How to use the latest Xiaomi, Totolink, TP link wifi extender

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Instructions on how to use Xiaomi wifi extender

Xiaomi is a brand that provides leading phone, electronic, security, and telecommunications equipment today. Among them, it is impossible not to mention the extremely high-quality wifi range extender sold at a quite affordable price.

The operating principle of the Xiaomi Repeater wifi extender is to receive wifi signals from the main modem and then amplify the wifi coverage area stronger and wider, helping you expand the wifi range as well as increase network stability.

To use the Xiaomi wifi extender, you must own a mobile device using the iOS 8.0 or Android 5.0 operating system or higher and follow the steps below:

Step 1: First, you must have a Xiaomi account. If you don’t have one, please create an account at When registering, you should use Gmail to conveniently confirm your account when necessary. Registering with a phone number often poses a greater risk of personal information being disclosed.

Step 2: Download the Mihome app to your phone. Once you have a Xiaomi account, download the Mihome app to your phone. If you use Android, please use CH Play or Google Play to download. If you use the IOS operating system, please download it at the app store.

Step 3: Once you have completed installing the Mihome app, click Agree and continue to accept Xiaomi’s terms of use. Then select the region using Mainland China.

Step 4: Go to the main interface of the app, and log in to the Xiaomi account you just created in step 1.

Step 5: Once you have successfully logged into the app, in the right corner of the screen, select the plus icon, and select Add device to scan to add a device. If the Add device cannot scan your wifi extender, select Add manually.

Step 6: Select Mi Wifi (Mi wifi repeater or Mi Wifi repeater Pro) to connect and install the signal booster with your phone. You need to click Yellow light blinking (or Operation confirmed). Next, click Next and proceed to fill in the wifi information. Remember to use your current wifi password.

After successfully installing the device, the list of wifi names will appear with a new name Xiaomi_repeater, or your old wifi name. You just need to select the signal and Xiaomi’s signal booster will install the rest automatically.

Instructions on how to use Totolink wifi extender

Totolink wifi extender is also a quite popular device and is popular with many people for its high wifi speed, strong broadcasting ability, modern and compact design, and effective power saving… Below are the steps to guide you. Instructions for installing and using this device:

Step 1: Connect the Totolink wifi extender to the power source at your home.

Step 2: Detect and connect your phone to the Totolink wifi extender. Next, click on the settings icon on your phone, and select the Totolink wifi account name. The interface that appears contains a wifi icon, click on that icon to go to the Totolink configuration website.

Note: If your phone does not display the Totolink configuration, open your phone’s web browser. Then type in the address press the wifi icon and wait about 5 seconds to connect.

Step 3: Now, connect to wifi. In the Password section, enter the password of your home wifi. Next, there will be 2 forced modes you must choose.

One is to keep the wifi name and password of the wifi extender the same as the main wifi.

The second is to change the wifi name and password of the wifi extender.

Step 4: Finally, click Connect and wait about 5 seconds, then click OK to complete the installation process.

Instructions on how to use TP-Link wifi extender

TP-Link wifi extenders have a compact, sophisticated design. Some products are equipped with an antenna integrated inside the device so it does not take up much installation space and does not cause a bulky feeling. How to install and use the TP-Link wifi extender is very simple, you just need to apply the steps below:

You can connect the TP-Link wifi extender via the app on your phone, connect through the web browser on your phone, or web browser on your computer.

Connect via an app on phone

This connection method will help you save time effectively, and you can also use many other functions to control the device. Before setting up the signal booster, you should check the WPS function on both the host router and the TP-Link signal booster, then follow these steps:

Step 1: On the host router, press the WPS button for about 2 seconds to activate.

Step 2: Press the WPS button on the TP-Link signal booster until the RE light flashes. Then, the two devices will connect. When the light on the TP-Link wifi range extender shows enough bars, it means you can configure the range extender.

Step 3: Click the Settings icon on the phone, select Wifi, and then select the displayed TP-Link signal booster name. Enter the repeater wifi password the same as the main wifi password.

Step 4: After successfully connecting to wifi via the signal booster. Download the TP-Link Tether app to your phone.

Step 5: Open the downloaded app, click My Devices, then select the device displayed in the Internal Devices section.

Step 6: Finally, enter the new password for the TP-Link wifi extender and select Create to complete the installation process.

Connect through the web browser on your phone

In addition to setting up via the TP-Link Tether app, you can connect manually via a web browser with the following steps:

Step 1: Connect the TP-Link signal booster to the power source. Then connect to wifi on that device via mobile phone.

Step 2: Open a web browser and enter the IP address found on the repeater or access the link Press Enter on the keyboard.

Step 3: The password creation interface appears. Enter the wifi password for the TP-Link range extender and then click Start.

Step 4: Click on Total Wifi Network, then enter the Password for that wifi and select Confirm.

Step 5: Name the TP-Link signal booster, and click Next > Save > Complete. So you have completed the installation process.

Connect via web browser on a computer

The process of setting up a TP-Link wifi range extender using a web browser on a computer is similar to setting up a range extender on a phone.

​Some information about wifi extenders

What effect does a wifi extender have?

Wifi extenders are increasingly popular and are chosen by many families. This device helps increase convenience when using the network many times compared to using a regular modem. Below are some of the effects that wifi extenders bring to us:

The wifi signal booster can both receive and broadcast waves, making the wifi signal conversion stronger and more stable.

Expand coverage.

Ensure stable wifi speed at any location within the coverage area.

Compact device, no wiring required, helps save space and cost-effectively.

Operating principle of wifi extender

The way a wifi signal booster operates is that it will receive signals from the original modem or router, and then rebroadcast the received wifi signal to electronic devices that need to use wifi such as computers, phones, laptops, etc. Signal boosters work similarly to wireless routers, but they have wider coverage and diffusion.

In high-rise buildings, the use of signal booster devices like buttons that can transmit and broadcast wifi, ensures that the wifi connection is always stable without having to use wires. This helps save costs effectively.

The operating principle of the wifi extender is that it will emit signals in all directions at the same time, but that does not mean that every direction has the best signal. The signals will complement and compensate each other to create stability.

During the process of transmitting wifi, if you encounter obstacles such as glass, metal, walls, etc., it will cause interference and reduce the signal. Wifi will be more stable if you install it in a suitable location.

Frequently asked questions

Where should the wifi extender be placed?

Choosing the right location to install the wifi extender will limit interference flickering or unstable signals. Below are factors to keep in mind when installing a wifi extender:

Place the range extender in a central location in your home, this will help make the wifi coverage wider.

Place the device in a high position, avoiding as many obstacles in the house as possible.

Adjust the antenna to always be oriented horizontally (if mounting the device on the wall) or always upward, because the wifi transmission path will be from the inside out, from top to bottom.

In case the signal booster has multiple antennas, the antennas should be adjusted horizontally or upward to create the best coverage. Adjusting the antenna horizontally will help the device you are using receive optimal wifi reception. Adjusting the antenna upward helps provide better and longer coverage.

Some notes when installing a wifi extender

Do not place the wifi extender near metal objects, because they will interfere with the wifi signal.

Do not place the device near a microwave oven because the device’s frequency is similar to that of the oven, which may reduce the network signal.

Walls are often the biggest obstacle. You should reduce the number of walls in your home or choose wall materials that are as thin as possible to minimize blocking wifi signals.

Why can’t the wifi extender connect?

Below are the main reasons why the wifi extender cannot connect:

Error from the network operator

If both the main modem and the wifi extender cannot connect, there is likely an error from the network operator. Network operators often have periodic system repairs or warranties. In addition, broken undersea fiber optic cables will also affect network usage. You can contact the network operator directly to understand the situation and fix it promptly.

The wifi extender is faulty

If the main network is still stable but cannot access wifi from the range extender, it means your range extender device is faulty. Please try the following methods to fix it:

Check the power source: Sometimes the plug is damaged or the power supply to the device is not enough, causing the signal booster to operate unstable.

Due to improper placement: If you place the signal booster too far from the main modem or too many obstacles around the device, it will affect the wifi reception and transmission process.

Because the signal booster is too hot: When operating frequently and continuously for a long time, it can cause overheating, affecting the wave quality. Please turn off the device to rest for about 30 minutes, once a week to overcome this situation as well as increase the life of the device.

Due to an error from the main modem

It’s not due to an error from the network operator, or it’s not due to an error from the signal booster device, the main modem is likely faulty, leading to a state of not being able to connect to the network. Here are a few reasons that indicate a modem error:

No electricity

Wifi failure to connect could be due to a broken network cable, an unreliable power source, or a loose jack. You should check carefully.

Because the device is too hot

When the wifi transmitter is hot, it will affect the chip as well as the broadcast quality. A hot wifi transmitter may be due to an object blocking the heat vent or due to the modem operating continuously. Another cause could be that the signal booster serving multiple devices at the same time puts pressure on the main modem.

Because the wifi transmitter has a hardware error

When used for a long time, the Modem may experience damage to internal components. If you buy the device outside, you should bring the wifi transmitter for warranty, repair, or replacement with a new one. If you use network equipment, please contact a network technician to have the text repaired promptly.

​Due to the number of traffic exceeding the limit, the main modem cannot load

Each device has its load-bearing capacity. If the number of traffic exceeds the limit, it can cause network lag, flickering, or even failure to connect. If your mobile device is unchanged, the possibility of having your wifi password hacked is very high. At this time, in the network setup section, disconnect unfamiliar devices and change the password regularly.

Besides, you should also disconnect wifi for devices that are not necessary.


Above are detailed instructions on how to use the latest wifi range extender as well as issues surrounding the wifi range extender. Hopefully, through this article, you will clearly understand the effects of the signal booster as well as soon own the best wifi signal booster device, for the smoothest experiences online.

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