Dell PREC 3240 Compact

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The Dell PREC 3240 Compact is a high-performance workstation designed for professionals and power users. This review aims to provide an in-depth evaluation of the product’s features, usability, performance, and functionality.

The Dell PREC 3240 Compact is powered by an Intel Core i9 processor and features 64GB of RAM and a 512GB solid-state drive. It also comes with a 24-inch display and supports multiple monitors for enhanced productivity. Other features include a Thunderbolt 3 port, a USB 3.1 Gen 1 port, and an HDMI port.

User Experience

As a user of the Dell PREC 3240 Compact, I found the product to be highly user-friendly and easy to use. The workstation’s compact design makes it easy to move around, and the setup process was straightforward. The 24-inch display is bright and clear, making it ideal for tasks such as photo and video editing.

The Dell PREC 3240 Compact’s keyboard and mouse are also comfortable to use, and the workstation’s noise level is relatively low, even when running demanding applications. Additionally, the workstation’s multiple ports make it easy to connect various peripherals, such as external hard drives, cameras, and other devices.

Performance and Functionality

The Dell PREC 3240 Compact’s performance is impressive, thanks to its Intel Core i9 processor and 64GB of RAM. The workstation can handle multiple applications simultaneously, and the solid-state drive ensures fast boot times and file transfers.

One of the workstation’s strengths is its ability to run demanding applications smoothly. Applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Autodesk Maya run seamlessly on the Dell PREC 3240 Compact, and rendering times are significantly reduced compared to lower-end workstations.

However, the Dell PREC 3240 Compact’s main weakness is its limited storage capacity. The 512GB solid-state drive may not be enough for users who require a large amount of storage space for their projects.

Compared to similar products in the market, such as the HP Z2 Mini G5 and the Lenovo ThinkStation P340 Tiny, the Dell PREC 3240 Compact stands out for its superior performance and user-friendliness. However, it is also more expensive than some of its competitors.


Overall, the Dell PREC 3240 Compact is an excellent workstation for professionals and power users who require high performance and a compact design. The workstation’s user-friendliness and impressive performance make it a worthwhile investment for those who require a powerful workstation for demanding tasks such as video editing, 3D modeling, and graphic design.

However, potential buyers should keep in mind the workstation’s limited storage capacity and higher price point compared to some of its competitors. Despite these drawbacks, the Dell PREC 3240 Compact remains a top choice for users who require a high-performance workstation that is easy to use and highly portable.

Dell PREC 3240 Compact

Dell PREC 3240 Compact I7/2.9 16GB 512GB W10: Buy it now

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