corsair icue 5000x rgb atx mid tower case - tempered glass mid-tower black gaming review tg e-atx white midi

Corsair 5000X RGB Mid Tower Gaming Case

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corsair icue 5000x rgb atx mid tower case - tempered glass mid-tower black gaming review tg e-atx white midi

Corsair 5000X RGB – It must be said that since the second half of 2020, Corsair has launched a lot of new products to change the products that have been present for a few years on the market today, which can be mentioned. Corsair 4000 Series version chassis replaces the previous Carbide 275R product line serving the high-end mid-range and mid-range segments. The Corsair K60 Series keyboard series replaces the Corsair K68 keyboard series with the mechanical keyboard segment.

All the products launched recently have one thing in common: the variety of versions on a common design framework, thereby bringing separate designs, serving a group of audiences of certain specificity. This strategy helps Corsair significantly cut costs for research and development of separate versions like the previous product launch model while maintaining the richness of the product range serving the market.

The same goes for the “brand new” Corsair 5000 Series chassis that has just been released by the company in the early days of the past year, aiming to replace the current high-end Corsair Obsidian 500D Mid-Tower products. The “protagonist” that plays the most advanced role in this product line is the Corsair 5000X RGB version with the most advanced elements for demanding users.

As a case product of the Corsair 5000 Series product line, the most advanced version of the Corsair 5000X RGB at first glance is not much different from the most basic version. Corsair 5000D Tempered Glass has just been introduced to readers by Biareview here not long ago.

Also quite large compared to other Mid-Tower product lines available today, even one and a half times larger than the “ultra-compact” mid-tower mid-size mid-range segment like FSP CMT340, almost equal to the Full-Tower size model like the MSI MPG SEKIRA 500X.

The chassis is made of thick and sturdy steel powder coated with various primers, topcoats, and topcoats, providing extremely effective scratch protection.

But going into the details, this version of Corsair 5000X RGB brings a much more premium feel with all four sides made of 4mm thick tempered glass, creating a luxurious highlight that is not inferior. Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB version.

Even the top of the case is covered with a tempered glass panel instead of a metal plate like on the two versions of Corsair 5000D Tempered Glass and Corsair 5000D Airflow.

The back cover is exquisitely designed and crafted with a wonderful combination of metal and glass, giving the fans facing this area suitable protection and dust collection while still bringing a luxurious accent to the back area of ​​the case.

With this glass design, the “side door” layer is connected to the chassis by hinges and magnets, providing a clear effect of “hiding” the entire messy wiring inside.

Inside is still the familiar wiring layout with troughs and velcro straps on Corsair’s case models. Similar to previous versions, the Corsair 5000X RGB is also equipped with a fan controller, but in addition, the company also integrates a system light controller similar to the Corsair 4000X RGB.

This time, with the most advanced version of the Corsair 5000 Series case, the company was not “sting” when equipping up to three heatsink fans with 120mm RGB LEDs, turning this case model into a miracle. Perfect replacement for Corsair Obsidian 500 RGB.

The area on the front and inside is not much different from the other two versions of the Corsair 5000 Series product line.

The heart of the machine is extremely spacious with a large space for users to arrange components, especially the space above the motherboard comfortably is “left” quite widely for users to arrange heat dissipation. AIO water heaters are up to 360mm in size with six cooling fans in a 3 suction – 3 push model to double the airflow and cooling efficiency.

The back of the case is also “perforated” to allow for vertical video card mounting, a “rising” trend in recent “display” cases.

The only small point that the writer is not satisfied with this high-end Corsair 5000X RGB case model is that due to its large size and possession of four different glass surfaces, the case becomes heavier and causes… pain. Be more careful when moving because you can slip your hands and break these glass covers if you are not careful. So the simplest but somewhat annoying way to move the case is to remove the glass panels to one side and then reinstall them after moving the metal chassis.

However, this problem is quite small compared to the beauty and “luxury” that the four-glass design and the impressive color light show bring.


Overall, the Corsair 5000X RGB is a perfect Mid-Tower model in the high-end chassis segment. With a three-sided glass design, three heatsink fans using super-bright Capelix RGB technology, providing a luxurious, powerful impression and a solid foundation for high-end PC systems.

Compared to the “elder” Obsidian 500D RGB, the most advanced model of the Corsair 5000 Series, but still offers a lot of the most advanced features in the segment.

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Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX PC Smart Case – White: Buy it now


corsair icue 5000x rgb atx mid tower case – tempered glass mid-tower black gaming review tg e-atx white midi


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