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amazon KZ SK10 reviews


Not long after launching the TWS KZ SKS model with the extremely excellent technology and sound quality in the price range, KZ Audio company continued to launch a new product, the KZ SK10. Still familiar technologies on TWS such as Bluetooth 5.2, Hybrid driver, long battery life, and KZ’s distinctive V-shape sound quality. So what is the difference between KZ SK10 and KZ’s predecessor TWS models? Let’s find out more below.


It is still the familiar way of boxing with KZ’s paper box, but with SK10, KZ has a circular transparent surface in the middle of the box to reveal the SK10 product inside the box for the most intuitive view of the product.

The headset and carrying case, a bag of ear tips, and a USB-C charging cord. As for the included ear tips, there are three pairs of sizes S-M-L, but the quality is only temporary; if we have the conditions, we should buy a better pair of ear tips to feel comfortable wearing and fit the ear better.


Compared to KZ’s launched TWS products up to now, the KZ SK10 has a design that is said to be the most eye-catching and outstanding.

The first is a headphone box with a transparent top to reveal the two headphones located inside the case. The carrying case is designed with matte plastic with a color equivalent to the color of the headset. SK10 is designed with three versions: white, black, and pink.

As for the housing of the KZ SK10, it is made of transparent resin on the white and pink versions, and on the black version, it will be clear black. All are see-through to help us see the inside of the headset.

The faceplate is the most outstanding feature of KZ SK10. We will have a metal border around the faceplate with a yellow metal border with a yellow logo imprinted under the faceplate on the two white and black versions, the black and white version. Pink will have a metal trim and a silver logo. This faceplate gives the SK10 a very classy and sophisticated look.

In terms of wearing feeling, the design in the form of IEM, the size of the SK10 is average and can fit with many different ear molds. The feeling of wearing is very easy to fit, and light does not need the ears, does not get tired when worn continuously for a long time.

The control is designed with a touch panel on both sides of the faceplate with the same basic controls as the SKS version:

One-touch: pause/play music, receive/hang-up calls.

Two touches: the left ear is backward, the right ear is over.

Three touches: switch to Standard Mode or High Performance.

Hold for 2 seconds: Activate Voice Assistant.


In terms of technology, KZ SK10 owns the latest Bluetooth 5.2 standard for a stable connection and low power consumption, which helps increase the usage time of the headset for longer, reducing latency when watching videos and playing mobile games.

Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.2 standard, the individual use of each headset independently and the connection between the two headphones is extremely stable. SK10 can operate each headset individually, turn on the other headset, and the two ears will automatically connect without doing any extra work.

Thanks to the low-power Bluetooth chip, the battery life allows the SK10 to operate for 6-6.5 hours continuously for each full charge, and the charging case can be recharged three more times for a total of nearly 26 hours of use. With basic daily tasks and those who use not too much, the SK10 can last for more than one week without worrying about charging the battery.

SK10 has a special mode called High-Performance Mode, activated by pressing three times continuously on the touch faceplate of the headset. This mode is to help reduce the delay between the transmitter and the headset by three times, as announced by the company. With this mode, the experience of watching movies, watching videos on Youtube, and Netflix, or other video viewing applications becomes extremely stable. Especially in this mode, normal gamers in general and FPS Mobile gamers like PUBG Mobile will experience the game with low latency and accuracy. The experience on KZ SK10 is significantly improved with lower latency compared to the senior KZ SKS launched not long ago.


As a hybrid headset with 1 BA driver and 1 10mm dynamic driver, the KZ SK10 promises to deliver an extremely easy-to-listen sound like other KZ headphones.

Bass is the most prominent feature of SK10 when hitting with good volume, force, and thickness; deep sub-bass gives a very good vibration feeling. However, the details in the bass have not been appreciated when the dynamic driver in charge of the bass in SK10 is still normal, nothing too outstanding.

Mid is a bit dry and gentle, if you listen to Pop or R&B, Hip-hop is quite easy to listen to, but if you listen to a lot of vocals like ballads, the mid lacks affection. Mid details are quite sufficient.

Treble with 1 BA driver hits smooth, neat, not too bright, feels comfortable, early roll-off. If you do not pay too much attention to the treble details and need a prominent jingle treble strip, the treble of SK10 shows quite a full role.


If the KZ SKS stands out with its detailed sound quality, the SK10 is more market-oriented, with a pleasant bass boost, and the rest of the bands are in harmony. KZ SK10 will serve basic needs like entertainment, like watching Youtube, watching movies, or playing games rather than focusing too much on the music listening experience. However, with music genres that are not too demanding in terms of technique and details, the SK10 completely performed well. The upgraded battery life will also make the SK10 an extremely valuable choice in the low-cost TWS headset segment.

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