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amazon IKKO OH7 reviews

ikko oh7 head fi ikko musik oh7 ikko oh7 review ikko oh7

Although IKKO is still a fledgling company, launching the flagship IKKO OH10 and the latest flagship headset IKKO OH7 both give the best performance and are ready to rise. Even when the source was simply a smartphone, OH10 and OH7 performed very well. IKKO also introduced a mobile IKKO ITM03 ZERDA to the public, which blends well with OH10 or even OH7. Those concerned with sound quality should give IKKO a chance.


Instead of an anime in the center of its predecessors, IKKO has turned to real photos of the product. Below the picture is a wooden plate engraved with “Musikv OH7”. The wooden board has partly complemented the ethnic look of the product.

Like OH10’s Obsidan, Musikv is a code symbolizing OH7; if you love classical music, you will probably know the famous Theater in Vienna, Australia. In German, it is “Haus Des Wiener Musikvereins”. In short, “Musikvereins” or ” Musikv. ‘There, the largest hall is “Grober Saal, “which is depicted on the top of this headset. So I’m pretty sure Golden Hall is ikko’s inspiration (it’s verified).

Golden Hall can accommodate up to 1744 guests and 300 musicians. Worth mentioning here is that it was built in 1869. Although the design of the music hall was not popular at the time, the engineer had a huge impact on the sound insulation and avoided echo. Until now, Golden Hall is still a famous scenic spot for its sound effects. Many music lovers stop by when coming to Vienna.

The outer box of the OH7 is a flip-style box. After removing the seal, inside is a cardboard box that can flip up and down. As soon as you open it up, the first thing you’ll see is the sparkling OH7 right below with a standard pin in the middle. It’s gorgeous!

When you buy OH7, you will be given two cables, a 3.5-se cable, a 4.4-bal cable, an additional 4.4-bal to 2,5-bal converter jack, and two S-M-L tip sizes.


OH7 is made entirely of bronze and is carved by gem artisans. Gold color with elegant design will make you feel at ease from the moment you see it.
Holding OH7 in my hand, I realized it has a similar ear hook design to OH10. The difference here is that the sound duct is oval again, and the headphone tip is similarly designed. According to the company, design is based on a rigorous testing process to produce the best invention after many trials. With such sound pipes, users can wear comfortably with relatively good passive noise resistance
Technical Specifications

Type: In-ear headphones
Driver: 10mm deposited nano carbon diaphragm dynamic coil
Sensitivity: 105dB
Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz
Impedance: 90ohm
Connector: disassemble A2DC

Sound Quality

It seems that the company is quite confident about its baby. After all, it took almost a year to design the headset as well as the tune. Since it reminds me of Golden Hall, I’m pretty sure OH7 will do the symphony well. Although it only has a single driver, the company also emphasized that the OH7 sound quality is extremely clear and detailed.

Starting with “Johann & Josef Strauss: Walzer, Polkas,” the soundstage is very spacious. After listening carefully, I realized that OH7 makes the sound at Square very well, and it seems to show the last wave of the instrument (somewhat exaggerated). Still, its sound is slightly palatial and more magnificent than OH10, and the device in the song, from small to large, its sound is extremely vivid.

After listening more closely, I found that OH7’s soundstage seemed to be moving depending on the genre of music. In symphonic music, you can feel like you are standing in front of a very large stage. As for jazz, like you’re in a little bar, I enjoy it. I can hardly stop listening to the album “The Grassland Beyond” over and over. I love this feeling of being in the middle of nature.

I do not think OH7 does well in the highs. Its bass is also extremely complete and sure. Going back to “Johann & Josef Strauss: Walzer, Polkas,” the bass is clearly shown in the song in terms of both distance and depth. In the album “Black Pumas,” OH7 has a very flexible bass, making everyone listen swaying along to the music.

So what about the mid sound? OH7 has a very detailed mid-range. With the album “Black Pumas,” you can hear the lead vocalist’s “full mouth shape,” along with a subtle variation of the male voice. The interpretation often seen in Soul songs can be heard in clear details. Try with Norah Jones, OH7 gives a warm, soft voice; facts of the breath have also revealed the singer’s expression. In short, the vocals on OH7 are warm and firm, making the singer’s emotions easy to reach listeners’ hearts.


When entering the headphone segment for the first time, there will be certain difficulties. But through what it has been able to do with its predecessors, I can put great hope in Musikv OH7.
+ Beautiful design, detachable conductor
+ Comfortable wearing plus good noise resistance
+ Expensive sound quality
+ Selling price is somewhat high

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