Is an alkaline ionized water purifier good

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  1. What is an alkaline ionized water purifier?

Simply put, an alkaline ionized water purifier is a water purifier product that applies the latest water filtration technology. Accordingly, the machine operates based on the principle of electrolysis, separating water molecules into H+ and OH- symbols to remove all impurities and harmful bacteria as well as retain natural alkaline ions that are beneficial for health.

In particular, electrolysis technology will help water retain beneficial natural minerals as well as adjust the acidity/alkalinity of water depending on usage needs.

Through the electrolytic water purifier product with an extremely wide pH range from 3 to 11, users can customize it according to their wishes and purposes.

This technology was invented by Japanese scientific experts and is highly appreciated for its health benefits. Using an alkaline ionized water purifier will help your family always have clean water for refreshment, providing the body with essential nutrients every day.

  1. Structure of alkaline ionized water purifier

Alkaline ion water purifier products are manufactured with 4 main parts, including:

Primary filter system: Contains many different filter levels depending on brand and model. This is the part that filters water, and bacteria and removes harmful impurities, etc. in water. After this step, the water created is pure and can be used for cooking and drinking directly without boiling.

Electrode set: Responsible for the function of electrolysis of water molecules. After the electrolysis process, water will have a small molecular structure, deoxidation ability as well as high alkalinity. This is the most important part of the ionized water purifier

Microcontroller: The part that creates convenience for the ion water purifier line. The more modern the microcontroller is, the more advanced features are installed, such as a signal system notifying the need to replace the filter core, warning of problems, automatically cleaning electrodes, and notifying modes. water,…

Faucet: Used to get water from the water purifier. Faucets can be faucets, knob faucets or touch faucets, etc.

  1. Operating principle of alkaline ionized water purifier

Alkaline ionized water purifiers operate on the principle of water electrolysis to create controlled water and acidic water. When water is put into the machine, it will go through 2 stages:

Stage 1 – Creating pure water: This is the first filtration stage, which has the effect of removing impurities, bacteria, heavy metals,… to create pure water.

Stage 2 – Creating alkaline water: Water filtered through stage 1 will be put into the electrolysis chamber to separate water molecules. Alkaline ionized water is created at the cathode and then combines with positively charged hydrogen molecules to create hydrogen, acidic water is created at the anode.

After completing these two stages, the water produced is standard hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water.

Effects of water purifiers

Depending on the different pH levels, water from the water purifier will bring different benefits to the user’s health, specifically as follows:

Oxidized water: This is a type of water with a pH lower than 7, highly acidic, so it is not allowed to be drunk but can only be used externally for disinfecting, disinfecting or cleaning wounds, etc.

Neutral water: This water has a pH of 7.0 and is used to mix milk or give medicine to young children

Alkaline ionized water: This is alkaline water with a pH of 8.5 to 9.5, beneficial for health when drunk directly into the body. It can neutralize un-excreted acids, effectively purify the blood, prevent disease, and slow down the aging process.

The alkaline ion water purifier line has a pH level of 8.5 – 9.5, when absorbed into the body, it will help improve health and prevent aging. We can use this type of water in daily activities, cooking or mixing drinks. Accordingly, water with a pH of 9.5, when used regularly, also helps reduce the risk of dangerous diseases.

Alkaline ionized water purifiers for water with a PH of 10.0 or higher are called net water and can wash cleaner, crispier, and sweeter vegetables. In particular, water with a pH greater than 11.0 will help remove many toxic substances contained in pesticides on fruits and vegetables.

  1. Does alkaline ionized water have health benefits?

It must be affirmed that one of the most special capabilities of the alkaline ionized water purifier is the ability to create hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water with wonderful anti-oxidant properties.

Using alkaline ionized water regularly will help you neutralize excess acid, strengthen your body’s resistance, slow down the aging process, and best absorb nutrients. At the same time, it effectively purifies toxins, especially supporting the prevention of chronic diseases.

Besides, the benefit of alkaline ionized water is that it helps food processing and beverage preparation taste better, bringing full flavor to dishes and drinks.

In addition, ionized water is also used in sprouting green plants, cleaning vegetables, and helping the body absorb maximum wonderful nutrients when using specialized dietary supplements.

  1. Experience when buying alkaline ionized water purifier

Before deciding to buy any alkaline water ionizer product, you need to pay attention to a few things:

You should choose a smart generation electrode to improve hydrogen generation efficiency.

The concentration of hydrogen dissolved in alkaline ionized water is the parameter of primary concern.

You should choose a machine with a wide pH range from 2.5 to 11.5 without using chemicals.

Choose a genuine brand or distributor, guaranteed to be reputable.

Water is an essential drink that people need every day, so water source directly affects the health of yourself and your family. Choose reputable units that specialize in supplying & distributing water purifier products to ensure the quality of the water filtration products you buy.

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