campfire audio mammoth crinacle frequency response headfi review reddit vs holocene honeydew polaris 2

Campfire Audio Mammoth

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campfire audio mammoth crinacle frequency response headfi review reddit vs holocene honeydew polaris 2

Campfire Audio is one of the few headphone companies that has created an extremely solid position in the audio world. 2021 is the first year the company has released the most headphones ever, with four new headset models. In contrast, Satsuma and Honeydew are two models with accessible prices and a specific focus on a few popular customer segments. Then, just a month later, Campfire Audio continued to launch Mammoth and Holocene, with the mid-range segment carrying more features of Campfire Audio. Today we will learn about the Campfire Audio Mammoth model.


The familiar square box of Campfire Audio continues to appear on Mammoth with new and more distinctive textures.

With Mammoth and Holocene, Campfire Audio will give us a new set of accessories that only appear on this duo, including:

Headphone case “All-Seeing Eye” SEAQUAL® YARN (Made in Portugal).

Smoky Glow Litz Cable – Silver plated copper 3.5SE, MMCX Beryllium.

Eartips Final Audio (XS/S/M/L/XL).

Eartips Campfire Audio Marshmallow (S/M/L).

Eartips Silicon (S/M/L).

Campfire Audio button battery.

Headphone cleaner.

Three double earphone pockets.

In addition to the ear tips, button batteries, cleaning tools that are so familiar with previous Campfire Audio headphones, the new set of boxes and cables is a special part of Mammoth.


With Mammoth, Campfire Audio has brought the famous design back on this headset, like the design of Andromeda and Ara. Mammoth has many similarities with the Polaris senior, which has been discontinued.

Mammoth with housing is made in an extremely eye-catching “Frozen Tundra Blue” color. The nozzle tube with a small notch helps grip the ear tips better but still creates a comfortable wearing feeling without any discomfort.

One of the most important and most noticeable features is the Campfire Audio logo on the faceplate and the “Smoky Glow” cable set that will light up in the dark. That is a very prominent feature that Campfire Audio brings to Mammoth as well as Holocene.


Mammoth is a hybrid headset with 1 10mm dynamic driver and 2 BA drivers. The dynamic driver with bio-cellulose diaphragm gives Mammoth a very strong response specification. In addition, the 3D-printed sound chamber will also give the Mammoth a high level of stability when multiple drivers are hit at the same time.

94dB @1kHz sensitivity and 8.1 Ohm @1kHz impedance make Mammoth easy to use with any 3.5SE source. Most sources pulling the 3.5SE port will be able to pull Mammoth with a fairly large volume, can clamp more Amp to maximize the ability of Mammoth, but should pay attention to too loud volume can affect the headset and listeners’ ears.

The MMCX Beryllium connector will certainly also give Mammoth an extremely comfortable cable upgrade.


Bass range is the main highlight of Mammoth with its thick volume and strong hit. The amount of bass on Mammoth is comparable to Polaris and a little less than Honeydew. Sub-bass is deep and has an extremely high-quality thickness that can satisfy any bass-head. A very characteristic bass of the dynamic driver goes with the fast and neat speed of the BA driver, making the entire bass range of Mammoth very interesting. The detail of the bass range is extremely good; even fast-paced and multi-instrumental music can’t make Mammoth’s bass range difficult.

Mid-range compared to bass is more neutral, neither too forward nor too backward. Vocal on Mammoth has a moderate thickness, good details in the high-mid more. The low-mid has a bit of warmth, making the entire mid-range more even. Male vocals are somewhat drier than female vocals. Compared to vocals, musical instruments have more stages when expressing more honestly and vividly, without being too colored.

Treble (High Range) on Mammoth is somewhat encroaching on mid, creating a V-shape sound. Treble is bright, the jingle is good thanks to the BA driver, but Campfire Audio controls the treble on the Mammoth very well. Although it is high, the treble strip is not too harsh, creating a certain comfort level. The transparency of the treble is good as well as the details showed clearly.

Compared to the previous debuting juniors, Honeydew and Satsuma, the soundstage on Mammoth is much better. The soundstage is wider in width as well as depth; the sound is slightly forward. The width of the stage in the music has improved, but it is still not very satisfying. However, the separation and layering of the instrument are clear, making it easy to recognize the instrument’s position in the piece.


As a mid-range product that separates the beginner from the professional Audiophile, the Mammoth is good at its role in making a clear difference in terms of technology and design. From the finishing touches to the sound quality, Campfire Audio has taken great care of, bringing many features of the Campfire Audio house. The new set of accessories and design makes the Mammoth stand out among other IEMs in its price range. The distinctive V-shape sound quality is easy to listen to, but fine detail in all ranges sets the Mammoth apart from other entry-level headphones. With this price range, the choice of Mammoth from a famous company like Campfire Audio is completely a reasonable choice.

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campfire audio mammoth crinacle frequency response headfi review reddit vs holocene honeydew polaris 2


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