Popular technologies used on Acer Laptops

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  1. Bluelight is blue light, the shortest wavelength of visible light that most affects the eyes. Blue light is one of the three basic RGB colors (Red, Green, and Blue) that create other colors on the screen.
  2. Bluelightshield is Acer’s technology that eliminates blue light escaping from the screen by using a shield to help protect the user’s eyesight.

This technology is available on most Acer laptops sold on the market


Technology helps colors display more accurately and naturally

– Adjust the color temperature to 6500K, equivalent to the color temperature of daylight, providing natural, realistic colors

– 100% color coverage of the sRGB color range

– Bringing the gamma contrast value to 2.2 helps achieve color accuracy closest to sRGB.


Technology delivers realistic, clear, powerful sound. Surround sound reproduction, customized to focus sound towards the user.

With TrueHarmony:

– The sound will be less distorted, and the bass range will be wider: Using high-quality materials for the speaker membrane helps reproduce sound more accurately. At 800Hz, sound distortion is only less than 5%, far superior to conventional speakers. In addition, thanks to design improvements, the wider bass range provides a great movie-watching and music-listening experience

– Louder and clearer sound: Thanks to the use of high-quality components to produce Acer TrueHarmony speakers, along with the ability to intelligently divide sound between speakers, it provides powerful sound quality while maintaining a clear impression.

– Enhance surround sound effect: Acer TrueHarmony will direct sound waves towards the user to bring focused sound, along with algorithms to create a powerful surround sound effect, resulting in a user-friendly experience. Experience more vivid, realistic sounds.


Technology to eliminate noise and noise, identify the user’s sound frequency when talking, providing clearer conversation quality.

With Acer Purified Voice, users can easily hold conversations in coffee shops or places with a lot of noise and noise effectively thanks to many advanced technologies:

– Using Dual-Mic: With 2 recording mics, the device will monitor a wider area, capturing all sounds in a very wide range, superior to devices with only one conventional mic.

– Voice tracking: Acer Purified Voice technology will automatically monitor the user’s sound frequency, thereby recognizing you in a noisy crowd with many different noises. From there, the device will analyze and separate your voice from surrounding noise, providing the ability to effectively eliminate noise.

– Far-field Pickup: When you stand far away from the device, this feature will be activated to ensure that the volume captured by the microphone remains unchanged compared to when you are near the device.

– Automatically eliminate common ambient noises such as keyboard tapping, fan noise, air conditioner sound, or door pulling sound…

– Increase voice recognition capabilities: When working with Cortana, Acer Purified Voice will automatically select Voice Recognition mode, optimal for Cortana to understand what you want to say. In each different task, the system will automatically select and apply the best sound effects. The device’s default settings will be optimized for Skype calls, but when using Cortana, the device will automatically switch to Voice Recognition mode optimized for speech recognition.

This technology is present on the lines: Predator, V Nitro, Swift, Spin, and the upcoming VX line

FINGERPRINT READER (Modern fingerprint sensor)

Acer Fingerprint Reader is a biometric security system that helps users login to Windows 10 safely and quickly.

– Acer Fingerprint Reader works with Windows Hello, after checking the fingerprint, the device will automatically log in to your Windows account

– The fingerprint sensor will scan your fingerprint image and save a backup copy on the device. Users will not have to remember or worry about forgetting the password.

– With Acer Fingerprint Reader, users no longer have to enter a long, time-consuming string of characters.

– The fingerprint sensor on Acer Laptops is a new generation type, users only need to place their finger on the sensor and do not need to scan from top to bottom like before (Touch type on Swift 3 and Swift 5)

– Fast recognition speed, in less than 1 second you can access the device

– Specifically identify each person, helping the machine automatically log in to the previously installed user account (used for multi-user mode)


Acer Switch Alpha 12 is the first 2-in-1 laptop running the Intel Core i chip that does not use a fan thanks to Acer Liquidloop Cooling System technology.

– Is a liquid cooling system with improved technology used for 2-in-1 devices such as Acer Switch Alpha 12

– The heat emitted from the CPU will be absorbed and dissipated evenly by the heat pipes. With advanced technology, these heat pipes will be cooled effectively, increasing performance and reliability.

– With liquid cooling technology, you will no longer be bothered by the virtual noise of the radiator fan

– Users do not have to worry about accidentally blocking the heatsink slot causing the device to overheat

– Without a cooling fan, you no longer have to worry about dust accumulation or cleaning the device

– Improve energy efficiency, do not have to waste part of the energy on cooling fan.

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