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Macaw T800

amazon Macaw T800 reviews Design Macaw T800 is quite simple design is just two housing connected by a wire. The housing of the headphones is more compact than the T1000 brother, the back of the […]

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Fidue A65

amazon Fidue A65 reviews Design When we glance at the A65, we do not have much impression because the headset has a simple design. This is a standard straight-wearing headset. But only when we pick […]

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Earsonic S-EM6

amazon Earsonic S-EM6 reviews Before launching the commercial version of S-EM6 for everyone, the company has developed the Custom-Inear EM6 Headset for the best of both worlds. So S-EM6 has many similarities with its predecessor. […]

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Somic G938

amazon Somic G938 reviews   Smart design, ultra-light, ultra-comfortable, spatial reproduction, good sound effects in the game and music, high-end materials, high durability and sold for good price. It is the Somic G938 – a […]

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RHA MA600i

amazon RHA MA600i reviews The RHA MA600i’s midrange headset is from England, featuring beautiful design using aluminum. The headphones have a high noise-canceling ability, while possessing a natural, clear sound with extended sound, but still […]