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iBasso DX150

amazon iBasso DX150 reviews Design The DX150 has a super-thick metal design that is very similar to the DX200. The top is a 4.2 inch touch screen and no physical buttons. The music ports of the machine include Line Out, Balance 2.5m and 3.5m. The top is the power button, USB-C charging port with optical

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Ibasso DX200

amazon Ibasso DX200 reviews Design iBasso, it’s fair to not own a beautiful design. From the DX50, the DX90 and even the DX100, the company uses the simplest possible design, with only one black color. DX200 is the latest product from them, so there are some strokes, but in general it is still the industry

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Fiio E11K

amazon Fiio E11K reviews The Fiio E11K is more balanced than its predecessor when it comes to scratch-resistant aluminum housing, giving it a more robust feel. In addition to the appearance enhancements, the E11K’s configuration section also featured noticeable changes, first in the Opamp part. E11 previously used AD8397 and pre-amp used TLE2426 + OPA690.

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Cayin C6

amazon Cayin C6 reviews Design: Cayin C6 owns a high-end square design, with an aluminum casing and cubes with CMC cutting technology. The C6 is about the size (long and wide) of the size of the Apple iPhone 5S but has a thickness of two times. The weight of the C6 is quite lightweight, 180g

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Cayin C5

amazon Cayin C5 reviews The entire exterior of the Cayin C5 is made of aluminum, and is painted in bronze that is quite similar to the color of the Apple iPhone 5S. The feel of the C5 is quite light compared to its large size. The top of the AMP has a plastic cover to

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Ibasso DX50

amazon Ibasso DX50 reviews Overview: The name Ibasso is no stranger to sound players. Famous Hi-End audio forums around the world with dedicated products that are highly appreciated and extremely worth the money. In particular, it can be said as the DX100 DAP stereo music with a value of thousands of dollars, or the AMP

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Cowon E3

amazon Cowon E3 reviews Cowon E3 is packaged in a cowon-style, very simple, clear plastic box, featuring the large print “Run Further Listen Closer”. It is also called “Run Further Listen Closer”. Can see the Cowon E3 is a sports-related music player, namely the long running. Right below the slogan are a number of prominent

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Exogal Comet

amazon Exogal Comet reviews With its unique philosophy and approach, Exogal products are not only unique in design but also offer impressive performance in price range. DAC Comet is the debut of Exogal Audio, the American sound brand founded by legendary fours including Jim Kinne, Larry Jacoby, Jeff Haagenstad and Jan Larsen in 2013. They

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