Audio Technica Development History

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Referring to Japan, we talk about Sony – one of the “giants” in the technology industry in general and mobile audio in particular. But standing right next to it, with an equally passionate fan base, is Audio Technica – or referred to by many as ATH. Today, we will take a look at important historical milestones to understand this audio company better!

Audio Technica was officially founded in 1962 and initially focused on the production of players for turntables. But after a while, the company started making microphones, musician systems (wireless), mixers and headphones, in all of these markets with great success.

Referring to Audio Technica, we refer to high-quality, durable headphones used in the studio and at home by music lovers. The company has two main types of sound quality! The M-Monitor series has a balanced sound quality and is a bit ‘dry’ for those who need precision to make music as realistic as possible.

But its more famous sound quality belongs to the product lines to enjoy (especially with the AD series, the W wood series), warm and dense sound quality. Especially the singer’s voice colorful and sweet – something that has captivated many people and cannot be transferred to other brands’ products.

Its products have been used in many major events, including the World Cup, the US Super Bowl, the Summer Olympics in London (2012), Beijing (2008), Athens (2004), Sydney (2000). and Atlanta (1996) or the Winter Olympics Sochi (2014), Vancouver (2010), Turin (2006), and Salt Lake City (2002).

Some important historical milestones

– 1962, the company was founded by Mr. Hideo Matsushita in Tokyo.

– 1963 – 1964 began to produce high-end readers with semicircular design.

– 1972, the company established a company operating in the US.

– 1974 released the first pair of headphones called AT-700.

– 1979 ATH-7 and ATH-8 headset duo won the MITI award.

– 1982 built a new headquarters in Machida, Tokyo.

– 1988, the company established a company operating in Taiwan.

– 1991 announced the AT4033 line of microphones, a highly rated product line

– 1993 changed the position of president to Kazuo Matsushita.

– 1996 started operations in Southeast Asia with headquarters in Singapore.

– 2003 introduced the groundbreaking AT3060 phantom microphone system.

– 2006, the company supplies its productions to NBC Universal.

– 2008, its microphones were used at the Beijing Olympics.

– 2012, the company celebrates its 50th anniversary, providing products for the 2014 London sporting event.

– In 2013, the company’s founder, Mr. Hideo Matsushita, passed away (March 5, 2013); he was 93 years old.

– 2015, the company launched the duo ATH-M70x and ATH-R70x, opening a new standard for studio monitor headphones.

– 2016, the company announced the LP60BK-BT vinyl record system, E series headphones (E70, E50, and E30).

– 2020 Audio Technica launches its first pair of True wireless headphones called ATH-ANC300TW with many technology upgrades, including ANC active noise cancellation.


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