concept of “video game”.

Known as the “boss”, of course, Nintendo owns a series of “top” games that have great appeal to gamers.

Randomly can also name a few familiar names such as Mario, Mario Kart, Pokemon, Metroid … and The Legend of Zelda.

The name The Legend of Zelda is certainly not strange, because it has been with Nintendo since 1986 as one of the powerful “ace” of the company.

However, it can be difficult to say The Legend of Zelda is for the majority of players, mainly due to its difficulty – which mostly comes from the puzzles.

If the 3DS system has A Link Between Worlds, the Wii has Skyward Sword, the N64 has an Ocarina of Time … then the GameCube, a relatively “unlucky” system of Nintendo, owns a super product called The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

It is no coincidence that when Nintendo launched the Wii U system, Nintendo chose Wind Waker to re-master HD, to give the future of the Wii U to this mighty general.

Coming back after 10 years of absence, will The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD bring warm flavors of the old days, enough to be worthy of being one of the pillar titles capable of “promote” for the Wii U’s name?

Contrary to normal, Link’s adventures are always associated with the journey … to rescue Princess Zelda, this time the Wind Waker HD’s storyline will develop in a different storyline – although still using the familiar “frame” to “preamble”.

“Legend has it that in the old days when the birth of heaven and earth, the gods gave humans a divine power called Triforce. Whoever possesses Triforce will have powers equal to that of the gods! Unfortunately, Triforce fell into the hands of a dark lord named Ganon. Like “tiger growing wings”, Ganon engulfs the world in darkness with his malicious intentions.

The thought of all hope was fading, then suddenly appeared from nothingness a hero in a green shirt, in his hand was the divine sword Master Sword. With the god of sword and righteousness in his heart, the hero defeated Ganon, sealing Triforce forever in his sleep of a thousand years.

Instead of starting the plot in splendid Hyrule, Wind Waker HD gave Link a completely new origin.

Living on a beautiful, peaceful island with his grandmother and sister, Link is now just clumsy, curious.

Life passed peacefully, until one day the tranquility of the island was stirred by a dark shadow in the sky.

A terrible bird flew by, dropping one into the woods in the distance.

Link’s curiosity urges Link to find out the source of the incident – but whoever expected, the troubles Link encountered all stem from here.

Who is the identity of that pirate “female pirate”?

Where did the bird steal Link’s sister?

Who is its owner, how scary is it?

And above all, what is the mission that fate is bound to Link?

The answer lies in the player, along the exciting journey of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD.

The Legend of Zelda series is still famous for its unique gameplay.

It’s a perfect, perfect harmony between the three genres of action, role-playing, and puzzle games.

However, only in Wind Waker HD, the new “action” element is greatly favored!

With a 3D perspective and a freely rotating camera, it can be said that Link’s adventure is very rich when all nooks and crannies in the game can be freely explored.

Wind Waker HD will “consume” the player a terrible amount of time if you want to discover all the secrets in the countless numbers on the game map.

Pointing in it, are funny little events that are unforgettable.

For example, the writer never forgets the fact that every time I “instigate” crawling into the dead end, a damn mouse with a “mean” face will quickly snatch the trap hole, let Mr. Link go … bath river.

The fighting mechanism in Wind Waker HD can be said to have nearly reached perfection when the creativity of the game development team has created a multitude of extremely diverse enemies.

Interestingly enough, how players defeat them – Wind Waker HD doesn’t seem to let the imagination be limited at all!

Players can fight with a monster traditionally, ie sword hand, shield hand in a slash (with a quite diverse number of combos), or combine items to make the game go in unexpected, unpredictable directions.

For example, the boomerang with the ability to stun the target combined with a sudden rain of arrows is always the “combo” I like the most.

Along with the flexible and interesting combat mechanism, is the smart camera lock system, which makes the player’s vision focus on the target, leading to easier movement – reflexes in matches.

The second screen on the Wii U’s handle is an extremely bright addition, giving players a choice – changing the rich arsenal of Wind Waker HD in real-time, making the pace of battle seamless, fluency.

Quizzes and entertaining mini-games have always been the highlight of The Legend of Zelda series.

With Wind Waker HD, it seems that their macro range and attraction have been upgraded, when players are sometimes so engrossed that … forget the main quest!

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The reason is probably in the unforgettable journeys of Wind Waker HD.

This is the premise to build the sea world of the Phantom Hourglass version on the Nintendo DS.

Nintendo has made a commendable improvement, allowing players to move quickly between islands on the chart, as long as they have their exact coordinates.

However, this can not prevent players from “deliberately” … getting lost on the sea, to discover all the interesting secrets of the game.

Known as re-master HD, but Wind Waker HD simply enlarges the available graphics of Wind Waker (GameCube) to HD resolution, corrects the texture of the surface, and adds shadows – lights moving.

Although only that, really these seemingly insignificant edits, brought unexpected vitality to Wind Waker HD!

Mr. Link seemed to become more mature with worried and troubled expressions as half of his face was in darkness.

The scene in the game seems more vivid, more soulful when the breeze blowing, shaking the coconut leaves – or when the battles in the game become more intense, more dramatic when quietly unfolding in the light. Candles flickering and dying at any time.

Shown with the technique of “cel-shading”, Wind Waker HD’s graphics are like a watercolor painting with bright tones.

The accents and features of this picture are “pen-drawn” by the player, so for each of Link’s successes – enough to make the 3D blockbusters with millions of polygons “admire”.

This means that everything about the sound of the game can only be summed up in two words “perfect”!

Still, the familiar soundtrack when wandering on a dangerous path dotted with a little more windy, salty flavor of the vast ocean.

All are mixed, creating indescribable vibrations, making players want to open the game and immerse themselves in those fascinating tunes.

If the player is a veteran fan of The Legend of Zelda series, then this is probably not a big deal.

But if you are the first person exposed to this famous game series, perhaps players will be discouraged by the number of “crisis” missions that Wind Waker HD assigned.

The most remarkable thing is, like all versions, these tasks are overlapping in no order at all.

At the same time, the player also does not have the means to note and mark them in sequence, leading to the fact that doing task A, task B, and then drags mission C – socks both make the player’s mind go on messing.

With a fairly wide map and many anonymous small islands, the cruises in Wind Waker HD promises a lot of fun, but also a lot of … a headache.

Adventure through the main locations has been occupied by the player quite a lot of time, but treasure hunts on anonymous islands, even the treasure submerged in the sea, are too … attractive to be able to ignore.

Compared to other versions, the difficulty of Wind Waker HD can be considered quite high.

The blood problem in the game is also quite a headache, as finding hearts to heal in the middle of the screen is also more difficult, due to their odd scarcity.

Wind Waker HD’s jumping and climbing phases did not prove less challenging, when supported by the camera very freely, estimating the distance with 2D cel-shading graphics is still very difficult.

The story of Link guy having to climb up and down, jump back and forth forever to cross a ravine is “common”.

For those who like the challenge, after completing the game for the first time, players will be able to play again in Hero Mode.

And as the name suggests, players will have to have the skill, ingenuity, and patience of a … hero to be able to travel here.

Monsters with twice the power and defense and the complete absence of healed hearts will make battles, even only with the “rookie monsters”, into nightmares!

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