How to use Paula’s Choice BHA in detail from A – Z

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  1. What is Paula’s Choice BHA?

This is a famous product line produced by Paula’s Choice Skincare, whose headquarters is located in Seattle, USA.

BHA Paula’s Choice is suitable for oily skin, sensitive skin, or skin suffering from scars and acne.

Currently, you can buy 4 BHA product lines from Paula’s Choice in Hongkong, including:

BHA exfoliating product – Skin Perfecting line.

BHA anti-aging and wrinkle products – Resist Treatment line.

BHA product for acne-prone skin – Clear Exfoliating Solution line.

BHA product for intensive treatment – BHA Resist 9.

  1. Instructions on how to use Paula’s Choice BHA effectively

For Paula’s Choice BHA product lines for facial skin, each type will have different specific uses.

However, the correct way to use BHA in the skincare process is the same, specifically as follows:

Step 1: Clean the skin

This helps remove sebum and dirt to keep pores clear. From there, absorption of nutrients in subsequent skincare steps is better.

If you use Paula’s Choice BHA in the morning, simply clean your face with a cleanser.

If it’s at night, you should combine both facial cleanser and makeup remover to clean your skin more effectively.

Step 2: Use skin-balancing Toner

After using a facial cleanser, the skin will lose its pH balance. Therefore, you should use Toner (rose water) to deeply clean and balance skin moisture.

Step 3: How to use Paula’s Choice BHA

You put a sufficient amount of Paula’s Choice BHA on a makeup remover cotton pad, then gently apply it all over your face. Be careful not to let the solution come into contact with the eye area.

If you are new to Paula’s Choice BHA, you should only use a low concentration of BHA, then gradually increase it depending on your skin condition.

Step 4: Continue with the next skincare steps

After using Paula’s Choice BHA, you can continue with the next skincare steps with moisturizer, serum, and booster…

Note that you should use skincare products according to the principle: THIN FIRST – THICK AFTER. This means the product has a thin texture applied first, and a thick texture applied later.

  1. What should you keep in mind to use Paula’s Choice BHA effectively?

To get the best results for your skin, when using Paula’s Choice BHA you need to keep in mind the following:

Is BHA good to use morning or night for skin care?

The most appropriate time to use BHA is in the evening. This is the time when the skin is cleaned and has time to rest and recover.

For those who are new to using BHA, there will be a stinging feeling. This is a completely normal reaction and will gradually go away after a while.

In the first days of use, you should only use it 2-3 times a week so that your skin can gradually get used to BHA. After that, the frequency can be gradually increased according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Before using BHA Paula’s Choice on your face, you need to test for skin irritation. First, apply a small amount of BHA on your hands and observe how your hands react to the product. If you find your skin is allergic, do not use it.

When using BHA, if you see a lot of acne on your skin, there’s no need to worry. This is a common acne-pushing phenomenon. But after a long time, if your acne does not improve, you need to stop using BHA and consult a specialist.

Paula’s Choice BHA SHOULD NOT be used by pregnant women. Because it can have negative effects on the fetus.

After using BHA, you should wait 30 minutes before continuing to apply moisturizer or sunscreen. This is the necessary time for the nutrients in BHA Paula’s Choice to maximize their effects on the skin.

The higher the concentration of Paula’s Choice BHA products, the drier and more irritating the skin will be when applied. Therefore, you should use moisturizer after using BHA to overcome the above situation.

So, I just shared with you some information on how to use Paula’s Choice BHA most effectively. Hopefully, through this, you will know how to take care of your skin more effectively. Wishing you always have healthy, bright, and smooth skin.

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