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amazon KLEVV CRAS X RGB DDR4 3200MHz reviews


Klevv CRAS X RGB – In the European market, when it comes to high-end RAM lines for gamers, many people immediately think of names like G.Skill Trident Z or Corsair Dominator, but quite a few people know it. Klevv, a leading name in RAM manufacturing for gamers from Korea, is a subsidiary of the country’s 2nd memory chip manufacturer SK Hynix and a leading sponsor for gamers. eSports competitors are also present in the market.

In the writer’s impression, the name Klevv has always represented the best RAM products available on the market since the first time the writer “touched” the Klevv Genuine DDR3 version with a solid aluminum cover, white LEDs, and speeds up to 3200MHz in 2015, among the highest in the DDR3 RAM world at that time.

This product makes such a strong impression that almost all the RAM models that the writer encounters later lack a little sense of certainty, solidity, and amazing “speed.” So when “meeting” a new version of Klevv’s RAM like the Klevv CRAS X RGB product, the writer is easily captivated by the subjective feeling at first sight.

Although in terms of a box design, Klevv’s new RAM model is not much different from Kingmax Zeus Dragon DDR4 RGB 3600 with the dominant black tone, product image on the front, and some preliminary information on the back, just holding the box in your hand. You will feel the weight of the two RAM sticks inside, a characteristic feature of “genuine” RAM products from Klevv.

It can be said that among the “cooling clamps” for RAM on the market today, the version equipped for Klevv CRAS X RGB is the most “massive” heatsink in both size and thickness. Providing better protection for memory chips and more efficient heat dissipation, ensuring the long-term performance of RAM.

The most obvious is that Klevv continues to use the dominant black tone for the CRAS X product line, similar to the CRAS II RGB version released a few years ago, instead of the bright aluminum “trending” like Colorful CVN Guardian DDR4. Both sides of the heat sink are designed with simple but delicate decorative motifs with precise and sharp machined lines.

The two sides of the RAM have an identically symmetrical design, gripping the luminous upper page with diamond cutouts according to a carefully calculated formula, creating a scattering effect for the LED light from the lamps located close to each other. Allowing the colors to appear and blend instead of the “smooth” white plastic strip as bright as many other RGB LED RAM models on the market.

This approach makes the Klevv CRAS X RGB distinctive and distinctive, similar to how the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB does with its super-bright CAPELLIX RGB LED strips housed in square “doors.”

This light strip of Klevv is compatible with the “light” ecosystem of brands, including ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0, or AsRock Polychrome Sync. All users need to do is download the support software on the company’s homepage.

In recent years, that is also a common trend of RAM manufacturers when major component manufacturers constantly promote and build their closed components ecosystem.

When you plug the RAM into the motherboard, enter the BIOS; you will very easily switch the RAM speed profile through the XMP Profile switch to enable the X.M.P 2.0 automatic overclocking feature.

Klevv CRAS X RGB in this preset profile easily achieves 3200MHz at 1.35V voltage, and the CAS level is set automatically.

Lightly testing with the AIDA64 program shows that, compared with Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB, the write speed of the RAM model from Klevv is faster. The latency is much lower though the product from Corsair has information on some of the best in the DDR4 3200MHz RAM kits available on the market today.

Through preliminary tests, it can be seen that Klevv CRAS X RGB is a high-end RAM product in both design and operating speed.


If you are a top gamer or simply someone who likes to “play” a high-end PC, the Klevv CRAS X RGB is a very suitable choice, possessing a balance between a luxurious design, class-leading refinement, and performance.

It can be said that Klevv is still a name that never disappoints you when looking to buy high-quality RAM products on the market today.

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