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Campfire Audio Holocene

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campfire   audio   holocene   review   mammoth   headfi   開箱

Among the headset models that Campfire Audio launched in 2021, up to now, Holocene is the most advanced product in the newly launched models. Holocene is also aimed at the mid-range market with new special designs and accessories, along with its Mammoth brother. Unlike Mammoth, which is equipped with one dynamic driver and 2 BA drivers, Holocene is fully equipped with BA drivers with a total of 3 drivers. So is Holocene much different from Mammoth or not? Let’s find out below.


Like on Mammoth, Holocene still uses the same packaging formula for Campfire Audio’s headphones in recent years. The headphone box is housed in a square paper box with a typical pattern for each headset line various Campfire Audio.

Along with Mammoth, Holocene, Campfire Audio will give us a new set of accessories that only appear on this duo, including:

Headphone case “All-Seeing Eye” SEAQUAL® YARN (Made in Portugal).

Smoky Glow Litz Cable – Silver plated copper 3.5SE, MMCX Beryllium.

Eartips Final Audio (XS/S/M/L/XL).

Eartips Campfire Audio Marshmallow (S/M/L).

Eartips Silicon (S/M/L).

Campfire Audio button battery.

Headphone cleaner.

Three double earphone pockets

Apart from each earphone box designed to be incompatible, the rest of the accessories on both headphones are the same.


While the Mammoth with housing has an extremely eye-catching “Frozen Tundra Blue” color, Holocene is less competitive with the extremely delicate “Umber” color. Still a stainless steel nozzle with a design that goes deep into the ear with good ear tips grip. All Holocene CNC housings and other Campfire Audio headphones have an extremely delicate appearance and are completely comfortable wearing.

Of course, the most distinctive feature of the design in the Mammoth and Holocene duo is the glowing logo on the faceplate and the accompanying “Smoky Glow” cable.


The biggest difference between Holocene and Mammoth technically is that Holocene uses the BA driver entirely. With 3 BA drivers, one is for treble and the other 2 for mid and bass. Of course, Holocene is still designed with a 3D-printed sound chamber to bring absolute resonance and sound quality tuned to the wishes of Campfire Audio.

With a sensitivity of 94dB @1kHz and an impedance of 5.4 Ohm @1kHz, Holocene will easily reach its full potential with any 3.5SE-ported source. But to compare with Mammoth, the lower impedance will partly cause Holocene to play a little louder than Mammoth at the same volume level. Like on Mammoth, when using Holocene, we should pay attention to adjusting the volume to a moderate level to protect both the headset and the listener.

The MMCX Beryllium connector makes it easy to upgrade the headphone cable but still ensures durability and sound quality in the long run.


Bass on Holocene is not too much of an emphasis when there is a moderate amount and not too thick compared to Mammoth (or Honeydew). However, Holocene’s bass is much better controlled; the sub-bass is not too deep but still has the necessary vibration. Compared to the other two bands, the bass is not too encroaching, detailed, and very well separated; the bass notes of the instrument are clear. Compared to some headphones with a full-BA driver configuration at the same price range, the bass on Holocene is much better. The bass speed on Holocene is extremely good as there is almost no quick mix that can make it difficult for Holocene.

Mid of Holocene is the opposite and is emphasized quite a lot. Perhaps this is the band where Campfire Audio focuses the most tune on the Holocene sample. The mid is thick, with very good detail as well as the layer separation is very clear. Any instrument from guitar, violin, and piano shows natural, detailed on the mid-range of Holocene. Some of the high notes in the high-mid are most lightly felt, creating a very pleasant feeling when the string instruments are up to the right notes. However, the female vocal controlled by the sib is extremely flexible, with the soprano’s voice being elegant but not uncomfortable.

Similarly, the male vocals are deeper, more authentic, and less emphatic. Low-mid is very clean, with no bass encroachment. The entire mid-range brings a detailed, separate listening feeling but is still very gentle and delicate.

Holocene’s treble is considered a bit light with a little boost in high-treble, giving Holocene a certain amount of airiness. The instruments hit harder, jingle more, the details in the treble range are also considered quite good. Compared to Mammoth, Holocene’s treble is somewhat similar when it is not too harsh to create an uncomfortable feeling but still ensures the quality and quantity in the treble. Holocene’s treble seems to be tuned to keep balance compared to the other two bands; although it is high, it is still not too bright, creating a feeling that the treble is always at a safe threshold. Most listeners will probably satisfy it, but the feeling will be lacking for those who specialize in treble listening.

Like Mammoth, the soundstage on Holocene is average like other Campfire Audio headphones. Wide in width, sound slightly forward. The layer separation between the instruments and the singer and the position is precise and recognizable. Although there are a few pieces of music with the instrumental part slightly higher than the vocal part, it is only a few.


Located in the mid-range segment with Mammoth, but unlike Mammoth with dynamic and powerful sound quality, Holocene is more about detail, technique, and comfort. Holocene’s balanced sound quality can be evaluated as a mini version of Andromeda 2019, but the mini version compared to Andromeda’s $ 1000 segment is still a pretty big gap. However, Campfire Audio has excelled in bringing a detailed, technical sound quality to a mid-range headset with a unique set of new designs, making Campfire Audio fans even more eager.

Looking forward to the launch of Holocene as well as Mammoth. While Mammoth can satisfy listeners with its energy levels, Holocene is perhaps the perfect first step into the world of Campfire Audio.

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campfire audio holocene review mammoth headfi 開箱


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