Bluetooth DAC AMP – Turn any wired headset into a high-quality wireless headset

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We are living in the 4.0 era, the era of wireless connectivity and high technology. Wireless technology gives us a lot of conveniences, comfort, and no limits or constraints on physical wires.

The audio industry, or more specifically, headphones, is also constantly changing in this direction. More and more wireless headset models are born. Where will the fate of wired headphones go? Will we ever turn the wired headphones themselves into wireless?


Turning wired headphones into wireless is completely real. Just need a Bluetooth receiver (also known as a Bluetooth Receiver), and you can turn any wired headset into wireless.

But most Bluetooth Receivers have very bad sound quality due to the use of poor quality components, old technology to reduce costs. They are born mainly to serve the basic purpose of calling only.


That led to the birth of new devices called Bluetooth DAC/AMP.

In essence, they still have a similar way of working with Bluetooth Receivers, but the decoding and transmission technology have been optimized, using specialized hardware for high-quality sound. We will analyze the similarities and differences of Bluetooth DAC/AMP and Bluetooth Receiver to understand better.


Discrete DAC/AMP circuit

To save costs, Bluetooth Receiver models use the built-in decoding core on Bluetooth chipsets. The built-in decoder cores serve only one purpose, hearing audio, so they’re always a pretty bad quality. The details are low; the distortion is high; the sound is opaque and lacks fidelity.

Bluetooth DAC/AMP models always have separate audio amplification and decoding circuits. That is the most core difference that distinguishes a Bluetooth DAC/AMP from a regular Bluetooth Receiver.

The DAC/AMP chip used on Bluetooth DAC/AMP comes from the world’s leading semiconductor companies such as ESS Technology, Asahi Kasei, Cirrus Logic, etc., expensive hi-end audio equipment. Thanks to the discrete DAC / AMP circuit, the dynamics, details, fidelity, and clarity of the sound are preserved almost intact.

Not only that, but Bluetooth DAC/AMP models can also turn into USB DAC/AMP. You can use them as a separate soundcard for your phone or computer when needed. Very convenient and useful.

Bluetooth 5.0

Of course, both Bluetooth DAC / AMP and Bluetooth Receiver use the connection to the source via Bluetooth waves. However, the latest Bluetooth version currently commercially available is 5.0, which usually only appears on high-end Bluetooth DAC/AMP devices.

The Bluetooth 5.0 standard will theoretically have a transmission speed and bandwidth twice as large as 4. x, reaching 50Mbps. Thanks to this advantage, the Bluetooth DAC / AMP models will receive a much higher resolution audio signal than before. To be able to transmit high-resolution audio, we continue to talk about Bluetooth Codecs.

Premium Bluetooth Codec

Bluetooth codecs are similar to MP3 music formats; they contain encoded information and are played in a certain format. Usually, only the two most popular codecs are supported on Bluetooth Receiver models, SBC and AAC. They have good compatibility with nearly any Bluetooth transmitter, but the audio-only stops at lossy due to a lot of compression and loss of detail.

Bluetooth DAC/AMP is equipped with the latest codecs such as LDAC, HWA, APTX HD. These codecs are almost like wireless FLAC formats, delivering lossless audio equal to or even above the quality of traditional CDs. As a result, even though it is transmitted wirelessly, the sound still retains details and dynamics that are not inferior to the original music file.

Certified Hi-res Audio Wireless

Thanks to being equipped with hardware and software that optimizes the audio experience, today’s high-end Bluetooth DAC/AMP models often meet the Hi-res Audio Wireless standard. That is the simplest sign for you to recognize a high-quality wireless music player.

To achieve Hi-res Audio Wireless certification, devices must pass rigorous quality tests by the Japan Audio Association.

Advanced companion app

Some manufacturers also equip Bluetooth DAC/AMP with applications that come with the device, typically Hiby and EarStudio.

The applications allow you to tweak the internal parameters of the hardware, select the transceiver codec, tweak the filter on the DAC, Analog Volume, Bluetooth Delay… and many other interesting features. Something that was never available on the universal Bluetooth Receiver.


Thanks to the Bluetooth DAC/AMP, you can now not only turn your wired headphones into high-quality wireless headphones, but you can turn all the other audio devices in your home into wireless again.

Do you have a speaker? Turn it into high-quality wireless with Bluetooth DAC/AMP.

You have a set of computer speakers; now, it has become a high-end wireless computer speaker with Bluetooth DAC/AMP.


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