Kiwi Ears Quartet

Kiwi Ears Quartet

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Over the past few months, Kiwi Ears has gradually emerged and become a new phenomenon in the ChiFi audio market. The vast majority of products that Kiwi Ears launches are aimed at users in the entry segment.

Packaging and accessories

Quartet along with a set of accessories are packaged by Kiwi Ears in a cardboard box with a quite youthful design with the main color being dark purple. In addition to the most intuitive image of the headset, the manufacturer also prints the brand logo, driver configuration and the words “Live The Music” on the front. Inside the cover is a black cardboard box with the Kiwi Ears logo printed on it.

Kiwi Ears Quartet

Accessories included with the Kiwi Ears Quartet pair of headphones will include:

1 cable

3 pairs of white silicone eartips size S/M/L

3 pairs of black silicone eartips size S/M/L

3 pairs of red gray silicone eartips size S/M/L

1 zippered storage box

A SIM ejector is used to flip the small switches on the headset

1 card printed with Kiwi Ears logo

Design and wearing experience

Like other Kiwi Ears headphone models, Quartet has a housing designed in an ergonomic shape with softly curved lines. The entire housing will be made from medical plastic material and undergo a completely manual polishing process.

To make the headset’s appearance more beautiful, Kiwi Ears has added extremely beautiful purple and blue stripes to the faceplate and housing. Kiwi Ears’ signature logo is also embossed on the faceplate on each ear.

In addition to its exquisite beauty and meticulous finishing, Kiwi Ears Quartet also provides an extremely comfortable wearing feeling. Ergonomic shape combined with light weight allows the headphones to create an extremely good ear fit. However, due to its relatively large size, Quartet is not really suitable for users with small ears.

On the housing of each ear, there will be 2 small switches integrated to customize the output sound quality. The first switch will have two steps: On and 1, the second switch will have two steps Ke and 2. Adjusting the switch manually will be difficult because its size is quite small. Therefore, users should use the SIM ejector that comes with the headset.

The cable that comes with Kiwi Ears Quartet uses a 2-pin 0.78mm connector and a 3.5mm jack. The inner core of the cable will be made of silver-plated OFC copper. Covering the outside of the cable is a black rubber sheath. The cable is quite resistant to tangling and does not experience microphonic phenomenon when used.

Driver configuration and sound quality

The driver configuration equipped inside the Kiwi Ears Quartet will be hybrid and a combination of 2 10mm diameter dynamic drivers and 2 BA drivers. Dynamic drivers will have titanium diaphragms and use dual magnetic circuits. Meanwhile, BA drivers will be customized to provide sharp and clean sound.

Integrating 2 switches on each side of the housing will help Kiwi Ears Quartet possess up to 4 different sound quality options: On-Ke, 1-Ke, On-2 and 1-2.

With On-Ke customization

Quartet will have a warm V-Shape sound quality. The midbass part will be emphasized more than the subbass part, so the bass sounds warm and solid. This adjustment will bring many advantages to reproducing deep male voices. However, in one song, the listener will feel the bass is a bit dull.

Although the mid range sounds natural, smooth, pleasant and has a decent level of detail, due to being pushed back, the vocal part lacks prominence. The treble strip is a bit gentle, not really detailed but creates airiness and does not cause harsh glare. This way of tuning will be suitable for pop music, hiphop, EDM, …

​ With 1-Ke customization

Quartet’s sound quality is still V-Shape, but the treble range will be brighter, richer in energy, and more cared for than the bass range. The amount of bass is still enhanced but will be less than the On-Ke customization. The bass is more textured, more controlled and has better detail. This setting also increases the separation and clarity of the mid range, however, the male voice will not be as round and full as the On-Ke setting.

The strength of the 1-Ke customization lies in the fact that the female vocals sound brighter and have better presence. The extension in the treble range is processed better so the instrument sounds more detailed, sharper and the sound space will be more airy. But the biggest drawback is that there will be a shrill sound in some songs. The strong music genres of this custom are rock, metal, jazz, …

With On-2 customization

When installing this customization, the Quartet’s sound quality will be similar to the On-Ke customization but the treble range will be a bit brighter. Although the sound becomes warmer and more relaxing, the trade-off is that the resolution will be less detailed. With exciting music, the bass range sounds very explosive and powerful. The mid range will now be pulled back a lot but still has a certain smoothness.

The vocal presence will be very weak. Compared to the On-Ke setting, this setting has a smoother, more airy treble range. Compared to the 1-Ke setting, the treble strip lacks sharpness, but long-term listening is less tiring due to reduced sibilance. This customization is suitable for R&B, G-Funk, Reggae, …

With customization 1-2

The sound quality on the Quartet is still V-Shape, but the bass and treble ranges will be boosted more evenly. In addition, the volume level of the mid range has also been slightly improved. Dynamics in all bands are enhanced evenly, making the sound more energetic. The subbass is deep and has a very pleasing rumble, while the midbass is warm and full. The mid range is still backward but not too deep, the timbre is still very natural, pleasant and has good separation. The treble range is expanded, sounds sharper and still retains a certain airiness. Electronic music, dance, metalcore, … are the strong music genres of this custom.

Overall, Kiwi Ears Quartet is a beautiful headphone both in appearance and sound with an eye-catching appearance and flexible V-Shape sound quality that allows it to play many different music genres well.

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