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amazon BEHRINGER HC 2000BNC reviews

behringer hc 2000bnc wireless active noise-canceling headphones bluetooth noise canceling cuffie 2000 bnc manual opiniones opinie review test 2000bncnoise-canceling 2000bncactive 2000bncwireless

The Behringer audio brand is one of the most popular new headphone brands in the German market. In the soft price range of just over $45, it isn’t easy to choose a compact noise-canceling headset like the HC 2000BNC.

In order not to make you wait a long time, we will unseal and quickly evaluate this noise-canceling Behringer HC 2000BNC Bluetooth headset.


With the headphone form similar to the previous Bose QC15 or Bose QC35II models, it is not too difficult to understand when this product is quite likable by users in terms of design and usage.


The Behringer HC 2000BNC has a slightly small 40mm driver diameter with a full-size model, placed in the housing enough to shape a full-size headset. That helps the wearer to listen to music more comfortably, especially with the expectation that the noise-canceling feature will be superior to a passive headset.

Dynamic drivers create a rustic sound, not fancy, but can make an impression with honesty.


With a low price, the plastic frame is chosen to cover the outside with a more DJ-style design; the frame rotates and folds easily, the design is compact with a definitive angle, the ear roughness has a better feel.

On the right side of the headset is the control key, 3.5mm audio jack. On the left is the location of the micro USB charging port.

It must be added that the headset is quite gentle and hugs the ear; from the frame to the leather pad is fine.

Headphone cushions

Unlike the HLC660U model, the HC 2000BNC leather pad is somewhat thicker, quite rough, and durable to the touch. Many users think that European headphones will be difficult to use in Asian countries when the hot and humid climate is the leather pad’s enemy, so the Behringer HC 2000BNC has been processed with a waterproof pad sweat better.

The leatherette pad is very smooth and anti-sweat for earpads, providing the most comfortable wearing feeling.

Features of headphones HC 2000BNC

Control and connect

The 2000BNC headset uses 4.0 technology for a stable connection, but the APTX codec has not been applied; the headset still uses the familiar ACC codec transmission signal. Players will have a more stable, familiar experience.

The headset has active noise cancellation, with the left noise-canceling switch, convenient for many people to operate with their left hand.

Noise-canceling feature

The Behringer HC 2000BNC headset is stable for calls and calls; the mic feels clear and clear. In addition, the active noise cancellation feature can be used in studios, play areas with a lot of noise, or underground with more echoes.

The HC 2000BNC headphones’ sound sensitivity is 96dB, so for better sound, you can use additional DAC/AMP to make the sound louder and clearer.

The 32Ω headphone impedance is suitable for more paired devices such as phones, normal music players, iPhone, androids lines.

You don’t need to use an external amp/DAC to feel the sound quality and performance of the headphones, but we still recommend you use more to get better sound.

In addition to turning on and off ANC, you can increase or decrease the volume, stop receiving calls or play/pause music easily to manipulate when playing music.


Bluetooth 4.0 signal can work in a stable 10m distance without stuttering or broken signal.

With online, popular, or FLAC lossless music, stable sound quality in AAC and SBC codecs produces a stereo sound that is enough to listen to and satisfy many players.

In addition to listening to Bluetooth, Behringer also supports a 3.5mm port slot to give you an additional wired connection option when you don’t want to use Bluetooth or the connection runs out of battery.

Realistic wearing experience

After two weeks of actual use, I found the headset to be very comfortable and worn all day without the ear pain. Thanks to the wide pad and tight fit on the head, partly thanks to the lightweight housing frame made of plastic.


However, the headset is suitable for casual music listening or online learning, meeting more with two microphones on the left with a DJ design.

Battery life

Use a micro USB charger with 5V-1A input power. The battery life of listening to music and watching movies is about 10 hours and will reduce to 7-8 hours with the ANC feature, enough for you to use for a day without worrying about running out of battery.

The average battery level used with the HC 2000BNC is quite reasonable in the price range and usage needs.

Headphone sound quality HC 2000BNC

To evaluate the sound quality of the Behringer HC 2000BNC headphones, I use familiar Test tracks such as Selected Rock, Dance, and Ay My Ballard pop music with youtube quality origin and offline music FLAC, WAV.

The Behringer HC 2000 BNC series has a relatively strong bass range compared to the Studio ear generations. In addition to the usual music listening application, the headset can always monitor the DJ. Drum instruments, keyboards may have a slightly slower bass speed, but in return, there is more softness in the strong tension than the strong bass lines of Beats or Skullcandy.

The mid-range is a strong headset point; you will hear especially clear words with the soprano and bass male voice.

There is a good separation of layers, details, and space about the sound treble range in the classic recording of Hotel California. With heavy rock songs that need tight bass, split treble, and great stage dynamics, the HC 2000BNC headphones are still weak, although the bass range is more clearly layered with treble, which is an advantage. Moreover, wired and wireless connectivity makes this headset very applicable in listening to music and making music.

When playing games or listening to music online, it is important to have a space accurately reproduced without delay. It isn’t easy to ensure that the bass has accents, and the sound separates the bands with low-priced models like the Behringer HC 2000BNC.


HC 2000BNC headphones have more advantages than disadvantages; when the sound quality is easy to hear, the features are just enough and modern, high durability and lightweight will make you able to listen for longer and immerse yourself in the music space better.


– With ANC noise cancellation

– Traditional design frame

– Good sound quality

– Physical joystick


– No fast charging with micro USB port

– No waterproof feature yet

– Plastic housing frame.

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behringer hc 2000bnc wireless active noise-canceling headphones bluetooth noise canceling cuffie 2000 bnc manual opiniones opinie review test 2000bncnoise-canceling 2000bncactive 2000bncwireless


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