lypertek soundfree s20 amazon sound free cena india vs levi manual review is any good worth it buying which better tevi shopee galaxy buds pureplay z3


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amazon LYPERTEK S20 reviews

lypertek soundfree s20 amazon sound free cena india vs levi manual review is any good worth it buying which better tevi shopee galaxy buds pureplay z3

The True Wireless market is changing rapidly, as there are constantly new companies launching great products in the $90 segment. Now in this price range, we can find pairs of headphones with just enough features, sturdy design, and sound quality that is not bad. There will indeed be more time for these products to catch up with the “top” perfection of the $140 – 230 TWS headsets, but it is difficult to argue that they were too good in the past.

In addition to EarFun, I would like to introduce to everyone another audio company that also focuses on developing high-quality True Wireless headphones, including a pair at the price of $90 called Soundfree S20 that we will find out today.

About Lypertek

Lypertek is a brand owned by Sound Innovation Co., LTD, an audio label from Hong Kong, founded in 2015 by Marco Lin & Fanny Cheung. Before building the Lypertek brand, Sound innovation was also quite famous in the audio world with the Oriveti brand, thanks to its high-performance in-ear monitor headphones.

Lypertek was founded in 2017 to welcome the wireless era; thanks to the experience gained from Oriveti, they quickly created a buzz with their first truly wireless pair Lypertek Tevi. Currently, Lypertek has True Wireless products that range from under $140 to $230, including Z3 (upgrade of a pair named Tevi before), high-end Z7 and S20 pair with affordable price, most accessible.

Soundfree S20: An introductory pair of headphones worth paying attention to

I like the boxing of emerging audio companies; they make the box compact, the front has little redundant information, so it is very neat and pleasing to the eye.

In contrast to the front, the back is a great ocean of information about this pair of headphones. It must be when the S20 is a pair of headphones with quite a few features worth mentioning.

The earphones and charging case are neatly placed inside like this. The upper layer is made of paper, but the bottom layer has a rather thick foam layer, so everything is held firmly, pushing hard with your hand to come out.

Accessories of the headset include two 1-layer and three 2-layer rubber pads, along with a USB Type-C charging cord. Other pairs of headphones of the same price range usually only come with 1-layer cushions, so the fact that the S20 has an extra long cushion is also a small advantage.

After experiencing the company’s more advanced Z3 and Z7 duo, I found that Lypertek paid great attention to the design of the charging box to be as fashionable as possible. However, with the S20, this component is not so beautiful, focusing more on features.

Speaking of features, the box of the S20 stands out more than ever! It can provide the headset with 40 hours of use (plus 8 hours available in the ear to make it 48 hours), has 15-minute fast wired charging for 2 hours of use, and Qi wireless charging.

I was not impressed with the design of the charging box, but I quite like how the company made the earpiece of the Soundfree S20. The headset is only available in black, but with the outer surface decorated with small glossy black textures, adding a bit of personality but not a flashy, colorful feeling.

The highlight is the buttons placed on the side of the ear instead of the button on the outside. That is a very smart design, allowing users to press the headset control without pressing it deep inside, causing discomfort. With two buttons on both sides, we can control the volume, change songs, control calls, call the smartphone’s virtual assistant and turn on the Ambient Sound feature to listen to outside sounds without having to remove the headset.

where can you get a LYPERTEK S20 online

Lypertek SoundFree S20 – True Wireless in-Ear Headphone with QuickConnect, Wireless Charging, Ambient Sound, IPX5, 8+40h Playtime, Black: Buy it now

Finally, this pair of headphones is also equipped with IPX5 water resistance. We still can’t take it into the water to swim at this standard, but enough to resist water in other sports activities. The two higher-end Z3 and Z7 pairs will have IPX7 standards, so those who need to use headphones when showering or swimming should look forward to this duo.

True to Lypertek’s ads, although the company has equipped its headphones with a fairly “thick” feature set and unique design details, the sound quality is something that the company does not know compromise a bit. The overall sound quality of the Soundfree S20 has a certain thickness. Still, it is evenly thick from bass to the high sound, not relying on super-dark bass, accompanied by a quite spacious soundstage so that everyone can’t be entwined.

Because of the bold sound quality, first-time listeners will think that the S20 has many basses, but this range is only average if you listen closely. Instead, the bass focuses on expressing depth when the sub-bass part is quite clear, just listening to it. The bass piano sound in Emily Loizeau’s I’m Alive is quite warm, has good sustain, and has a good naturalness, not in the direction of super bold but electronic like the headphones I’ve tried in this price range.

The vocalist has been pushed back slightly, but not to the point of calling this a pair of V-shape headphones. Perhaps the company did this to make the sound quality of the S20 more relaxing, not wanting to let all the thick sound bands “smash” directly into the listener’s face so that it would be quite tiring. Like other bands in sound quality, the midsection of this pair of headphones leans more towards the natural than the electronic, so listening to Pop, Dance, or Ballad songs is also fine, not too biased towards one genre of music.

A welcome surprise in the sound quality of the S20 is that the treble is quite high, along with a good sustain. This high part shows maturely, clearly each note. However, the overall sound of the S20 tends to be thick and warm, with the help of the high-energy treble. The soundstage becomes quite spacious, at least with a pair of TWS in the price range of $140 like the S20.

Not the most advanced, but difficult to criticize in the price range

When learning about Lypertek’s products, we can see that spending a little more money to buy a pair of Lypertek Z3 or Z7 will bring significant upgrades, including a “pretty” 70-hour pin time sound that very few pairs of TWS on the market can do.

However, when looking at the price range of the Soundfree S20, we can see that this pair of headphones is still difficult to criticize. The missing point of the S20 compared to the pairs from EarFun is probably active noise cancellation, but this also helps it ensure water resistance and a stronger usage time. In short, this will be an entry-level pair of TWS headphones that are worth considering before you are ready to spend more expensive products.


lypertek soundfree s20 amazon sound free cena india vs levi manual review is any good worth it buying which better tevi shopee galaxy buds pureplay z3


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