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Radius earphones are designed to help people who have trouble hearing. They use a simple design, lightweight, and comfortable earpieces that allow customers to hear everything they need to make informed choices.

The design creates a comfortable experience for users, and the sound is enriched with high-quality audio. The company offers customized designs and even has an app that allows its customers to monitor what’s happening with their hearing.

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Radius earphone is a new digital product that helps you with your workout. It has a companion app that tracks your progress and motivates each user to work out.

Everyone can use this app easily, regardless of their fitness level or background. It is not just for fitness enthusiasts: it also benefits people who are busier than those who exercise regularly. The device has no additional equipment required to be used in any scenario with limited space.

Earphones are a type of personal audio device that can be inserted into the ear, worn over the head, or around the neck.

The name is derived from Latin “Auris” (ear) and “audire” (to hear). Earphones are often associated with radios, televisions, video game consoles, and laptops.

How does the radius wireless earphone work?

To understand how the radius wireless earphone works, we first need to understand how Bluetooth headphones work.

Bluetooth headphones work by connecting two devices. To connect with a phone, it needs a Bluetooth transmitter. If you want to connect with any audio device, like a speaker or a headset, the Bluetooth transmitter will be paired with it instead of your phone.

The radius wireless earphone is the only product on this list that doesn’t have Bluetooth as its technology. Instead of using Bluetooth, they use NFC (Near Field Communication). This technology allows them to connect wirelessly by placing their devices near each other and tapping their phones together.

What is the battery life of radius earphones?

These earphones are designed for the best possible performance. They have a low power consumption with up to 20 hours of battery life and a built-in microphone and remote.


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