Moondrop Void

Moondrop Void

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After a long time focusing on the production of IEM/earbuds models, in July 2022, “Moondrop” announced that it would expand its production field by researching and developing full-size headphone models. And the company’s first product is the Moondrop Void headset. So what’s hot about this headset? How is its sound quality and can it compete with fierce competitors from Sennheiser or HiFiMan? Let’s find the answers in this detailed review.

Moondrop Void

Table of Contents

Packaging and accessories

Void has a cover box designed in the exact “anime” style of Moondrop. Prominent on the front is a scene of a cloudy sky along with the image of a cute waifu looking into the distant sky. The implication of this picture is probably to refer to the “emptiness” of the sky. And “void” is also the name of the headset.

Right below this frame will be detailed information about the driver system inside Moondrop Void. Accompanied by the product name and brand logo. On the back of the cover box there will be an image describing the detailed structure of Void’s driver system, technical specifications table and audio frequency chart.

Inside the cover box, in addition to the Moondrop headset, users will receive an additional set of accessories including:

  • 1 cable covered with umbrella on the outside
  • 1 6.35mm connection jack
  • Detailed user manual
  • Warranty card and 1 business card

Design and wearing experience

Not aggressive or ostentatious, Moondrop Void chose a simple, elegant and sophisticated design language with the main color tone being pure, gentle white. To optimize the weight of the headset, the entire outer shell will be made of plastic. Particularly, the joints and headband will be made of aluminum alloy to increase toughness, flexibility and durability.

The earcups are large in size so they can easily cover the listener’s entire ear. The pair of earpads along with two pads on the headband will be the key point to help Void bring a smooth, pleasant and comfortable wearing feeling to the listener. The swivel joints can be a bit stiff when adjusting by hand, but when worn on the ear, these joints easily create a snug fit for the listener’s head. The outer surface of the earcups is designed in a mesh shape that, in addition to dissipating heat, also helps circulate air flow in and out of the ear. Thanks to that, the feeling of wearing it is always airy and without pressure or discomfort.

Driver configuration and sound quality

Inside the Moondrop Void’s earcups is a dynamic driver cluster with a diameter of 50mm. In addition to the dome-shaped speaker membrane made from composite material, this dynamic driver is also equipped with a CCAW voice coil to enhance sound performance. With flexible suspension, non-linear distortion is significantly reduced.

Through FEA finite element simulation technology and many repeated experiments, Moondrop has found a way to optimize the magnetic circuit inside the dynamic driver. The effect is that a large amount of magnetic flux (up to 1 Tesla) is produced when the driver operates. Thanks to this, signal distortion is completely eliminated.

With 64Ohm impedance and 110dB sensitivity, Moondrop Void is not a difficult headset. You can completely pair Void with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops and enjoy your favorite music. However, combining Void with portable DAC/AMP models such as xDuoo XD-05 Basic, EarMen Angel, Aune X1S GT, … will help make sound performances more vivid, realistic and attractive.

The most prominent feature of Moondrop Void’s sound quality is the bass range with good rumble. Although the midbass part has a slight influence on the low mid part, the timbre of the mid range is not changed too much. In addition, the transitions from the upper mid to the low treble sound very flattering and smooth.

Besides the fairly abundant volume and good rumble, the bass range on Void also has a fast decay rate. Kick drums take up a larger amount of space than usual, have a strong punch and sound solid. With string instruments, the resolution is not really sharp but still creates a certain appeal to the listener. The mid range is pushed forward so the vocals create closeness and intimacy with the listener.

Thanks to good layer separation along with an airy soundstage and clear sound imaging, Void possesses the ability to create a multi-dimensional stage. The sound between the instruments creates good separation.

To improve the sound quality of Void, users can replace the stock cable with the 4.4mm Bal Moondrop Line-V cable. There are 8 wire cores inside the cable and they are all made of 6N silver-plated OCC copper. Practical experience shows that this cable will help Void’s sound become clearer and the treble range will have better presence. The sweetness is reduced so the electric guitar sounds have better clarity and more flexible response speed. Accessibility is improved, the jingles in the treble range have better depth. The low mid section has brought better balance and sounded more open to acoustic music melodies.


Vs Sennheiser HD560S

Classic design and sharp curved lines help Sennheiser HD560S headphones have a more outstanding appearance. Although the headband is only made of plastic, the use of a metal grille helps the HD560S’s appearance appear more modern. In contrast to its competitors, Void has a softer and more elegant design. However, the frame inside the headband is made of metal so it has better strength and flexibility. HD560S with earpad made from velvet material provides better ventilation than the earpad made from Void’s artificial leather.

Moving on to the sound quality, compared to Void, the HD560S has a darker sound background and feels more prominent when reproducing musical instruments. Clear sound and good access allow the HD560S to exploit even the smallest details of the music without having to expand the subbass. The vocals on the HD560S sound quite bright and can cause a bit of fatigue if the listener enjoys music for many hours. For Void, the sound is more airy, the soundscape is more vivid, the stage production is better, and the vocals sound more catchy due to the added sweetness.

Vs ThieAudio Wraith

Compared to the elegant appearance of Moondrop Void, Wraith feels more premium and expensive because many components are made from steel. In addition, the headband is covered with leather on the outside, providing a more comfortable wearing experience. The floating joints on Wraith are quite stiff and do not have the same flexibility as on Void. But the grille has a more modern and unique design. While Void’s earpads have better comfort, Wraith has earpads that provide better ventilation.

The driver system on the Wraith is much larger in size and has more extensive sound coverage. Wraith’s strength lies in its sound quality with high detail and dynamic resolution, and the sound imaging provides better vividness. Small details in music such as bells or applause are reproduced very accurately. With a price double that of Void, it’s obvious that Wraith has better sound quality.

Vs Harmonicdyne G200

Like the Wraith, the G200 has a more modern design than the Moondrop Void. The headband of the G200 will be made from carbon fiber instead of a mixture of steel and plastic like Void. The suspension cushion is integrated with up to 6 memory foam pads, so it provides a softer wearing feeling than Void’s soft foam cushion.

In terms of sound quality, Void with its expanded subbass will provide better rumble. Void’s retrieval ability is nearly as detailed as the G200. The mid range being pushed forward more with good layer separation gives the vocal part on Void a better volume, while the instrument part still has emphasis and is further back like the G200.

Although it is quite young in the field of full-size headphones, with the launch of Moondrop Void, “Moon Drop” is gradually asserting its position in the headphone market.

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