iBasso DC04

iBasso DC04

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iBasso DC04

iBasso DC04 – the latest plug-in portable DAC/AMP model, has just been released by iBasso. The first DAC/AMP model in the company’s DC line is also equipped with a 4.4mm Balanced plug. With the hardware upgrades, whether DC04 will continue to achieve success for iBasso like its predecessors, we will find out through this detailed review.


iBasso DC04 is packed in a transparent plastic box like on DC03. You can see the iBasso DC04 easily without having to open the box.

Inside, the included accessories will have 1 Type-C to USB A converter and a manual. With this adapter, we can easily use iBasso DC04 with more devices like PC or Mac.


The design of iBasso DC04 is simple but luxurious and high-class similar to DC03. Both have the main body made from metal; the only difference is that the output port is 4.4mm Balanced instead of Single-End 3.5mm.

iBasso DC04 has two color versions: black and silver.

The perfection of iBasso DC04 has also been improved, sturdy, and refined compared to the previous iBasso DC01 and DC02 versions. The border is made thick and meticulously curved. The slightly larger diameter silver-plated copper conductor feels more solid.

However, I still prefer a USB DAC / AMP to disassemble the cord to replace the plug more easily than a solid cord-like iBasso DC04.


iBasso has been very careful when choosing components for the new DC series. iBasso DC04 is equipped with two independent CS43131 DAC chips for each left and right channel. That is also a high-end chip model of Cirrus Logic currently provided on many mid-to-high-end music players such as iBasso DX160 or Hiby R5.

Instead of the traditional 2.5mm Balanced standard, iBasso DC04 switched to using the 4.4 Balanced port from Pentacon of Japan. This plug standard has the advantage of being durable and giving a cleaner sound background than the old 2.5mm standard.

The output power is also an impressive highlight on the iBasso DC04. Reaching 195mW at 32Ohms, iBasso DC04 can be easily paired with the most current IEM and earbuds models on the market. The internal resistance of the iBasso DC04 is only 0.12 Ohms, and the harmonic distortion is only 0.00032%, promising to provide a clean and quiet background to enhance the image.

iBasso DC04 will also be accompanied by a dedicated volume control software called iBasso UAC and currently only supports the Android platform (Available on CH Play). This software allows for precise volume adjustment, especially when used with highly sensitive IEM headset models.


iBasso DC04 has quite an impressive capacity for its small size. Kinera Nanna is a relatively difficult IEM model to pull with an impedance of 60 Ohms, but when paired with iBasso DC04, it is like a shining jewel. iBasso DC04 helps Kinera Nanna emit intense bass, emotional vocals, detail, and smoothness. Even when paired with flat magnetic headphones like Hifiman Sundara, I never needed to turn up more than 80% of the volume.

The overall sound quality of iBasso DC04 is quite neutral, not colorful, and has a more static background than previous DC versions.

Bass range

iBasso DC04 for an energetic bass with powerful bass and deep down. When paired with IEM headphones, the tight, solid bass structure makes the bass range on the iBasso DC04 very lively.


This tonal range on iBasso DC04 is very natural. It has a bit of warmth and smoothness that makes both male and female vocals sound soulful. There are no rough notes or annoying sibilant sounds. Instrumental sound is presented quite naturally, not too colorful, with good airiness and separation.

High range

The treble range is smooth and extremely detailed. In complex recordings, the iBasso DC04 shows impressive separation and layering. The negative color is not dry and bright but follows very naturally.

Stage space and separation

iBasso DC04 has the power, so the sound is very static, so it can reproduce a spacious stage space with depth and the ability to separate the instrument very well.

Compare with iBasso DC03.

Both DAC / AMP models use the same CS43131 DAC chip, so the sound color is very similar. However, iBasso DC04 has 2 DAC chips and a Full Balanced circuit, so it has stronger power, solid sound, more detail, and spaciousness than DC03. The sound background of iBasso DC04 is also cleaner, without slight hissing like on iBasso DC03 when plugged in with low-impedance and high-sensitivity IEM headphones.


Finally, I have to say that iBasso DC04 has impressed me very much. A tiny, powerful cable turns my phone into a real music player. Simple but effective, if you are looking for a plug-in DAC/AMP that uses a 4.4mm Balanced port, the iBasso DC04 is a very worthwhile option.

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