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Far Cry 4

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Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 – When bored with the busy and busy urban lifestyle, people often want to go to strange and unspoiled lands to “escape” reality and relax.

After the exciting experiences in the hot deserts and calm green islands in the previous versions, in this fourth version, the Far Cry series will take players to travel through the Kyrat Plateau, in the mountains, belong the majestic Himalayas.


Leaving the context of the rainforest, which has been the strength of the Far Cry line so far, to “set foot” on a snow-covered plateau all year round, is that a wise decision or not?

Then all doubts disappeared when Far Cry 4 performed at the GameStart 2014.

Until the experience of Far Cry 4 firsthand, the writer is extremely satisfied with what Ubisoft Montreal has brought to players.

Kyrat is a land stretching from the Himalayas to the valley region.

Unlike the first impression when I heard the name Himalayas, Kyrat is covered with dense coniferous forests, rivers, waterfalls, and even high vertical cliffs.

Although there are many similarities with previous landmarks in Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3, Kyrat creates a feeling of “unusual” attraction. The first feature is the topographic trend in Far Cry. 4, the Kyrat land is designed to accommodate the increasing difficulty of the game.

Starting in the southern plains of the map, the topography of Kyrat allows players to move between large plains.

The further north, the player will encounter many obstacles when moving through the dangerous highlands, and the control density of the enemy also increases significantly.

The second characteristic feature is the Kyrat national context. Devastated by a long civil war, but besides the ashes left over from the battles, Kyrat still exudes a fanciful beauty with an ancient look. The architecture in Far Cry 4 is the blend of East Asian (Chinese) and South Asian (Indian) styles, clearly seen through each tower, temple to the village.

Besides, players will feel the uniformity of the layout of the Kyrat land, when everywhere has its unique features.

The southwestern area is concentrated in residential areas due to favorable topography for construction and cultivation. For the hilly and mountainous areas in the center are the logging, tea planting, and production of construction materials. Traveling to the east, you will find temples scattered across the foothills.

Everything is linked together very closely and harmoniously, making it easy for players to “immerse themselves” in the world in Far Cry 4. The last feature and also the most interesting thing about Far Cry 4: mythical land Shangri-La.

The appearance of Shangri-La can be said to be a new wind for the game series and different from the spiritual land in Far Cry 3.

In particular, Shangri-La in Far Cry 4 owns a unique story waiting for players to discover!

Not only keeping the successful action style from previous versions, but Far Cry 4 also brings it to a new level by introducing countless new activities, as well as upgrading the already quite massive arsenal from Far Cry 3.

In addition to the main linear missions, players will be very busy with a multitude of equally attractive side activities, which are carefully invested in both quantity and quality.

From robbing supply vehicles, attacking patrol vehicles, helping fighting rebels to rescue hostages … all activities will require players to apply some specific skills. For example, when robbing supply vehicles, in addition to showing the “monster driver”, the player must also react quickly to any situation: when it is time to rush the vehicle through each section of the road or be cautious while fighting a gun, to can keep the spoils healthy …

Everything will have a price, successfully performing sidequests also means that players will get their hands on very “powerful” items or weapons!

Quickly owning a hand-held grenade launcher, the player will become a real “destroyer” in the eyes of the enemy. Small, compact, and extremely destructive, with just one shot you can “lift” a heavy patrol vehicle “fly” into the sky! This is the writer’s favorite weapon in disproportionate clashes with the enemy.

Not only that, players can completely use heavy grenade launchers placed in key positions on the game screen, as well as guard stations. With just one bullet, you can obliterate a platoon in seconds!

To add more drama to the gun battle, the developer has added Far Cry 4 several new “agents”, most notably … elephants. Have you ever ridden an elephant? The feeling of sitting on the back of an animal weighing several thousand kilograms, rushing to “hit” anyone, anything in the way, with a heavy machine gun in hand, the player will be no different from a real Asian Rambo consumption!

If you are bored with the giant beast, you can find yourself a mini-helicopter and spoiled “bomb, bullet” on the enemy. Far Cry 4, in addition to giving the player an edge in combat, the mini-helicopter is also a great choice when traveling through dangerous highland areas.

Finally and equally interesting in Far Cry 4 is the ability to use the bait to lure wild animals. What could be better than attacking a defensive stronghold with the help of “nature”? Collect prey from the animals you hunt and throw them in the position of the enemy, the beasts nearby will come and help the player!

In only 17 hours, the player can completely “destroy” the main plot of Far Cry 4 and it does not leave a specific impression. I feel that the developer “added” to Far Cry 4 a story to “give” and even worse than the plot of Far Cry 3.

In Far Cry 3, players witness the “barbaric” maturity of Jason Brody through the “horror” experiences when faced with the distortion of an outlaw world until the end of the game. Jason’s mind was completely engulfed in madness.

But in Far Cry 4, Ajay Ghale had “lifeless” expressions and accepted everything without showing any hesitation about his actions. In short: Ajay Ghale is like a simple “killing machine”, without emotions.

And yet, the image of the villains in Far Cry 4 was initially introduced in a great way but ended up being tedious throughout the game.

Typically Pagan Min, he has a very impressive opening performance: the image of a crazy monk who sees “life like trash” and war as a “game” no more. However, Pagan Min then disappeared almost the entire game!

Then came the close henchmen of Pagan Min, for example, torture soldier, Paul Harmon, with a very cold personality no less than Pagan Min, but you only see his face less than … 10 minutes in the game, even “say goodbye” to him!

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