What is an MFi certificate, do you need to care if you play audio

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Many music lovers often use their phones as a source, and I think the iPhone accounts for a large number. If you buy audio products such as headphones, cables, adapters for iPhone, you must have seen the MFi certificate sometimes. So what is MFi, and do audio players need to care about it?

1/ What is MFi?

MFi stands for “Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod,” which is a certificate that Apple grants to 3rd party accessory manufacturers to confirm the quality of Apple’s standard products.

2/ Why do you need to care about the MFi certificate?

As mentioned above, these certified products mean they will be compatible with Apple devices. If it is a headset, it will use full features such as listening to calls, skipping songs, and increasing or decreasing the volume. If it is a cable or adapter, it will ensure that the signal transmission connection is stable throughout.

3/ Can products without MFi be used?

Products without MFi certification will be cheaper. However, there are certain risks involved. As mentioned above, it is possible that some features may not work, or the connection will be intermittent.

I used to fall into the case of using a cable without MFi to connect iPhone and DAC; after updating to the new iOS version, this cable no longer works.

4/ End

In short, if you have spent money to buy headphones or connection cables to use with DAC / Amp, then you should spend a little more on buying products with MFi certification.


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