Is the mosquito catcher really effective, Is the UV rays in the mosquito catcher safe

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The real effectiveness of mosquito-catching lamps

Researchers at the University of Delaware have announced the number of dead insects in the mosquito lamp they invented. Of the 13,789 insects killed by this lamp, only 0.22% were female mosquitoes, meaning there were only 31 mosquitoes out of nearly 14,000 insects.

Nearly half of them are beneficial insects. They help control harmful insect outbreaks. Leaving mosquito trap lights outdoors will make the pest problem worse.

Although the research results were not very positive, people who used mosquito lamps confirmed that they witnessed many mosquitoes die because of this product. And they felt excited when they heard the “click, click” sounds when the mosquitoes flew into this lamp.

It cannot be denied that mosquito killer lamps kill a lot of insects, but if you know how to use them, you will be able to take advantage of the uses of this device to eliminate obnoxious insects like mosquitoes, for example.

So the mosquito killer lamp when kept indoors will be more effective because most of the houses are disease-causing insects such as flies and mosquitoes.

Is the UV rays of the mosquito killer lamp safe?

Currently, mosquito killer lamps usually use a power source of about 6-20W, this level is enough to kill mosquitoes but does not harm humans. Unlike conventional ways to kill mosquitoes, UV mosquito killer lamps combine many smart technologies to kill mosquitoes such as UV light, wind, and scent.

Mosquitoes can determine human location thanks to the amount of gas emitted through breath, heat, or body odor. Because human breath creates CO2 and H2O, mosquitoes will sense it and fly to the place where CO2 is emitted. In addition, places with UV lights are often places where mosquitoes gather.

That’s why mosquito killer lamps use UV rays to create an amount of CO2 gas and emit ultraviolet rays to attract mosquitoes, luring them to fly and immediately get sucked inside the lamp.

UV mosquito killer lamps only use a very small amount of UV rays so they are not harmful to humans. When they are lured and fly here, the fan inside the machine will suck the mosquitoes into the cage, and the electric current will kill the mosquitoes without causing a loud bang or unpleasant burning smell.

How should you use a mosquito killer lamp to be both safe and effective?

How to use a mosquito killer lamp to achieve both high efficiency and safety? Let’s find out the secret below!

Place the mosquito lamp in the appropriate location

You must determine where mosquitoes often gather in your home and place lights here to kill the most mosquitoes. You need to note a few points to achieve high efficiency:

You should place it 1-2m away from the bed to avoid noise when mosquitoes stick to the lamp and wake up.

Place the lamp 1-2m above the ground, this is the height where mosquitoes are often active, and also helps the light spread farther for maximum effectiveness.

Mosquitoes often gather in damp and dark places, so placing a mosquito lamp here will kill quite a few mosquitoes in your home.

Avoid turning on lights when using mosquito lamps

Because mosquito killer lamps mainly use light to attract insects, you need to turn off all the lights in the room to achieve the highest efficiency.

You should also not use your phone while using the mosquito lamp because at this point the lamp is no longer the only light in the room, it will switch to your phone’s light.

Clean equipment regularly

Mosquito catcher lamps also need to be cleaned after a long period of use. Please check and clean the light bulb so as not to affect its ability to attract mosquitoes. If the bulb is time to be replaced, you can replace it so that the device can be used again and work in the best way.

The bottom lid is the part that contains mosquito corpses, so you should not ignore this part. For the electrical grid, you should use a small specialized cleaning brush to clean around it.

Use a wet towel to clean the device to avoid dry and hard mosquito corpses that are difficult to clean. Note that you should disconnect the power source of the mosquito catcher before cleaning.

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