seeaudio bravery aliexpress see audio crinacle head fi graph iem price review reddit singapore vs blessing 2

SeeAudio Bravery

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seeaudio bravery aliexpress see audio crinacle head fi graph iem price review reddit singapore vs blessing 2

See Audio is an emerging headphone company in the audio industry, but in return, they own sound engineers who have a lot of experience in the profession. Bravery is See Audio’s latest IEM model after names that have gained a lot of appreciation in recent times, such as Kaguya, Neo, and especially Yume.

SeeAudio Bravery is a long-awaited project made by fans of the SeeAudio brand. Simply put, Bravery is a project made by the community, chosen by the community, and crafted by the experts at See Audio.


Bravery is boxed quite simply; you can see the headset and accessories by pulling the outer cover and lifting the box. Only a round aluminum case, three pairs of Azla Xelatec eartips, and a Hakugei cable.

Azla Eartips provide a very good fit and sound insulation; large sound pipes make the sound more natural.

The included Hakugei cable is a huge plus with its lightweight material, although the entire wire and jack splitter to the connector is metal.


Carrying a housing look of a typical IEM, Bravery is made of resin with a very light feel to hold and wear. The faceplate part is made in a flowing ink style for a very mysterious color. The transparent black housing layer and the sound chamber are left empty, not filled with resin, both allowing us to see a bit of the interior and making the headset lighter.

We have the letter S logo of See Audio on the right faceplate, while on the left is an 8-pointed star. The bass outlet is next to the connector port, with nothing on the back other than the metal nozzle. The filter on the nozzle is a metal mesh with traditional round holes.


Bravery is a headset that tends to balance to a light U shape in terms of general ground. With 4 BA drivers, it can be said that Bravery plays very well and is not picky about any genre of music; this can be considered Bravery’s advantage.

One thing worth mentioning before going into details is that I find that up to 40% of Bravery’s sound quality depends on the Hakugei cable; when changing to another OEM cable, Bravery changes very clearly.


The bass range is gently pressed with 2 BA drivers, different from traditional dynamic drivers’ powerful and energetic bass. Bravery’s BA bass driver has better bounce and control. Mid-bass hit with force but not too much, good bounce but not enough energy. The sub-bass hits just deep enough and melts very quickly, although it will not be “high” enough for some bassheads; when it comes to songs with pounding drums, they melt quickly and have good control of the bass range Bravery is quite appreciated. This bass range is tuned to support the remaining bands rather than the main highlight, so the bass range can mostly be hit according to any genre of music needed. Of course, compared to the bass range of dynamic drivers, it is probably not as good.


Clean and bright are the two words that best describe Bravery’s mid-range. Bravery’s mid-range is balanced in the low-mid and gradually brightens up to the high-mid. Thanks to the very controlled bass range, there is a very clear smoothness from the bass to the low-mid, creating a pretty good balance in the low-mid. Meanwhile, the high-mid is tuned brighter, details are sharper but still keep the background very clean. The male vocals performed at a good level; the vocals were a bit thin and dry. Because the tune direction is slightly bright, male vocals are not cared for as much as female vocals.

Bravery’s female vocals are a completely different story; the highs are good, the detail processing, and the vocals’ thickness are solid. With a bit of sharpness in the high notes, Bravery handled the sib situation very well, making the female voice neither uncomfortable nor harsh at all.

Instruments in the mid are very clear and clean, and there is also a slight light when the high notes of the guitar or violin are very pleasing and detailed.


The clarity and detail in the mid are still quite well maintained in the treble range with a good jingle. The cymbal sound has good solubility, a bit harsh but not annoying. The energy in the treble range is still very good, but the feeling that everything in the treble range is tuned to safely does not create much emphasis, from details, jingle to airiness, are all too safe.


Due to the safety of fine-tuning the treble range, Bravery’s soundstage is only rated at a good level. The background is very clean, but everything seems to be concentrated in the center; there is no separation on the two sides. Instruments are well arranged, with separation, but the space between the instruments in the music is not comfortable.


What See Audio shows on Bravery is considered very good. Everything is very uniform across the tonal ranges, tightly combined. Thanks to the safety when tuning the tonal ranges, Bravery brings a very comfortable feeling to all types of music, giving a very good mixing ability. Of course, this sound quality will always be a more personal part. Maybe those who like gentle, relaxing details will be quite impressed with Bravery, whereas bass-head or treble-head tastes probably won’t be impressed with Bravery too much.

Another advantage that can be followed is the combination with the Hakugei wire company, which has given See Audio an extremely impressive cable. However, it only offers the basic choice of 3.5 SE jack, but with high-quality materials. 6N OCC and its sturdy appearance, the Hakugei cable gave a very good impression to the Bravery experience. For the mid-range segment, if this cable is designed with a balance port (2.5 or 4.4), the combination of See Audio Bravery and Hakugei cable will be an extremely worthwhile choice.

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seeaudio bravery aliexpress see audio crinacle head fi graph iem price review reddit singapore vs blessing 2


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