A Comprehensive Guide on How to Replace Bose QC35 II Ear Pads

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The Bose QuietComfort 35 II (QC35 II) headphones have garnered widespread acclaim for their exceptional comfort, sound quality, and noise cancellation capabilities. However, over time, the ear pads of these headphones may wear out due to prolonged use, leading to discomfort and a decrease in overall audio performance. Fortunately, replacing the ear pads is a straightforward process that can breathe new life into your beloved QC35 II headphones. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of replacing the ear pads on your Bose QC35 II headphones, ensuring a seamless and comfortable listening experience for years to come.

Overview of Bose QC35 II Ear Pads

The ear pads of the Bose QC35 II headphones play a crucial role in ensuring comfort and sound isolation for users. Made from soft, plush materials, these ear pads create a comfortable seal around the ears, providing hours of fatigue-free listening. However, with prolonged use, the ear pads may become worn, flattened, or damaged, necessitating replacement to maintain optimal comfort and audio performance.

Preparing for Ear Pad Replacement

Before embarking on the ear pad replacement process, it’s essential to gather the necessary tools and materials:

  1. Replacement Ear Pads: Purchase high-quality replacement ear pads compatible with the Bose QC35 II headphones. Ensure that the replacement pads match the size, shape, and material of the original ear pads for a seamless fit.
  2. Small Flathead Screwdriver or Spudger: Use a small flathead screwdriver or a plastic spudger tool to carefully remove the old ear pads from the headphone earcups.
  3. Clean Cloth or Microfiber Towel: Have a clean cloth or microfiber towel on hand to wipe down the headphone earcups and remove any dust or debris before installing the new ear pads.

Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing Bose QC35 II Ear Pads

  1. Power Off and Disconnect: Before starting the ear pad replacement process, power off your Bose QC35 II headphones and disconnect them from any audio sources or charging cables.
  2. Remove Old Ear Pads: Using a small flathead screwdriver or a plastic spudger tool, gently pry the old ear pads away from the earcup of the headphones. Start at one edge of the ear pad and work your way around, gradually detaching the ear pad from the earcup. Be careful not to damage the earcup or any internal components during this process.
  3. Clean Earcup Surface: Once the old ear pads have been removed, use a clean cloth or microfiber towel to wipe down the surface of the earcup and remove any dust, dirt, or adhesive residue. Ensure that the earcup surface is clean and dry before proceeding to install the new ear pads.
  4. Install New Ear Pads: Align the replacement ear pads with the corresponding earcups of the headphones, ensuring that the mounting holes on the ear pads line up with the pegs or tabs on the earcup. Press firmly around the edges of the ear pads to secure them in place, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
  5. Secure Ear Pads: If the replacement ear pads come with adhesive backing, carefully peel off the protective film and press the ear pads firmly onto the earcups to ensure proper adhesion. If the ear pads do not have adhesive backing, ensure that they are securely attached to the earcups using the mounting holes and pegs or tabs.
  6. Test and Adjust: Once the new ear pads are installed, power on your Bose QC35 II headphones and test them to ensure that the audio is playing correctly from both earcups. Adjust the fit and positioning of the ear pads as needed to ensure maximum comfort and sound quality.

Maintenance Tips for New Ear Pads

  • Regular Cleaning: To prolong the lifespan of your new ear pads and maintain optimal hygiene, regularly clean them with a mild detergent and water solution or a disinfectant wipe. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as these may damage the ear pads.
  • Avoid Moisture Exposure: Keep your headphones away from moisture and humidity, as prolonged exposure to damp conditions can cause the ear pads to deteriorate prematurely. Store your headphones in a dry, ventilated area when not in use.
  • Monitor Wear and Tear: Periodically inspect the ear pads for signs of wear, tear, or deterioration. If you notice any damage or degradation, replace the ear pads promptly to maintain comfort and audio performance.


In conclusion, replacing the ear pads on your Bose QC35 II headphones is a simple and effective way to restore comfort and audio quality to your beloved headphones. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this review and using high-quality replacement ear pads, you can ensure a seamless and comfortable listening experience for years to come.

Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a frequent traveler, or a professional seeking reliable audio performance, maintaining your Bose QC35 II headphones with new ear pads will ensure that they continue to deliver exceptional sound quality and comfort. With proper care and maintenance, your headphones will remain a faithful companion for countless hours of immersive listening enjoyment.

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