sennheiser ie80s bt amazon tai nghe bluetooth cable danh gia ie 80 s earphone 80s audiophile high end head fi giá đánh giảm iem ie80 in-ear headphones kabel manual vs momentum in ear price preis review tinhte test over wireless 2 0 over-ear

Sennheiser IE80S BT

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amazon Sennheiser IE80S BT reviews

sennheiser ie80s bt amazon tai nghe bluetooth cable danh gia ie 80 s earphone 80s audiophile high end head fi giá đánh giảm iem ie80 in-ear headphones kabel manual vs momentum in ear price preis review tinhte test over wireless 2 0 over-ear

Sennheiser is a giant empire with more than 70 years of continuous innovation and creativity; they have built a reputation as a company that consumers can put their trust in through its line of outstanding audio products. This week, I had the opportunity to experience the Sennheiser IE80S BT. This headset model is the Bluetooth version of the once-successful IE80S model, but that’s not special.

Whether Sennheiser IE80S BT is worthy of you to own, read this detailed review right away.


Sennheiser IE80S BT’s box is professionally packaged in the style of Sennheiser. The front is a product illustration. The back is detailed information about the product and the manufacturer.

Opening the inner box, the Sennheiser IE80S BT is placed in a very thick protective foam layer. The accessory compartment is located under the foam layer with a lot of equipment from the company:

– Set of ear tips (silicone, two-tier tips, sponge)

– Headphone cleaning tool, bass knob adjustment tool

– USB Type C charging cable

– Protective case with zipper

– Manuals set of books


Sennheiser IE80S BT has a compact housing design, dark gray shell combined with a metal-plated logo face to create a luxurious, mature, and equally modern look. The weight of the Sennheiser IE80S BT is quite light, only about 30g, so when I wear it, I feel quite comfortable and sure.

Above the headset are an ear hook frame with relatively soft material and good grip when worn on the ear. The headphone cable is connected to a neckband. Maybe many people will not like this design when thinking they are entangled and heavy, but you can forget this worry when the neckband on the Sennheiser IE80S BT is light and very comfortable to wear.

The headset is equipped with a dynamic driver using neodymium magnets; similar to the original IE80s, the bass adjustment still appears on the housing, along with a 5-band EQ range that can be easily customized via the Sennheiser Smart Control application. That’s good news for those of you who like to customize the sound quality to suit your needs.

The Sennheiser IE80S, BT Bluetooth cable, connects to the housing via a proprietary 2-pin connection standard. Although it is a bit disturbing when it is not a common connection standard on the market, when looking at the quality of the cable, I am quite assured when it is soft, solid, and has good elasticity.

The cable connecting the headset to the neckband has a reasonable length that does not cause entanglement when used. The neckband is a built-in microphone and control button cluster for calling and calling Siri / Google virtual assistants.


Sennheiser IE80S BT has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity standard that supports codec formats from common (AAC/SBC) to more advanced such as aptX, aptX HD, aptX low latency, LHDC. With support for the above high-resolution codecs, it ensures you have the best wireless audio transmission quality available today.

What’s even more impressive is that it supports audio conversion via a dedicated DAC chip. However, Sennheiser doesn’t specify which chipset they use; they have a separate audio processing DAC, which makes it even more impressive. I very much hope. Finally, the headset’s battery life falls to about 6 hours (a bit low compared to today’s technology world, but on par with the rest of Sennheiser’s previous wireless headphones.


Sennheiser IE80S BT still retains the sound quality characteristics of the Sennheiser IE80S wired version: cheerful, warm sound, playing various music genres at a very good level. U-Shape sound graph emphasizes the Sub-bass and treble while the mid-range is kept relatively flat.

Bass range

As I mentioned before, the bass range on the Sennheiser IE80S BT can be adjusted, seemingly to enhance the upper bass, so this adjustment mainly increases the thickness of the sound. In this review, I will change the bass booster of the headset to the lowest level to create a balanced sound quality.

The Sennheiser IE80S BT’s bass ranges provide a feeling of fullness and warmth. At the frequency of 60hz, the bass hits with force and energy, adding strength to drums and bass guitars. I am very impressed with the vibrant bass range when its quality is very good compared to most wireless headphones on the market. Sennheiser certainly did a good job of bringing the sound quality that a wired headset provides into the form of a Bluetooth headset.


The mid-range on Sennheiser IE80S BT feels smooth and warm. The sound of percussion instruments is energetic, and the trumpets and piano hammers are clear and elegant. I found that the frequency range around 200hz provides thickness for bass guitars, acoustic guitars, pianos, and stringed instruments through some tests. The Sennheiser IE80S BT created a subtle separation between the instruments in the midrange and high midrange. In addition, the frequency range around 4-5khz provides the necessary energy to help emphasize the vocals and consonants. The singer’s voice becomes soaring and emotional, flexible and seamless.

When I tested with the song Thrash Unreal by Against Me, the heavy bass and electric guitars blended to create solidity and a very good sense of the surrounding space.

High range

The high-frequency ranges of the Sennheiser IE80S BT provide a wonderful sense of texture and subtlety. An enhancement of the upper treb around the 8kHz frequency range emphasizes percussion instruments, cymbals, and strings. The increase in octaves around the 8khz frequency range and the cut of the treble lower in the 6-7kHz range causes the high frequencies to point upwards and away from the mids, providing great detail and helping the overall sound quality. The sound quality becomes much better. For experience, when I listen to Voodoo Down’s Miles Runs song, the cymbals have a good sense of texture mixed with harmonious complexity, the trumpet sounds a bit forward. Still, overall this combination gives a little sense of flight, direction, and expression.

Stage space

The stage space of Sennheiser IE80S BT can be said to be very impressive, especially for a wireless headset. The extension in the high and low frequencies creates a sense of sophistication for the listener. Accompanying the cleanliness of the DAC chip is a sense of depth that contrasts with rich instruments in the high mids. For example, when I listened to Ray Charles’s version of Fever with Natalie Cole, the elevation of the cymbals, percussion, and vocals contrasted sharply in pitch versus depth. The hand drum can jump from left to right widely and flexibly. Finally, the closeness of the vocals contrasts with the vibrato, strings, and electric guitar. Each instrument seems to have its own space, which gives a three-dimensional stage feel in a way you don’t often see on a wireless headset.


Sennheiser IE80S BT is a headset model that supports high-resolution wireless audio transmission to ensure outstanding accuracy and spacious soundstage when combined with its dedicated DAC. Along with a solid and comfortable wearing, playing a variety of music genres, especially the deeply reduced price, makes it the brightest name on the Bluetooth headset market at the moment.

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sennheiser ie80s bt amazon tai nghe bluetooth cable danh gia ie 80 s earphone 80s audiophile high end head fi giá đánh giảm iem ie80 in-ear headphones kabel manual vs momentum in ear price preis review tinhte test over wireless 2 0 over-ear


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