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amazon TFZ MY LOVE 4 reviews


The Fragrant Zither (TFZ) is a headphone manufacturer in the popular segment from China with a product line focusing mainly on in-ear headphones and True Wireless headphones. While the design style and perfect appearance are always the strong points of TFZ, the company also does not forget to take care of the improved sound quality day by day. Is the TFZ My Love 4 that we will review today looking more important or sound more important?


A familiar packaging style from TFZ with a white cardboard box featuring the product name “MY LOVE 4” on the front. Opening the box, we will immediately see a milky white fabric earphone bag. If we have ever unboxed many TFZ products, we will probably not be strange with this headphone bag model.

In addition to the headset, we have a 2-pin 0.78mm silver-plated copper cable with a 3.5 SE jack and six pairs of milky white ear tips. The included accessories are more than enough for the basic needs of the user.


As for the design, it is still the familiar IEMs form of the produced TFZ headsets. However, with My Love 4, TFZ announced that the housing design of TFZ My Love 4 is based on data from 10000 different ears around the world to come up with the most standard design. With this design, the feeling of wearing on the ear is very light, and pay attention to choosing eartips with the right size for the earmold to achieve the best ear fit and maximum sound insulation.

TFZ will bring two colors to the design of My Love 4 with pink and silver-white. The faceplate is painted rough with the word “LOVE” printed on the faceplate; in addition to creating a highlight, TFZ broke the “O” in the word “LOVE” with glittering stones.

This “LOVE” lettering design also appears in the 3.5 jack, creating uniformity between the housing and headphone jack.

On the inside of the headset, we will have transparent plastic of the same color, and the driver inside can be seen. With this design, TFZ My Love 4 will surely attract a lot of attention from women when they need to upgrade a new headset for themselves and a remarkable gift for men when buying gifts for sisters.


TFZ has brought the Flagship TFZ King Pro driver to the My Love 4 model with some modifications to the sound chamber in the housing. That will partly ensure that the once top-notch sound quality of the Flagship TFZ King Pro will be reproduced in My Love 4.

Some basic parameters of My Love 4:

12mm dual-magnetic dynamic driver.

Frequency: 5 – 40000Hz.

Impedance: 55 Ohm.

Sensitivity: 108dB

Connector: 2-pin 0.78mm.

Cable: 1.2m . OFC silver-plated copper

Jack: 3.5mm SE.


With the driver of TFZ King Pro in it, TFZ My Love 4 promises to bring a very valuable sound quality. Although parameters seem difficult to pull, such as 55 Ohm impedance and 108dB sensitivity, the experience of plugging My Love 4 through the iPhone Dongle and plugging directly into the laptop and laptop is very easy.

TFZ My Love 4 performed quite well with good bass and clear vocals when plugged through the iPhone Dongle. The detail in the mid is quite good, enough to play most Pop music genres on the market. The treble is neither too harsh nor too compact; the instrument space is just right. For the purpose as above, My Love 4 performed quite well without any difficulty.

Now let’s step it up a bit with the setup:

Tidal Master – Macbook Air 2017 – Dunu DTC-100 – TFZ My Love 4


Hit neatly, go deep, but the amount is not too much, mainly in the mid-bass. Mid-bass hit good control, good details, and not encroached on mid. However, because part of the sub-bass has not gone down yet, sometimes there will be a feeling that the bass is lacking in body, not very full. Although it still has the characteristics of a dynamic driver, the bass of TFZ My Love 4 is more neat and detailed than the overwhelming amount. It can be said that the bass plays quite well in many genres of music, but with the bass head, it is probably still a bit lacking.


More emphasis on low-mid than high-mid. A slightly advanced vocalist and some instruments that hit the bass notes will be more prominent, such as piano or acoustic guitar. The high-mid part is average with good detail and good ventilation. High-mid instruments such as violins or some songs with bamboo flutes are quite gentle, without much energy.


The treble strip on TFZ My Love 4 is slightly boosted to feel just enough, not too harsh. Combined with airy sound as well as stable reverberation. Details in treble compared to when plugged in on a laptop have improved quite clearly.

The soundstage of TFZ My Love 4 is considered standard, creating a feeling of not being too restrictive. However, when it comes to songs that need a lot of space for the instrument and the orchestra to perform, the soundstage will probably be narrower than some IEM models of the same price range.

The dynamic range is quite good as well as the volume is well controlled for a volume level that is not too different between the bands.


In addition to the well-groomed appearance from TFZ, bringing the driver from the high-end King Pro line to apply to My Love 4 has facilitated the sound quality of My Love 4 to show quite well. Popular music genres such as Pop, Ballad to Hip-hop, RnB are performed very well by TFZ My Love 4.

It is not surprising that My Love 4 is the muse of the low-cost headphone segment with the external design that attracts buyers’ attention. The sound quality of My Love 4 brings well worth the competition with many other competitors. If you are not satisfied with the current sound quality, replacing the detachable wire also facilitates us to upgrade to My Love 4 later.

Most importantly, men may have added a new product to the list of upcoming gifts for women. Women can also add a satisfactory product to affirm their style. Surely TFZ My Love 4 will be a gift that leaves an unforgettable impression for many buyers.

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