trendnet ac2200 mesh wifi router reviews review system

Trendnet AC2200 (TEW-830MDR2K)

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amazon Trendnet AC2200 (TEW-830MDR2K) reviews

trendnet ac2200 mesh wifi router reviews review system

Trendnet’s first mesh WiFi kit, the AC2200 WiFi Router System (model TEW-830MDR2K, $274.99), is a tri-band system that uses 802.11ac technology to provide wireless networking with switching Seamless zones in homes up to 4,000 square feet. It comes with two low-profile buttons and a simple mobile app that makes it easy to set up and manage.


The Trendnet system comes with two white puck-shaped buttons that are 2.2 inches high and 5 inches wide. Each button can be up to 2,000 square feet, and you can purchase additional buttons for $159.99 each.

Other than the Trendnet logo above, they are identical in appearance to the EnGenius ESR580 buttons. The same small LED indicator that glows white when the buttons are connected flashes orange when the grid signal is weak and flashes in red when there is a connection problem.

While the EnGenius buttons have a USB 2.0 port on the rear, the TEW-830 buttons are equipped with a USB 3.0 Type-A port for connecting to external peripherals. It is combined with two Gigabit LAN ports and one power jack.

The TEW-830 is equipped with a quad-core CPU, 256 MB RAM, and 128 MB flash memory. A tri-band AC2200 system can achieve maximum data rates up to 400Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 867Mbps on each of the two 5GHz bands. You can configure one of the 5GHz bands to provide dedicated wireless support or let the three bands share the support mission.

Alternatively, you can use the LAN port for wired backhaul, providing optimal performance and freeing up wireless resources for client-to-Router transmission. The system uses 802.11ac technology and supports simultaneous MU-MIMO data transmission, direct signal beamforming, and automatic band control, allowing the router to decide which radio band to provide speed optimal transmission.

Look at the app

The TEW-830 is controlled and configured using a mobile app designed for use with iOS or Android handsets. Still, if you want to configure advanced settings such as port forwarding, wall settings, etc., fire and file-sharing settings, you will have to use the web control panel. You will also need the web control panel to purchase and configure Router Limits. This subscription-based third-party application offers advanced age-appropriate content filtering and parental controls, as well as things like tracking browser history and monitoring bandwidth.

The mobile app opens a dashboard screen containing buttons for WiFi, Devices, Diagnostics, and Parental Controls:

Below buttons is a tab with a button that launches an internet speed test and the results of the latest test, and at the bottom of the screen is a network map. Tap the WiFi button to edit your SSID and password, change the encryption type, and configure channel number and width settings. Here you can also configure and enable the guest network.

The Parental Controls button takes you to a screen where you can create rules and apply them to individual devices or a group:

You can create rules to disconnect web access at certain times and days of the week and set filters to block social media sites, search engines, and websites playing video. You can also use the Custom setting to block specific URLs. In addition, there is a QoS setting that allows you to give high priority to the device to increase bandwidth allocation. However, the anti-malware utilities you get with the Gryphon Smart WiFi Mesh and TP-Link Deco M9 Plus systems are missing.

To see which clients are connected to each node, tap the Devices button. Here you can enable the SAMBA file sharing service for connected USB drives, enable or disable the LED indicator, and enable/disable WPS:

The Diagnostics button allows you to test your internet speed and run a grid speed test to ensure the nodes are positioned correctly for optimal performance.

Settings and Performance

As with nearly all grid systems we’ve reviewed, the Trendnet toolkit is easy to install and configure. I connected the Router node to my modem, powered it on, and downloaded the mobile app. I clicked Create New Network at the bottom of the login screen; when the button’s LED started flashing orange, I pressed Next and used my phone to scan the QR code on the base. After a few seconds, the app connected to the node, and I named the node and created a new grid account with a username and password.

Within 30 seconds, my settings were saved, and I pressed on Add another device. I plugged in the satellite button, and the app started looking for a new device, identified after 45 seconds or so. I selected the button, pressed Next, and waited over a minute for it to be added to my account, now the installation is complete.

The TEW-830MDR2K gave mixed results in our transfer rate performance tests:

The Router Node scored an impressive 509Mbps in the near test (in the same room), surpassing the EnGenius ESR580 and Zyxel Multy X Routers but not the TP-Link Deco M9 Plus Router. Its 180Mbps score in the 30-foot test isn’t quite as impressive, trailing EnGenius and Zyxel routers as well as TP-Link, which leads with a score of 230Mbps.

The Trendnet satellite also performed well in the short-range test, obtaining a score of 381Mbps. That’s enough to beat the EnGenius and Zyxel satellites but not the TP-Link:

In the 30-foot test, the TEW-830MDR2K with a score of 159Mbps, while the TP-Link Deco M9 Plus with a speed of 257Mbps.

A competitor, but not a winner

The Trendnet AC2200 Mesh WiFi Router System makes it easy to bring wireless connectivity to areas of your home that your old router can’t reach. It’s easy to install and comes with parental controls that let you block unwanted content. Still, you’ll have to pay for the more granular parental controls and history tracking capabilities, and you are not protected against viruses and other malware.

While this kit scored respectably on our short-range transfer rate tests, its long-range performance could have improved. The similarly priced TP-Link Deco M9 Plus offers outstanding transfer speeds, built-in malware protection, powerful parental controls, and the ability to control home automation devices.

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TRENDnet AC2200 WiFi Mesh Router System, TEW-830MDR2K,2 x AC2200 WiFi Mesh Routers, App-Based Setup, Expanded Home WiFi(Up to 4,000 Sq Ft. Home), Content Filtering w/Router Limits (Renewed): Buy it now

TRENDnet AC2200 WiFi Mesh Router System, TEW-830MDR2K,2 x AC2200 WiFi Mesh Routers, App-Based Setup, Expanded Home WiFi(Up to 4,000 Sq Ft. Home), Content Filtering w/Router Limits,Supports 2.4Ghz/5G: Buy it now


trendnet ac2200 mesh wifi router reviews review system


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