Some common air purifier errors, how to fix them

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Do not connect to electricity

Normally, when plugged in, the air purifier will emit a very clear beep sound. However, this time when you plug in the power, you cannot hear this sound. The error of no power supply is considered a basic error and most often occurs during the use of the device.


Your home’s electrical system is having problems.

The air purifier’s power cord is broken or has a problem.

The power outlet is short-circuited and damaged.

The power source used does not match the machine’s specifications.

How to fix

Try plugging the air purifier’s power cord into another electrical outlet.

In case the machine parameters do not match the power source, you should buy an additional current converter.

If the electrical system in your home has a problem, you should contact the electricity company so they can come down and check.

If the filter cord is broken, you should take the machine to a shop that specializes in repairing electrical equipment to have them re-wire it.

Cannot stop auto mode

Auto mode will automatically sense to adjust the machine’s operating level. Depending on the level of pollution, the device will automatically adjust the fan speed to suit the environmental conditions. If you cannot stop Auto mode, activate Manual mode by selecting the wind speed you desire.

Air purifiers do not humidify

Some types of air purifiers have a built-in humidifier function, which balances the air and prevents the air from becoming too dry, leading to the risk of skin and respiratory diseases.


If your air purifier’s humidification feature suddenly stops working, it’s likely your device has encountered one of the following problems:

The amount of water in the tank has run out.

The humidification mode has not been activated.

The humidifier is damaged.

The filter is clogged with a lot of dirt, reducing the effectiveness of the humidifier.

How to fix

Check the amount of water in the tank. If the water has run out, add more water to the tray and close the lid. If the tray has too much water, you should pour out some water. Please monitor the water level regularly to keep the machine operating at its best.

Check to see if the machine’s humidification function is activated or not.

Look carefully at the filter to see if there is a lot of dirt accumulated. If so, remove the filter and use a soft cloth to clean the filter. Remember to clean periodically so that the device circulates smoothly, avoiding the case of too much dust and dirt clogging the filter network.

The air purifier is leaking water

An air purifier leaking water is quite a dangerous error because leaking water not only damages the components in the device but also causes slippage and even conductive leakage.

A common symptom of this error is that you often see water leaking in small drops, sometimes with a lot of water flowing out underneath the filter.


The water tank is full or has not been installed or closed properly.


Carefully check the water tank to see if it is too full. If the water is full, drain it and leave only a sufficient amount.

Close the lid carefully as prescribed.

If you have handled the above method and the water leak still occurs, please contact the place where your machine is installed for inspection and warranty support.

Filtering capacity is reduced

The air filtration function is the most important function of an air purifier. If the filtering ability is reduced, air, dirt, and toxic substances will not be thoroughly filtered. Not only does it not help your family protect their health, but it also wastes electricity.

​ Reason

The device’s sensor has a problem, causing the purifier to be unable to determine the level of pollution in the air.

The filter system has too much dirt stuck to it or has problems or the filter network is too old and no longer works effectively.

The environment is too polluted or the room area is large or overloaded compared to the machine’s operating capacity.

How to fix

If the sensor has a problem, go to a service center or contact professional air purifier repair technicians.

If the filter is too dirty, you need to quickly clean it to improve the condition. The best frequency of cleaning the air purifier is once a month.

In case the device’s filter is too old, you need to find a suitable new filter to replace it.

Carefully check whether the product’s operating capacity is suitable for the air or room area you are using.

​ The error of air pollution indicator light

Some types of air purifiers have a built-in pollution indicator light, which is extremely convenient. The indicator light’s reflection will help you know the level of pollution as well as easily adjust the appropriate usage mode.

Sometimes, air pollution warning lights will encounter problems such as:

The indicator light does not change color

This error is often due to a dust sensor with low sensitivity or a lot of dirt sticking up, causing the wrong signal to be emitted. To fix it, you should unplug the power, use a cotton swab to gently clean the sensor, or adjust the sensitivity to a higher level.

The indicator light is turned off while the device is still operating

This error may be due to the light sensor being activated. Therefore, the flashlight will automatically turn off when the surrounding space lacks light. You should carefully check whether the light sensor is on or not.

The indicator light remains red when the machine is operating

This error occurs when the air has been balanced, the device has filtered the air but the light still shows red and does not change color. The cause may be that the sensor is contaminated with dirt or moisture, causing the wrong command notification. You should clean the sensor, remember to be gentle, and do not use sharp objects or strong detergents to clean.

Green indicator light in a very polluted environment

The green signal light means the air has been filtered clean. However, some devices report a green light while the air is very polluted. You should check to see if the machine’s capacity is suitable for the room area if the location of the machine is hidden or if obstacles are blocking the air filtration ability.

Some error codes of air purifiers

Sharp air purifier

Error code E2 circuit part:

The humidity sensor is defective

The water level sensor in the tray is faulty, so the water level is not correct.

Error code E2 mechanical part:

The water tray has lost its magnetic float.

The water wheel is installed incorrectly

The water wheel rotates continuously even when humidity is > 50%

Error code C1: The fan motor is faulty, does not rotate or rotates too fast.

Error codes C3, and C4: the humidity sensor is broken or the humidity in the air exceeds the sensor’s limit.

Error code U3: Error related to the device’s ion and plasma generator.

Error code E9: the machine is too dirty, clogging the filter, humidity compensation system, and ventilation doors.

Error code on LG air purifier

Error code E9/CH9: this is an EEPROM error, occurring when the EEPROM data is incorrect.

Error code E10/CH10: ventilation fan lock error, occurs when the fan does not rotate properly.

Error code E12/CH12: this is a fan lock error, occurring when the cleaning booster fan rotates incorrectly.

HITACHI air purifier error code

Error code C2: humidity filter mode not set

Error code C3: not installed or installed in the wrong position of the filter cover and filters.

Error code C8: The machine is tilted or the sensor vibrates.

Error code F1: the fan system in the machine is spinning abnormally

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