Hidizs S9

Hidizs S9

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Hidizs S9

Hidizs S9 is the latest portable DAC/AMP model from Hidizs audio company. After four predecessors from Hidizs Sonata I, the company’s portable DAC / AMP is finally equipped with a Balanced decoder circuit. Whether Hidizs S9 will continue to be as successful as its seniors, we will find out through this detailed review.


The box of Hidizs S9 is very simple like most previous products. Black paper box with information printed in silver letters on the outside.

Inside the box, we will receive

– 1 Hidizs S9

– 1 short Type-C 2-headed cable

– 1 long Type-C 2-headed cable

– 1 Type-C to USB A . adapter

– 1 coat clip cover

– 1 User Manual and Insurance Card

As you can see, we don’t have any Lightning cables included, a serious problem if you are an iOS user. You will be forced to buy an additional external cable to use Hidizs S9 on your iOS devices.


Most portable DAC/AMP models this small on the market are made from solid metal or plastic only. Hidizs S9 is different when combining metal and glass in its finishing to create a sense of premium and luxury.

The entire body is made from CNC aluminum; the two sides are pressed with tempered glass. The front has the Hidizs logo integrated with color-changing LEDs that display the quality of the music source when connected.

The lower end of the Hidizs S9 is where the Type-C connector is located. Hidizs S9 has absolutely no internal battery; it will directly use power from a device plugged in via a Type-C port such as a phone or computer.

Notably on Hidizs S9 is the design of Balanced 2.5mm and 3.5mm Single-End audio output ports placed close together. It is rare for any DAC/AMP model to put these two ports so close together. This type of design also means that you will only be able to use one of the two ports, not both, and avoid overloading the internal circuitry. Simple yet very sophisticated.


Inside Hidizs S9 is a decoder circuit equipped with DAC chip AKM4493EQ. This chip has often appeared on desktop DAC / AMP models and high-end music player models. It supports very strong decoding, PCM 32bit/768kHz, and DSD512 Native.

Due to being equipped with a powerful DAC chip and integrated amplifier circuit, Hidizs S9 will consume quite a bit of battery on the transmitter. In return, its output power is very strong, reaching a maximum of 125 x 2 mW at the 2.5mm Balanced port and 90 x 2 mW at the 3.5mm port. Hidizs S9 can easily pull the headset with an impedance of 150 Ohms or less.

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HIDIZS Balanced & Single-Ended Mini Hi-Fi DAC & AMP S9 (Silver)【Japan Domestic Genuine Products】【Ships from Japan】: Buy it now



As mentioned in the previous section, the Hidizs S9 wastes a lot of power, but in return, has a very good output capacity. It can pull well most headphones with impedances of 150 Ohms or less. With full-size headphones with greater impedance or flat magnetic headphones, it will be a bit too much for Hidizs S9.

Hidizs S9 will give the strongest capacity when paired with a PC or Macbook because the output current of these devices is not limited. Some Android phones and especially iPhones, will have limited output current, so the capacity of Hidizs S9 will be reduced. It would help if you took note of this.

Sound quality

The Hidizs S9’s sound provides a dynamic, forward-facing audio experience with a fairly natural timbre. It’s neither too neutral nor too warm; it’s in the middle to give it a feeling of closeness. The bass range on the Hidizs S9 is quite solid, rich in energy.

Bass: This sound range of Hidizs S9 is rich and lively, good dynamic, and has a certain buoyancy. Dynamic is very good with dynamic headphones.

Mid: There is a feeling of moving forward, standing out in the background of the music. The detail and ability to separate the instrument are very good. Tonal colors are natural, quite neutral, neither too warm nor too technical.

Treble: Good details, airy, porous. Neutral, not cold and dry metal type. The treble is improved in energy when using the Balanced 2.5mm port.

Compare with BEAM 2

BEAM 2 has a much more compact size than Hidizs S9 but is still fully equipped with 2 Balanced and Single-End ports.

However, in terms of capacity, it is clear that the bigger one has the advantage. Hidizs S9 gives slightly better output in both 2.5mm and 3.5mm outputs. Therefore, the matching ability of Hidizs S9 is better than that of Beam 2.

Beam 2Hidizs S9
Single-End  output capacity 3.5mm110mW at 32 Ohms180mW at 32 Ohms
Balanced output 2.5mm240mW at 32 Ohms250mW at 32 Ohms
Decoding MQAYesNo
Decoding PCMUp to 32bit/384kHzUp to 32bit/768kHz
Decoding DSDDSD128 . MaxDSD512 . Max

Beam 2 supports MQA while Hidizs S9 does not. However, Hidizs S9 wins overwhelmingly in terms of PCM and DSD decoding capabilities.

Beam 2 wastes less power than Hidizs S9. In addition, the Beam has a smart circuit that automatically disconnects when the headset is not in use, making Hidizs S9 inferior in terms of battery savings.

Compared to sound quality, Hidizs S9 gives a full, natural sound with a more prominent mid-range. The Beam 2 has a more neutral, drier sound. The stage space of Hidizs S9 reproduces somewhat encompassing, slightly better than Beam 2.

If you are a person who listens to music online, using MQA, Beam 2 is still a very good choice. Hidizs S9 will be suitable for those who listen to offline music, need powerful decoding capabilities and vivid sound.


Hidizs S9 continues to win hearts with its polished design and extremely admirable sound quality in this price range. That will be Hidizs’ next successful portable DAC/AMP product. If you are looking for a compact portable DAC/AMP in the price range of $90, then Hidizs S9 will be a great choice at this time.

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