Might and Magic Heroes VII

Might and Magic Heroes VII

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Might and Magic Heroes VII

Heroes VII – Remembering the years 1998 – 2000, playing PC games for many people was still a “luxury”, when only someone who had a Pentium III system could be called ” giants “home neighbors are.

At that time, hardly anyone could afford to “redundant” the whole PC system but still had enough energy to buy copyrighted game discs.

It can be said that for those who love PC games at that time, Starcraft: Brood War, Age of Empires, and Heroes of Might and Magic III are super products, playing again and again without being bored.

And in particular, the reason, especially for Heroes of Might and Magic III, is because of the extremely high replay value and great graphics at the time.

Say, must also say again because this legendary game series has also gone through many ups and downs when being “transferred” from one company to another.

Since the “divine” version III, this series of games has declined so much that only version V is still temporarily considered – while IV and VI can be considered as … discarded items.

Going for a walk without any hint, the idea that Ubisoft was too engrossed with “darling” children like Assassin’s Creed – then “in a flurry”, at Gamescom 2014, Ubisoft suddenly revealed about the birth of the session 7th edition titled Might and Magic: Heroes VII – with a lot of innovation is a very high investment.

So, after 3 extremely roaring Beta tests, whether the lucky “7” can turn Might and Magic: Heroes VII into a savior to restore the honor that Ubisoft has lost or not?

If you ask the writer why the 6th version with the name Might of Magic: Heroes VI failed so badly, the answer can only be because Ubisoft made so many unnecessary variations.

Such as the introduction of the game into the universe of Might of Magic with a change in the arrangement of units according to Core, Elite, and Champion; changes in the structure of generals and mining; giving off half Western, half Chinese shapes, nothing …

Agree, it is with a “long-term” game series with up to 6 versions, it is necessary to have innovations to reduce boredom, but they must be refined and assigned reasonably and scientifically, and systematic, not all in one.

Drawing on the bloody experience from the previous heavy defeat, with Might and Magic: Heroes VII, Ubisoft has made a more subtle and reserved move, when reusing the best elements of previous versions there, plus his unique creations.

Specifically, players will feel extremely familiar because Might and Magic: Heroes VII uses a lot of mechanisms of the Vth version – which was once considered to be the most perfect.

Mechanisms that make up the “name” of the V version such as Initiative (index determines the order of action), the Skill Wheel skill circle, the skill system specific to each race Racial Skill … are reused because they have been “tested” to create solid and varied gameplay.

The mechanics of free patrol in version IV was also included, to create more randomness as the generals traveled on the map.

At the same time, the army division mechanism of the VI version has also been revamped with appropriate adjustments, such as the interesting and reasonable construction of branching structures.

As a series of strategy games – turn-based, Heroes of Might and Magic always conquers players by its extremely intense brainpower.

What works to build first, use which units, how to arrange the squad, where to invest resources properly … all are the quintessence that similar games can hardly keep up with.

The combat mechanics in Might and Magic: Heroes VII have been simulated similarly to the V version, with the battle order heavily determined by the Initiative.

One way or another (hero skills, monster skills …), the player can change this stat of me and the enemy, resulting in whoever manipulates the bar with the Initiative better, that person will have a higher win rate.

With 6 races in this release, players will be reunited with familiar faces, such as the Academy Castle with powerful Mage mages and magical mechanical creatures such as Golem and Colossus.

The Sylvan Elf race “divine” also returns with gameplay changed a lot, from pure-minded to defensive style – extremely uncomfortable healing. And other races like the Haven, the Necropolis … all still retain their characteristics, come with a variety of new tactical models.

The pinnacle of Might and Magic: Heroes VII can be said to be in the revolution of successful battles.

Castle battles will now be much more dramatic when the battlefield includes the area around the city, on the edge of the city wall, and even within the castle.

With new units like Siege and Warfare, it can be ensured that the Might and Magic: Heroes VII player’s experience evolves even more when considering attacking an enemy stronghold.

Since version IV, the graphics of the Heroes of Might and Magic series have changed a lot of styles, but never fully conquered the player.

Version V has a very beautiful environment and castle interior and suffers from a shortcoming in the shape of a dwarf character, big legs like WarCraft III.

The VI version suffers from the styling and uses too bright colors, in the end, it turns into a half-Western, half-Chinese product too flashy.

Aware of the lingering problems and learning from those mistakes, Might and Magic: Heroes VII returns with an extremely new graphic style and easily wins the hearts of players from the first image.

With a shade of dark yellow, Might and Magic: Heroes VII brings the feeling of a battle without losing its mystical dreamlike identity.

The army units are shaped more “hard”, more stubbornly made into a seasoned battle, successfully creating the characteristic atmosphere of a magical world where fierce battles of Races ranging from demons to humans, fairies, and monsters.

It can be said that the versions Might and Magic: Heroes VII successfully reproduces the fierce heroism that a strategy game should have.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the environmental design tactics in Might and Magic: Heroes VII, which have already reached the level of “magic”.

With the added height – Might and Magic: Heroes VII has made the whole series of games still have a flat in-game environment come alive and majestic than ever.

Thanks to this interesting addition, players will have the opportunity to experience a beautiful fantasy world with cliffs, dangerous abysses, cool water flowing through oases in the desert…

It can be said that, every time the player scrolls to change the perspective in the game, the screen displays beautiful wonders of nature that are difficult to find in real life.

The idea that Might and Magic: Heroes VII would be able to turn into a spectacular comeback, the fun was not complete when accompanied by the great impression of the rude “slaps”.

First of all, it must be said that the game has a high level of configuration requirements, unreasonable.

Agree that with great graphics improvements, of course, the machine configuration must also be increased – but increasing to a level on par with the famous FPS shooters that “high hardware requirements” are startling it is too much!

Not stopping there, Might and Magic: Heroes VII still has a very “deadly” technical error, which is bad RAM optimization, to the point of playing games for 2-3 hours. Although a very powerful PC still suffers from an “overload” of RAM, which leads to the game running slowly and heating up quite a lot due to CPU overload.

Next, it is a mistake by accident or intentional, that I find it ridiculous to be able to process a good product with very high graphics quality – but the cutscenes in Might and Magic: Heroes VII also lost to the V version, which was released more than … 10 years ago.

To show the cutscenes, Might and Magic: Heroes VII set up a round table where the representatives of the races sat to discuss strategies, and kept turning the camera around each other’s faces and the lines – no matter what the character is still sitting like a statue, lips not fluttering, eyes not blinking, and nothing is moving.

Another “disaster”, is in the interface. Compared to previous versions like III, V, and even VI, the Might and Magic: Heroes VII interface is extremely confusing and lack of intuitive interface.

The buttons are very small, sometimes dull, and they are arranged irregularly for easy access.

The process of manipulating the controls also makes the player uncomfortable when many commands are confused between clicking once or twice.

Following the catastrophic “combo”, which was the much-awaited campaign play of the game – turned into a pile of crude patchwork.

Players will not find a sense of excitement and drama when following the storyline of the fate of heroes and races in the game like the V version – but instead are innocuous, innocent campaigns like stories that each race representatives arbitrarily tell in… a roadside drink.

Finally, and also the biggest minus point, is that despite creating a very deep and wide tactical foundation, Might and Magic: Heroes VII players don’t have much ground for martial arts because The AI (artificial intelligence) of the game is extremely … stupid.

In most battles, the opponent always makes ridiculous mistakes that even a person who has never known a strategy game will not make, such as letting the gunner … get close to the opponent and then hit, Or should have killed it, then let it go.

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