corsair cx550f rgb black 550w 80 plus bronze cx series manual pc-netzteil review test vit white 550 watt cx-f

Corsair CX550F RGB ATX Power Supply

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amazon Corsair CX550F RGB ATX Power Supply reviews

corsair cx550f rgb black 550w 80 plus bronze cx series manual pc-netzteil review test vit white 550 watt cx-f

Corsair CX550F RGB – Of the many components that have been “lighted up” with RGB in recent years, it can be said that power supplies are one of the least interesting products; only Thermaltake is “trying” to equip it. RGB LED edge lights for Toughpower DPS G RGB series power supplies, but the results are not as impressive as expected because the lighting is quite poor and difficult to “integrate” with the light show of the whole system.

More recently, AeroCool introduced the Aerocool Lux RGB source models with… the side integrated RGB LEDs. This design is a bit too simple, can’t show all the beauty of the LED, and even this LED can’t “catch color” with the PC system in general.

Grasping that situation, Corsair, one of the leading manufacturers of PC components from the US, has launched CX-F RGB series power supplies with a completely new design, bringing with them the ambition to dominate the market. The ATX source has controllable RGB LEDs on the market today.


In the current Corsair classification, the CX power supply product group is often placed on a par with the VS series power supplies in the group of moderately efficient power supplies with 80 Plus status at Bronze or Silver for high-end and mid-range gaming PC systems.

So it’s easy to see that, with the “prefix” CX in the name, Corsair CX550F RGB is not a power supply line for its current top-notch gaming PCs. Corsair brings its products a similar design to more advanced product lines such as AX, HX, or RM with a somewhat thick design with beveled edges instead of squares like the previous generation lines CX or VS power supplies.

The company does not hesitate to equip the power supply with an extremely sturdy and solid shell with this design. However, this is unnecessary because the power supplies are often “favored” in a container separately inside the case, less subject to impact during movement.

However, it also successfully gives users a strong first impression of a product that belongs to “durable.” That is extremely important for Corsair if it wants to “obliterate” the impression of a power supply only for mid-range gaming PCs like the CX product line.

The writer’s second impression of this power supply model is the somewhat special arrangement of components with the radiator fan facing up, drawing air from the inside of the machine and blowing out the back instead of the exhaust fan design downward direction of other common power supplies.

This design on the Corsair CX550F RGB is extremely necessary to “full” display its RGB LED-equipped heatsink. This layout method has a small drawback in that it is placed right away below the graphics card area. It is very easy to be affected by the hot air emitted from this area when your machine is operating at full capacity in heavy games, thereby reducing heat dissipation efficiency for devices components inside the power supply.

Therefore, users must use a case with high ventilation to always cool air to cool the components inside the power supply.

The back of the product is the familiar power cord socket; in addition, Corsair is also equipped with a button to turn on / off the RGB light on the fan.

This detail shows that the engineers from Corsair are not “lazy” that just integrating a heatsink fan on a common position on the power supply is done. Still, the company’s engineers have separated the light and fan circuits from conventional wired fan sets.

The power supply’s front is the wiring slot with a full range of ports such as four 8-pin power ports for CPU or graphics card, two power supply ports for a motherboard, and 3 SATA power supply ports.

A special feature (most unique) of the CX-F series power supplies is that the power supply has an RGB. The control port allows users to connect to the CORSAIR iCUE Lighting Node CORE controller (purchased separately) or ARGB Header port on the motherboard to control the RGB LEDs.

Suppose you need to assemble a new machine. In that case, you can choose the Corsair 4000X RGB case that has just been launched by Corsair, which has an integrated light control circuit. Allowing you to connect to the power supply, thereby controlling the whole system eco-color lights more simply with the iCUE software suite. That is also an open ecosystem with strong compatibility with many component ecosystems on the market today.

The included power cords are also regular, with the power cord for the motherboard covered with anti-cutting mesh. The remaining power cords are just ordinary plastic wires.

Because the shell design of the Corsair CX550F RGB is quite durable and difficult to remove, the writer has not had the opportunity to open it to see the layout of the internal components. Still, through careful observation, it can be seen that the radiator fan of the kit. The source is probably a customized version of the Corsair SP120 Pro 120mm with acceleration to 1400rpm and eight high-quality RGB LEDs.

According to some sources, the “favorite” part of the Corsair CX-F series power supplies launched in this batch is processed by HEC. That is a company specializing in producing sources for mid-range movement systems with stable performance, not too excellent to continuously “pull” beyond capacity but enough for daily use needs, which is very suitable for using the company’s CX series products.

Of course, the power supply is full of modern and new technologies on common power supplies today. Such as using Single Rail 12V technology, has Active PFC and LLC resonant converter, manufactured specifically according to Corsair requirements with high-quality components.

Lightly tested with a system consisting of an Intel Core i7 8700 processor and a Gigabyte RX 5500 XT Gaming OC 8G graphics card, the power supply is still capable of working well for many hours of continuous Horizon Zero Dawn PC play. That is a pretty heavy game that needs to “squeeze” the graphics card’s power, so always maintain high power consumption.

The LED system on the power supply is quite impressive with high brightness, thanks to its familiar 8-LED structure. However, due to the rather specific design, you have to choose cases that have “holes” for the power supply instead of “sealed” into a separate area, like with most cases on the market today.

The Corsair CX550F RGB is a solidly designed power supply; impressive RGB LED cooling fan capable of stable operation with “heavy” components for a long time. Satisfy the demand from the “hardcore” fans of the “light-colored” case performance genre that is very popular on the market today.


It must be said that Corsair CX550F RGB is a product that Corsair has brought to a radical “makeover” compared to the CX series power supply version that has been on the market since 2017.

The company has brought a new, sturdier, much stronger design with the heatsink fan light and 8-ball RGB LED that can be controlled through the iCUE program, becoming the first power supply line of the company. Corsair in the mid-range segment becomes “smarter” next to the previous RXi, AXi, and HXi product lines.

The Corsair CX-F power supply product line is a good choice for mid-range PC “players” who want to “change” with a power supply with RGB LEDs to create a “colorful” system special for yourself.

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corsair cx550f rgb black 550w 80 plus bronze cx series manual pc-netzteil review test vit white 550 watt cx-f


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