5 Secrets to keep true wireless headphones substantital

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1) Use correct input voltage & Do not charge overnight

The Bluetooth headset has a low-rated current, usually 5V-1A or less. These headphones have a dock battery capacity of only 500-1000mah, so the charging time is quite fast, usually only taking 2-3 hours to be full. Not to mention today’s headset models have a fast charging mode, 5-10 minutes can be used for 1 hour, so it is very important to pay attention to the charging power source.

Another very important note after the input voltage part is the charging time. Usually, we have a habit of charging headphones overnight; this comes from charging the phone. However, today’s phones have all-in-one chips that can handle power algorithms, and headphones don’t.

So to avoid shorting the power of the headset or the dock battery, we do not charge overnight.

2) Clean the charging pin contacts regularly

The headphone charging pin contacts come in various styles, such as flat pins and rotating pins. The circular contact battery type is available on Apple’s Airpods 2 or Airpods Pro lines, so it’s durable and has good contact because of its large area.

With ordinary ears with a flat pin contact form, touching this contact surface for a long time will generate impedance and blacken the contact. It is necessary that when you see the black contact part, you should wipe it with a damp cloth.

There are quite a few cases where our customers use it for a while and then can’t charge the headset thinking it has a faulty ear or dock, but it’s not. Physical errors during source contact are very common.

3) Clean regularly, dry, then put in the charging box

In the process of long-term use, for the headset to be new and durable, you also need to clean and maintain the headset. Just use a damp cloth and a little mild detergent; it’s delicious; pay attention to turning off the headset’s power to avoid electric shock.

After cleaning the headset and charging dock, let it dry and put the ear back in the old dock position, which is the safest.

With in-ear models that use silicone buttons, these earplugs that come into contact with the human ear will get dirty and easily cause mold. Therefore, it is also necessary to clean these areas to be safe for long-term users and ensure hygiene.

4) It is recommended to use a protective case

There are many protective cases for true wireless headphones such as Airpods 2, Airpods Pro, Skullcandy, Sony WF-1000xm3, or Jabra 75T.

Brands understand the user’s brand when leaving their expensive headphones on scratched or strong materials that can damage the housing’s outer structure or damage the charging dock.

Just like the phone needs a case, the headset also needs a protective case. Most high-end headsets such as Airpods, Jabra, Sony, Sennheiser will often come with a leather case and case for users. Some models, such as Remax, Baseus, Hoco, etc., belong to the low-cost segment due to the fast-changing design, so there will usually be no carrying case.

5) Enable location if available (to avoid loss)

High-end headphones will have GPS or Bluetooth tracking features such as Bose Free wireless, Airpods, Jabra 75t, Sennheiser Momentum true wireless. You need to install mobile apps such as Bose Connect, Jabra Sound+, or Sennheiser Smart control to use these features.

That is one of the very nice features of true wireless models. If you lose one side or are lost somewhere in your room, backpack, or bag, you will easily find it again, thanks to the technology available on the above apps.

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