Guide you to choose the most accurate office chair through 3 simple steps

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What is an office chair?

Office chairs are chairs designed specifically for office workers who have to sit and work for long periods. Later, chairs were improved and expanded their customer base and gradually became an essential item in life.

Types of office chairs today

Currently, there are 3 main types of office chairs, according to the style used by many people: Kneeling chairs, swivel chairs, and ergonomic chairs.

Kneeling chair

Kneeling chairs are designed with U-shaped legs to resemble a person kneeling. It is the most popular product used for meeting rooms because of its aesthetics as well as sturdy chair legs that create solid, serious seating during meetings.

Office swivel chair

Office swivel chairs are often chosen by businesses to use in offices because of their flexibility, comfort, and noise-canceling wheels that help employees concentrate on working more together.

Office swivel chairs usually have 7 parts:

Chair frame.

Star legs.

Seat cushion and backrest.


Control piston set.

Chair bowl

Ergonomic chair

As a line of chairs improved from office swivel chairs and started to become famous in recent years, ergonomic chairs are favored by Western businesses and developed countries in Asia such as Singapore or Japan.

Ergonomic chairs have many outstanding advantages compared to swivel chairs because they are friendly to all body shapes and can adjust the sitting posture to the correct position to help reduce bone and joint diseases:

The proper seat depth should be between the edge of the seat and your knees. If the seat is too far forward, it can put undue pressure on the back of the knees.

The ergonomic chair allows the seat to tilt, allowing for precise positioning of the pelvis.

The backrest provides lumbar support for your lower back and is an essential feature of an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs support the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine, helping to prevent slouching and reduce stress on the spine and pelvis.

The adjustable reclining backrest allows for better positioning for the user as they can move the backrest to more specifically support their natural spinal position. Using this feature throughout the day allows the backrest to take some of the weight from your upper body, reducing pressure on your spinal discs and muscles.

The swivel part of the ergonomic chair helps the user to maneuver and easily reach different points of the desk without having to strain too much.

Armrests help reduce tension in the upper body and allow the shoulders to relax.

Supports the back of the head and upper neck, reducing tension in the shoulders and upper body.

How to choose the most accurate office chair

Every type of office chair has its advantages. So which type of chair should you choose to suit your needs? Let me show you, with just 3 steps, you will be able to choose a beautiful chair model that is suitable for you/your office.

Step 1: Determine the working area/number of users.

Determining the work area in addition to easy decoration also helps you know which chair shape to choose to best suit the existing furniture in the room.

The current kneeling chair line has many new improvements, with lumbar support similar to the ergonomic chair line, but the back of the chair is not as high. The product has many different materials from mesh, and PU leather to imported genuine leather.

You should choose kneeling chairs for small but crowded rooms. You need to save height space so everyone can observe what’s going on in the room.

In contrast to kneeling chairs, swivel chairs and ergonomic chairs are good choices for modern offices that need a lot of communication between employees, while also providing mental and health support so employees can rest in peace working.

The current trend of working from home is also increasing, causing the need to buy ergonomic chairs because of their comfort and many support functions. This is a great choice if working from home.

Step 2: Determine the appropriate chair style and material

After determining the work area, we need to consider the design and style of the chair that suits your style.

For active young people, owning an ergonomic chair that is both ergonomic and comfortable is the best choice. However, if your room does not have enough space, you can consider modern swivel chairs with many improvements to support the user’s health.

For those who love seriousness, leather kneeling chairs are the number one choice. High-quality materials combined with thick foam cushions hug your hips for a great experience.

Step 3: Contact suppliers for advice

If the above two criteria make you still unable to choose which office chair to buy, you can contact suppliers and consultants who will suggest chair lines that suit your body shape as well as your needs. Explain in detail the functions of each different type of chair. From there, you can choose your favorite chair.

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