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Tropico 4

amazon Tropico 4 reviews Visually, Tropico 4 is absolutely no difference with version 3. Even the controls, the gameplay remains the same almost nothing changed. However, when entering the world of Tropico 4, players will […]

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The Gunstringer

amazon The Gunstringer reviews If someone is wondering, the game developed for the Kinect sensor will be shaped like? Then this is a satisfactory answer for them. Talking about the wild west, people remember the […]

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Resistance 3

amazon Resistance 3 reviews It’s always been the story of the heroic man, stand up for the world. And you will experience this heavy responsibility Resistance to content that brings. Not merely to run and […]

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Renegade Ops

amazon Renegade Ops reviews Called TV’s popular Twisted Metal series, perhaps a bit too but indeed Renegade Ops 2 carrying the latest brand elements made the series such as “race” and “shooting”, only that this […]

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amazon Rage reviews With the success of Doom, Quake or Wolfenstein 3D, id Software has proven they are “cool hand” to how much the shooter series. And the last one of its: Rage, fan community […]

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Radiant Silvergun

amazon Radiant Silvergun reviews Once upon a time, since the gaming industry appeared, the game falls under the category “fighting-aircraft” has always been the pioneer in bringing joy to everyone. Owning extremely simple gameplay, you […]

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Modern Warfare 3

amazon Modern Warfare 3 reviews There would not need any introduction, results “blockbuster” is. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have been amended and supplemented many interesting things on a platform which has extremely solid of […]