hp neverstop laser 1200w all in one wireless printer мфу hp neverstop laser mfp 1200w


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amazon HP LASER NEVERSTOP 1200W reviews

hp neverstop laser 1200w all in one wireless printer мфу hp neverstop laser mfp 1200w

As the first continuous laser printer with an extremely unique refill cartridge, the HP Laser Neverstop 1200w features high performance, good print quality, and long-term cost savings, suitable for companies, medium and small, size of 10 people or less.

Building and growing a business has never been a simple task, especially for small and medium businesses. Balancing equipment to suit the budget but still meeting the needs, saving time and space is always a difficult problem that needs to be solved. Something as simple as a printer, if you have to call a technician to replace the cartridge every time – because not everyone is equipped with that skill – will significantly increase the cost of running.

Last year, the brand new series of Neverstop printers from famous brand HP became revolutionary products, the first continuous laser printer with a very unique refill. With a breakthrough solution that users will pump ink directly into the printer, HP’s Neverstop line promises to overcome the biggest weakness of traditional printers ever: replace cartridges

The main character in this review of BiaReview is the 1200w Neverstop model that integrates both laser printing and scanning, which is currently being distributed with a reference price of $250. Besides, HP also provides two other models, Neverstop 1000w and 1200a, with prices of $200 and $250 respectively for businesses with lower demand.


Laser Neverstop 1200w has a very simple design, sturdy, not fussy about the appearance. The dominant gray and white tones will help the printer blend into any office environment. Dimensions 380.5 x 385 x 521 mm and weight 8.73 kg, the Laser Neverstop 1200w still ensure compactness so you can place in corners of offices or desks.

The top cover of the printer can be opened easily, revealing the scanning surface, which is very convenient for low-volume scanning or identity scanning, identity cards, …

On the left side of the scanner, the surface is a control panel with a non-touch LCD screen, allowing users to track the print progress or scan in progress. The control panel of the Laser Neverstop 1200w only has basic printing and scanning functions for you to quickly manipulate documents or identity. With other settings, users will have to do it through the HP Smart app, available on all popular operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS.

On the printer, we have a warning ladder for the remaining ink remaining of the machine, a convenient way for us to know when to refill ink. Here, +1 means the machine can be refilled one more box (yields about 2,500 pages), and if an exclamation mark appears, the machine is running out of ink and needs to be recharged quickly. HP has pre-loaded the machine from the factory, with enough supplies to cover approximately 5,000 pages before you must refill the toner for the first time.

The “magic” of the Neverstop printer line is that you don’t need to replace the cartridges like a traditional printer, but we can manually refill with genuine HP cylinder cartridges. If the demand is not too high, it may take several years for you to refill the ink once.

No need to call a technician to replace the cartridge, the refill on the 1200w Laser Neverstop is very simple. Just open the top cover of the machine, rotate the plastic cover that covers the ink intake, shake the cartridge well, and plug it into the hole. Then, rotate the cartridge body 180 degrees clockwise and push the cylinder down, then reverse and remove. The entire loading takes about 20 seconds, and the sequence is well documented by HP, so anyone can do it.

One thing I think the 1200w Laser Neverstop could improve further is the input tray. Instead of the traditional sliding mechanism commonly found on most printers today, you will have to remove the protective cover, then load paper and align. Replacing the cover is quite a hassle, and paper alignment in cases of cardboard printing becomes more difficult than necessary.

The HP Smart app has all you need, this is also where you will set up a Wi-Fi network, track the remaining ink, or print directly from your phone, Google Drive or Dropbox. In addition, you will receive a notification when the task is done, if you need, you can also scan the documents with your phone camera and send them to the printer. However, this application does not yet print .doc or .docx document files on Android, only images and PDF files can be printed.

Print speed and quality

In practical use, the Laser Neverstop 1200w model gives high performance, of course, the speed depends on what you are printing. We experimented with a 25-page document in PDF format. The first page printed successfully in less than 15 seconds, and the 1200w Laser Neverstop completed printing in a total of 1 minute and 20 seconds. Unfortunately, this model does not support automatic duplex printing, which we have to do manually, ie wait for the paper to output and reload the tray.

Try scanning a quick citizen identification card, the print quality of Laser Neverstop 1200w is really good. Bold ink, stroke, no smudging phenomenon. You can create scan jobs using the control panel button or on the HP Smart app. Scanning a whole page takes about 15 seconds, and since this printer model does not have an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), scanning multiple pages takes some time.

The ability to print photos of the 1200w Laser Neverstop is also highly appreciated. The light band is a bit harsh, but overall, the resulting image is still accurately reproduced, equal to or superior to many printer models that we have experienced before.

According to HP, the 1200w Laser Neverstop has a maximum monthly duty cycle of up to 20,000 pages of A4 paper. However, to maintain stability and prolong the life, HP recommends a monthly print volume of 250-2500 pages for best.


High performance, ease of use, and cost savings, in the long run, are highly appreciated points at the HP Laser Neverstop 1200w. HP’s new solution, while odd at first glance, has succeeded in eliminating the most troublesome job of using a traditional printer, replacing the ink. No need to call a technician to replace it, work doesn’t delay just because the printer runs out of ink, you’ll have more time to focus on more important goals, such as how to become a company The next billion dollars “unicorn”.

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hp neverstop laser 1200w all in one wireless printer мфу mfp


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