asus rog keris wireless aimpoint gaming mouse review phone 91mobiles how to turn off vg248qe 2 benchmark score

Asus ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint

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amazon Asus ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint reviews

asus rog keris wireless aimpoint gaming mouse review phone 91mobiles how to turn off vg248qe 2 benchmark score

A gaming mouse often comes with words like hegemony, quality, etc. But ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint is not like that, he chose for himself a simple design, not colorful but still has a cool feature very separate.

With a compact, uncluttered body, the Keris Wireless AimPoint still impresses with the ROG logo flashing RGB LEDs. Not overshadowed, just enough to create a highlight for your gaming corner.

If you still feel that she is not attractive enough, the accompanying skin will make you fall in love. This is the first time I have seen such quality skin, from textures to materials, it looks solid and the printed pattern is very sharp. Sticking on is a bold gamer, no longer the original monotonous color. I believe that anyone who likes to decorate small things will love the skin that comes with this mouse’s box.

Between a wireless mouse and a wired mouse, I still prefer a wireless mouse, because when using it, I don’t get entangled hands and feet. Therefore, I see that ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint has a huge plus when there are 3 connection types. The first is to connect through the receiver, which is too popular with wireless mouse players. The position for you to store the receiver of this mouse is on the underside, looking at it, after holding her in my hand, I see that she is firmly fixed, and not easy to fall off.

However, if you are still afraid of going long distances, one day the receiver will disappear, but this time, it also connects by Bluetooth. This is too common, Bluetooth has now appeared everywhere, and it is easy to “pair” with each other. And finally, a wired connection: included with ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint is a USB Type-C cord for charging and signal transmission.

To switch the connection type, you can adjust it through the switch on the bottom of the mouse. Moreover, the DPI button instead of being placed on top near the roller as usual, the design of Keris Wireless AimPoint also brings this button to the bottom. I find this point very convenient, you will not have to worry about messing up your hands when you press the wrong button, but playing FPS games is the standard.

With a light weight of only 75g and a handheld form, the Keris Wireless AimPoint will be extremely suitable for you to comfortably flick the mouse for a long time, increasing the speed so you can perform difficult operations that require quick reflexes. Since then, I am even more certain that it was born for FPS gamers.

The big brands will often have custom software included so you can sync the devices you buy, and so does ROG. ROG has its ecosystem, so all your gear and gaming gear can be customized in a single software. I think the ROG software is also very good.

Perhaps many of you already know, but here I will introduce the software of ROG, which is Armory Crate. Armory Crate is an application that integrates NB ROG Gaming Center and DT AEGIS III functions. This software will let you customize all the product lines of ROG and TUF.

Of course, Keris Wireless AimPoint is also part of that vast ecosystem of the ASUS ROG home, so you can customize it to your fullest extent on Armory Crate. I also try to customize it with software to see how it works. It’s true that “immortal reputation”, Armory Crate allows very detailed customization.

You can customize each mouse key, set the DPI level, adjust the color and brightness level for the RGB LED as you like, and can also set up many profiles for your own. Can profile 1 play FPS games and games that need a quick response; profile 2 play slow-paced games like World of Tanks for example;… There are many more interesting features, but if I told them all, it would spoil it, so I’ll save this part for you to experience it. In short, if you have used ASUS ROG stuff, and are still an FPS gamer, then Keris Wireless AimPoint will be a great piece for you.

With the advantages of a lightweight, neat mouse body without a redundant button, a compact mouse shape, ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint is an extremely suitable mouse for FPS gamers. In addition, you can still use it to play MOBA games for a long time, because it is light, so it will limit wrist fatigue when plowing ranks for a long time.

If you are female and are afraid of large mice that make you have to reach for your fingers when using, Keris Wireless AimPoint can also handle it, because I am also a female. Holding it, I feel very comfortable, it fits perfectly in my hand.

Currently, ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint is priced at $89.99, which is fine. If you need to find a mouse to play FPS games and are a fan of ASUS ROG, this mouse will be a worthwhile choice.

And that’s my information and feelings when holding ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint, hoping to give you a brief reference about this wireless mouse.

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Asus ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint Gaming Mouse, Tri-mode connectivity (2.4GHz RF, Bluetooth, Wired), 36000 DPI sensor, 5 programmable buttons, ROG SpeedNova, Replaceable switches, Paracord cable, White: Buy it now


asus rog keris wireless aimpoint gaming mouse review phone 91mobiles how to turn off vg248qe 2 benchmark score


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