Guide to distinguish real BeastX

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Beats has long been one of the most counterfeited audio brands in the world. Any model of Beats headphones currently on the market has a fake version to follow. That is au, rep, super fake 1, 2, 3, not a version, but there will be countless different fake versions; depending on the price, the sophistication of these fake products will be more or less similar to the real version.


If, with the naked eye and you are not a professional, can you distinguish what is real and what is fake?

They are very finely faked; only when placed next to these two boxes and looked closely can we see the letters’ difference in ink color and sharpness.

It’s hard to tell the difference from just looking at the outside of the case, so we’ll go inside the viewing box.

Unbelievably, they are the same in every little accessory. All are copied by the manufacturer of a certain country xXx in a very detailed and careful way. I wonder why I’ve reached this level of copying and not starting my own company or brand to waste talent. Copying even an Apple Music gift card is awesome. Also, use standard Lighting. Full books without a single sheet, stickers, and ear tips are too complete and similar to the same mother.

This style still doesn’t work; it must go into more detail.

In the ear tips section, we see that in terms of size, they are the same. You have to pay close attention to see that the material for making real ear tips is softer and smoother than the rougher and rougher fake. The real box looks much smoother and more matte than the fake one.

The real BeatsX cable has the logo completely sunken down with the charging cable, the USB connector size is longer, and the plastic material is softer and smoother. The logo on the fake cable is printed sloppily; using a sharp object will peel it off, the wire is also stiffer and rougher.


Putting the two BeatsXs next to each other with the naked eye is also difficult to distinguish; only when you look closely and directly in your hand can we see the difference between these headphones.

It is easy to see that this real BeatsX is much better than the fake in the housing part. The edges are free of excess plastic. A soft rubber coating is soft and pleasant to the touch, not stiff and plastic-like on the fake. The junction between the wire and the housing is very tight; there is no dirty and open like on the fake when shaken back and forth.

The magnet on the housing of the fake is significantly weaker than the real one. It only takes a slight force to blow them out.

Button part.

The response of the buttons on the fake BeatsX is very poor. The buttons are insensitive and hard. The plastic surface also has redundant borders, although small, but not perfect. The control feeling on BeatsX is much better.

On the back is printed information about the place of manufacture and the series of the product. Real BeatsX’s are engraved with high-quality ink; the lines are sharper. The fake is also printed quite well, but pay close attention; the lines are rougher and harder, the ink color is not sunk but a bit glossy.

Continue testing further.

Fortunately, the BeatsX is integrated with the exclusive Apple A1 chip, so when starting the headset, the iPhone or iPad will recognize and show a Pop-up connected to the real one. At the same time, the fake one will have to be detected manually in the Bluetooth section. That is probably the easiest part to distinguish the real from the fake. However, we still should not be subjective because now nothing is impossible in this 4.0 era. We will continue to measure the parameters of these two headphones.

BeatsX’s negative graph can tell what is real and what is fake just by looking at it. For fake goods, the left and right channels are completely unbalanced and deviate a lot. The sound of the fake BeatsX has too much bass and treble, which is backed up at an unacceptable level. The overall sound is dark, much worse than the real BeatsX.

The phase difference of the left and right channels on the fake BeatsX is unacceptable, so it completely misrepresents the instrument position. This sloppy sound is unacceptable. Chances are you will have hearing loss because of these poor-quality headphones.


The connection distance of the real version with the power of the Apple W1 chip is very different. When there are no obstacles, the maximum distance of BeatsX is up to nearly 60m, while with fake goods is only 27m.

For environments with obstacles, the distance is shortened, but there is still a difference. With fake goods, it is only 10m, and with real BeatsX, it is 12m.

The delay, the fake, is very close to the real thing. 178ms vs. 175ms for the real thing is not a glaring difference.


According to the battery on the box, it says 8 hours of continuous listening for both headphones. Experience: The battery of the real BeatsX is 6.5 hours when mixed, and the fake is 4.4 hours. The number is only half of that on the box.


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