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Aragami Your View Your Choice

Aragami – Inviting friends, beautiful pictures, good sound, or it can be simply a sequel to a certain series of games you like – there are indeed many reasons enough to make you pay attention to a certain game.

For the case of Aragami, what made the writer decide to spend time on the game is that the graphics must be described in two words “excellent,” and the interesting of the plot when the main character represents justice is the embodiment of darkness, using darkness as strength. In contrast, the enemies he has to confront, those assigned the “duty” to play the evil in the game, are the “army of light,” Use light as a weapon.

That’s exciting, but after the disappointment from Shadwen – an interesting “half-hearted” stealth action game from Frozenbyte – the writer could not help but be careful when coming to Aragami, a name of the same genre and also is the product of an indie game maker.

But in the end, the writer’s worries turned out to be superfluous, which is good!

It’s the companion that anyone doing something stealthy wants to have with them.

But for Aragami, a resentful spirit with the ability to control and use darkness at will, on the way to find and free Yamiko, the mysterious girl summoned and held the secret. Regarding his existence, darkness is not only Aragami’s ally but also Aragami’s “life.”

Because he needed to minimize the possibility of being discovered by the enemy, the shadows would be the place that would allow Aragami to gather the spiritual energy of the darkness. He could use teleport time going back and forth between the dark areas in the game screen, within a certain range of their own.

Thanks to this ability, Aragami can quickly close or escape from the enemy with powerful moves rapidly without making any noise.

Besides the available shadows, you can also actively create temporary shadow areas to move to, but don’t overdo it; this “trick” consumes a lot of energy!

Reading this far, you must have imagined and thought that Aragami will be an “easy as pie” game with this supernatural ability of the main character.

Honestly (albeit a little embarrassed), I must admit that in just over ten hours of experiencing more than half the game. The writer “died” and had to reload the screen hundreds of times, regardless, despite the experience of playing stealth action games gained from nearly six hundred hours of sticking with two excellent names in this genre. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and HITMAN, not to mention many other titles.

In Aragami, it is very easy for each enemy to overcome them or even defeat them when you can move a ghost, as mentioned above, not to mention various skills. You can “unlock” other useful features by searching and collecting scrolls scattered throughout the levels (these are also clues to help you understand more about the game’s plot).

But when combined, those enemies create true challenges for players.

That’s where Aragami’s difficulty, and at the same time, beauty.

That’s because the level designers of Lince Works have done their job with Aragami in a commendable way.

Whether the easiest or the most difficult, each level of the game requires your ability to observe, grasp the environment meticulously, plan carefully, sometimes creatively, and take precise action with high adaptability.

The game gives you the freedom to pursue every strategy you can think of, but at the same time, it has enough rigor to ensure that even your smallest mistake will be punished, don’t be reckless!

Once discovered, you will almost immediately be eradicated without having a chance to protest.

And with Aragami’s layout of automatic save points quite far apart, if you are impatient, it is easy to “go mad” after being defeated that time!

In short, do not think Aragami is a “superman” but a “power illusion”; the real person is only you!

There are games that, when playing, at any time, you can easily get yourself the desired wallpaper to decorate your computer or phone, just by taking a screenshot of the game without needing to use it having to spend too much time choosing the scene.

Aragami is such a game.

Although a game maker based in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Lince Works has been too successful in blowing the Asian soul, the Japanese soul, into each line of Aragami.

Each game scene appears as a woodcarving picture with clean, sharp carvings and strong colors with high contrast.

But most importantly, all of them are as delicately and artistically adorned by the moonlight of the game.

Blurry, unreal, under the night mist and the blue moon, Aragami seems to bring players into a magical fairy tale, where fireflies dance and cherry blossoms dance.

Aragami has a multiplayer section where you can join other players to overcome the game’s levels.

That’s good news.

The bad news is, this multiplayer will only bring you more disappointment than satisfaction!

Firstly, like most other indie games, the player community that Aragami has for itself is not large.

That means that if you don’t have friends to play with, you will have a lot of trouble finding another Aragami to accompany you.

The second problem – the last and the biggest problem – is that all of Aragami’s levels are too “crowded” for two people to experience simultaneously.

As a result, the value of each level in the multiplayer is significantly reduced than in the single-player. Especially because the game’s difficulty is greatly reduced, despite having two Aragami side by side, the possibility of the enemy being detected by the enemy is much higher.

In fact, with a game like Aragami, multiplayer is an unnecessary addition.

It would make a lot more sense if Lince Works used the time and effort they spent building this feature into adding quality levels to the single-player.

where can you get a Aragami online

Aragami: Shadow Edition – Nintendo Switch: Buy it now

Aragami: Collector’s Edition – PlayStation 4: Buy it now

Aragami:Shadow Edition (アラガミ:シャドウエディション) – Switch: Buy it now


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