corsair icue h170i elite lcd display liquid cpu cooler water mit cpu-flüssigkeitskühler lcd-display 5000x price in bd best case displayliquid elitecpu elitecpu-flüssigkeitskühler

Corsair H170i Elite LCD Display

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corsair icue h170i elite lcd display liquid cpu cooler water mit cpu-flüssigkeitskühler lcd-display 5000x price in bd best case displayliquid elitecpu elitecpu-flüssigkeitskühler

Although Corsair is one of the leading and long-standing manufacturers of components and accessories with a wide range of high-quality products, creating a strong community of users and fans in the world, for some emerging “trends” in the accessory market such as equipping LCD screens for high-end AIO water coolers.

This “trend” started the ASUS ROG Ryujin version released in 2018, which was followed by Gigabyte’s AORUS Liquid Cooler launched in 2019. Even accessory manufacturers can’t sit when NZXT also joined the game with the NZXT Kraken Z63 model in early 2020.

It was not until recently that Corsair launched the AIO LCD Display water-cooled product lines with built-in LCD screens to display information and personalize the system to the user’s preferences.

In particular, the most advanced version of this product line is the Corsair H170i Elite LCD Display version for systems using the most advanced processors on the market today.

One of the reasons that can be mentioned, making Corsair slow in launching its own integrated AIO water cooling model is that it wants to develop a completely separate technology, in line with its philosophy manage its own design and ecosystem in the most perfect way that no other manufacturer can follow.

That is why with the recently launched AIO LCD Display water-cooled product line, the culmination of which is the Corsair H170i Elite LCD Display version, which is a clear demonstration of this trend.

Basically, the most advanced water-cooled version of Corsair AIO LCD Display line is a perfect combination between the Corsair iCUE H170i Elite Capellix launched in the middle of the year with the Corsair iCUE ELITE LCD Upgrade Kit smart screen upgrade kit, a unique Corsair-built upgrade for loyal users, can easily upgrade their water cooler without having to purchase a brand new one.

It must be known that if compared with other AIO water coolers in the same segment, Corsair’s products are always top performing products and expensive, so replacing “set” is just to get more. Information display and decoration will become extremely wasteful, causing many loyal fans to hesitate.

Back to our most advanced water-cooled model AIO LCD Display series.

With a positioning in the high-end product group, Corsair has “packed” all components in a pure black box instead of the familiar black / yellow colors on most mid-range products.

On the black background are diamond patterns quite similar to the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless high-end wireless gaming mouse box.

Meanwhile, on the back are some of the key features of this product, most notably three 140mm Corsair ML140 RGB Elite radiator fans and a radiator radiator up to 420mm in size.

With this “oversized” size, it is best for users to arrange the Corsair H170i Elite LCD Display with super-sized cases like the Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB.

Carrying out “unboxing” the product, the first impression that this water-cooled model brings is still the high-end and sophistication both in design and manufacturing that few other products on the market today.

The Radiator is built thickly with the shiny chrome Corsair logo instead of embossing like its mid-range water-cooled versions.

The grilles are made of sturdy materials, hard to wear and tear due to impacts with light external forces and are also coated to minimize the possibility of oxidation when used for a long time.

The joints, although flexible, are still reinforced with protective metal covers, while the main water pipe is designed with flexible rubber protected by layers of load-bearing wire mesh and braided fabric mesh anti-folding.

The cooling tower part is designed with a square copper contact, increasing the contact area with modern microprocessor models instead of the small circular cylindrical design like many other AIO water cooling models on the market today.

It must be known that Intel’s 12th generation high-end processor models now have a rather long vertical design, so this square design offers a much better ability to save heat, providing good heat dissipation.

On the top of the cooling tower is a 2.1″ LCD information display screen, but with a resolution of up to 480p and a brightness of 600nits, enough to “overwhelm” the RAM models equipped with conventional LED lights next to it.

It is best for users to choose Corsair’s Dominator series RAM models, which have “selected” memory chips and Capelix LEDs to achieve the best RGB lighting performance when synchronized with the company’s iCUE ecosystem.

As an AIO water-cooling product, the most advanced version today, Corsair is also not “inferior” when integrating into the Corsair H170i Elite LCD Display a “genuine” Commander Core light / fan controller to center it effects control for the whole system.

The monitor communicates with the system via an integrated USB cable, allowing users to display system parameters such as temperature, CPU speed, display images or video clips with bold personality for your computer system.

Regarding the actual heat dissipation, the writer has not had a chance to test this high-end water-cooling model with new generation Intel CPUs, but with high-end CPU models on the market today like AMD Ryzen 7 5800x then the ability to cool extremely impressive with the operation level for the heat dissipation is extremely leisurely.

In terms of compatibility, Corsair integrates this model with a full range of mounts for all CPU models available on the market today from both Intel and AMD, including 12th generation processors using sockets. Intel’s new LGA 1700 or AMD’s TR4 socket ThreadRipper processors.

Overall, the Corsair H170i Elite LCD Display can be considered as the “last boss” of Corsair in the current AIO water cooling village with the ability to fully support the most advanced CPUs on the market today with sharp finishing, full features and extremely impressive power.

I believes that, with Corsair’s leading name and reputation in the field of manufacturing accessories for gamers, this water-cooled model is definitely the best choice for gamers when they want to install themselves a gaming system.

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corsair icue h170i elite lcd display liquid cpu cooler water mit cpu-flüssigkeitskühler lcd-display 5000x price in bd best case displayliquid elitecpu elitecpu-flüssigkeitskühler


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